How To Meet A Girl On VKontakte: Examples Of Correspondence

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How To Meet A Girl On VKontakte: Examples Of Correspondence
How To Meet A Girl On VKontakte: Examples Of Correspondence

Video: How To Meet A Girl On VKontakte: Examples Of Correspondence

Video: How To Meet A Girl On VKontakte: Examples Of Correspondence
How to meet a girl on Vkontakte
How to meet a girl on Vkontakte

Many people prefer to go in search of the second half not to specialized dating sites, but to the vastness of their native "VK". How to meet a girl on Vkontakte, not seem like a maniac to her and increase your chances of meeting “offline”? Read this article and follow its advice, buddy!

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  • 2 Dangerous Liaisons
  • 3 One in the field is a warrior
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One-two-three-four-five, I go looking

Where is the highest concentration of beauties per square meter of internet? Enterprising gentlemen should turn their attention not to arcades and "role-playing games", with which the Vkontakte games section replete, but to specialized applications for dating.

For the most part, they are divided into two types: those that have an element of the game, for example, the spicy "Bottle" known to everyone since school times (the most popular analogue is "Spin the Love: a bottle, dating, flirting") and applications similar to the legendary "Tinder" - you look at the photos, evaluate the participants, in case of sympathy, write to them.

Two nice bonuses: you can choose a city, age and other parameters of interesting females; some applications are designed so that the girl will only know about your sympathy if she reciprocates you.

Both receive a notification, fanfare, ringing bells, flying pigeons, everyone is happy. The most popular application of this kind is TopFace. It is used by more than 14 million people, so the chances of finding the right person are very high.

You need to pay attention to the “status” of the person you like - not everyone is looking for love and sex in applications, many come for communication and “killing” time.

Applications provide the ability to send gifts, block unwanted interlocutors and hide your account from people from your VK contacts list. You can also allow access from your gaming profile to your personal Vkontakte dating profile, or you can write the name "Alex Alvarez", restrict access to your social network account, and no one will know that you are Matvey Nikolaevich, a serious director of a large company.

How to meet a girl on Vkontakte
How to meet a girl on Vkontakte

Of course, you can do without apps and toys and just write to any girl you like from your city. But many ladies are fearful and skeptical about online dating.

The most ideal option would be to have mutual friends on Vkontakte - this way the girl will not worry that you are a desperate male writing to all female users, and at the same time will feel more calm and confident - if you have mutual friends, they will be able to form patronage. And they will help you make a composite sketch if you steal her money and family ring and fly to Amsterdam.

Dangerous Liaisons2

If you have mutual acquaintances, it will be easier for you to strike up a conversation, explain the reason for your persistent friend addition, and pay a compliment in one fell swoop. To the cold "Do we know each other?" you can gallantly type “Not really, but I would like to fix that. I saw you as a friend of (insert the name of a friend / acquaintance / colleague) and I liked you. You have a great playlist, very witty posts and beautiful photos."

Even Nostradamus and the Lord God could not guarantee whether the beauty would accept the compliment. When beautiful ladies intervene, all guarantees are canceled. But in any case, such a neat, moderately assertive greeting is quoted better in girls' circles than “cool ass in the photo. Will you let me touch it? Watch the literacy of the written. If in doubt, google the dictionary.

How to meet a man with a girl on Vkontakte
How to meet a man with a girl on Vkontakte

What if it turns out that the owner of a seductive neckline and a shock of platinum hair had round A's in Russian at school, and the guys who write “koordinalno” and “a priori” are a priori anti-sex for her? We have no right to be punctured at the very initial stage.

When you're complimenting her wonderful account, take a good look at it first. If you praise her wonderful musical taste, and her audio recordings are closed, you will inevitably get the impression that you are writing to a seductive neckline and platinum shock, and not to a woman's inner world.

One in the field is a warrior3

So, you have no mutual friends with a beautiful nymph. You are a lonely wanderer and you only have one chance to make a good impression until you get blacklisted.

For a long time in Vkontakte there is an unwritten rule - if a stranger is added to friends, ask "Do you know?" The number of brackets, emoticons and the friendliness of the tone varies depending on the mood, self-esteem, and attitude towards online dating of the person asking. Others may ask this question in such a way that the world begins to face a global cooling. But men who decided to conquer a woman could not stand it, did they?

If a girl asks this question, the answer should satisfy her as much as possible. No, this is not a call for virtual sex. Before him there is still work and work. If a sexy beauty immediately offers hot correspondence, it is possible that this is a bot or a bored Matvey Nikolaevich.

How to meet on Vkontakte
How to meet on Vkontakte

You can also praise the girl's photos, audio recordings, or interesting posts. If you found your darling in any community, you can say this honestly and immediately develop the topic - “in my opinion, the last season blundered, all hopes for the next one”, “I watched this match at the stadium, it was a flurry of emotions! "," Fur handcuffs are vulgar "," I found the original version of this track, which was removed from everywhere. ready to share) ", etc.


Remember that ladies love with their ears. In this case, in letters. The letters should be correctly spaced and folded into pleasing sentences. Not everyone likes the abundance of emoticons and brackets, like couples in love under their Instagram photos. Do not. Everyone. Word. Accompany. Sticker. Do not.

It does not fit well with the image of an intellectually developed adult man and makes you stumble over every word. Quite dry messages ending in dots look aggressive. Internet laws, gentlemen. The ideal option is to casually insert brackets where necessary and behave like a grown guy, not a seventh grader in love.

We give compliments in portions, without excessive vulgarity. If the girl turns out to be that still devil, you will have a lot of time for bold text experiments. At the moment of "grinding" experiments are fraught with flight. But not to her bed, but to the blacklist.

For the same reason, turn off the toggle switch, which is responsible for using swear words instead of punctuation marks. Whether in correspondence or in real life, the abundance of "rock art" in conversation creates the impression that a person's vocabulary has been cheated.

How to meet a girl on Vkontakte with a man
How to meet a girl on Vkontakte with a man

Your palms are already sweating, and in your head the thought “what the hell, should I write then? How to fit all these rules in your head and meet a girl on Vkontakte? We take a deep breath and a deep breath. What to write about? About what you are well versed in and can keep up the conversation on the topic.

Ideally, to “gamble” on topics of interest to a girl, you will have to go through her subscriptions, audio and video recordings, reposts and posts. If there is an opportunity to go to the girl's Instagram, you should already be there. We watch what films, groups, philosophical topics, sports the girl is interested in, read about it on the Internet and carry on small talk.

Do not shy away from asking the girl, tell interesting facts about yourself, but do not turn the dialogue into a monologue. We ask the girl questions, but do not go beyond the boundaries of what is permissible - “I saw you have a photo from Amsterdam. Did you study there or did you just travel? - good, “I saw you have a photo from Amsterdam.

I would have pulled on a joint and walked through the whores "- erase it now, before your lustful finger pressed" send ".

If a girl makes contact and communication is getting better, you cannot disappear for a few days and “ignore” the girl in order to “provoke”. After all, are you a grown man or a girl who has read ladies' novels? Writing around the clock, especially at the initial stage, is not.

Write several times during the day, send “good luck on the exam”, “I believe that you will make a great presentation of your project”, “look what a cool sunrise. I took a picture while walking the dog”- quite.

How to get acquainted with a girl on Vkontakte
How to get acquainted with a girl on Vkontakte

In other words, a girl should feel that they are interested in her, they want to communicate with her, she is a great conversationalist, but she should not have a desire to buy a stun gun and pepper spray instead of a new bag.

Everybody get out of the dusk5

When can you insist on meeting in reality? Never. Stop stop, take away the despair. There is no need to "insist" and "persuade" a girl to meet in principle. And here, as if by chance, tell her about a new restaurant with delicious dishes and cool music, a cafe in vintage style.

If a girl loves to take photos, and her Instagram profile is dear to her like a child, you can seduce her with a beautiful park or an institution with an unusual interior, an exhibition dedicated to her favorite musician / poet / actor is what is called a “multi-walk”.

If a girl is interested, but her natural modesty does not allow her to make an appointment herself, she will start coming in from afar “I would try a vanilla latte. I haven't drunk good coffee for a hundred years”,“I always dreamed of riding a roller coaster”- in this case, you can snap your fingers and quickly print an invitation to meet.

If the girl does not refuse categorically, but does not agree, we invite you again. The game continues? We make a roundabout maneuver. On the day of the exhibition / opening of the amusement park / opening of the restaurant, we throw a message “I read on the Internet again about that cool place. I got tickets / invitations / free evening here. Are you sure you want to miss this chance?"

How to chat on Vkontakte with a girl
How to chat on Vkontakte with a girl

An important point - you need to throw a "barker" not an hour before leaving. Otherwise, the girl will refuse due to the fact that she does not have time to do her hair, manicure, iron the dress and she will be angry. On you. Who else? And so the week turned out to be difficult, so this Internet boyfriend put pressure on the patient. Was it really difficult to write in advance ?!

Don Juan's Resume6

When meeting on a social network, the guy's profile is his tuxedo. Before writing to a beautiful nymph, you need to take a critical look at what will appear before her gaze.

  • Of course, the "sharp boy" with beer and squatting has its own flavor, but nevertheless, it is better to make the album of photos "drinking with brothers" private. Let only brothers know about him. A photo against the background of someone else's car also does not emit sex, to be honest.
  • The ideal option is a photo on which the fairy of photogenicity gave you the maximum crunch with a magic wand. We put our best photo. The photo, which depicts ten people at once, causes bewilderment among the ladies and deprives them of the desire to correspond with the "pig in a poke", remember that.
  • Audio recordings can say a lot about a person. If the girl's music is identical to your compositions, you don't have to worry. Otherwise, you should at least try to listen to what the girl is listening to and add the tracks you like.
  • Be sure the girl will look at your page and scan your persona better than a metal detector. The abundance of porn groups and the desire to meet for sex can slightly strain the interlocutor.
  • Videos from funny or football bands are harmless. Personal videos of questionable content and porn videos also do not look comme il faut.
  • The lack of basic information on the page - date of birth, city, place of study and work, interests and tastes makes you a mysterious person, and this is not always good.
  • If you have a lot of photos with your sister and your sister looks like the daughter of Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson, be sure to sign that this is "beloved sister" so as not to breed suspicions in your future friend.
How to correspond in Vkontakte between a man and a girl
How to correspond in Vkontakte between a man and a girl

Keane will not be 7

How to understand that it is worth giving up correspondence? If a girl increasingly avoids communication, responds to messages in monosyllables and is generally unfriendly, it is worth giving up. Ce la vie, you didn’t fit together. Also, some girls deliberately do not allow communication to develop - they treat dating as an easy flirtation to raise self-esteem.

In general, there is nothing criminal about this, but if this is not enough for you, it is better to wind up acquaintance. In case of refusal, you do not need to spit accusations and create a Voodoo doll. If the girl has mildly expressed her unwillingness to continue communicating, respect her choice, thank her for the conversation, and say goodbye.

After all, you also want a princess, and what kind of lady you don’t give yourself to, such a good one? If a girl behaves like a bazaar woman and gives out a choice mate, stay calm and, cold-bloodedly giving out some sharpness, block this beauty with a dirty tongue.

You can find more effective recommendations on how to meet a girl here.

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