What Is The Role Of Men In The Family? Marriage In The Modern World

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What Is The Role Of Men In The Family? Marriage In The Modern World
What Is The Role Of Men In The Family? Marriage In The Modern World

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the man
the man

Getting married involves a lot of responsibility. The opinion has taken root in society that the husband and wife have their own roles in the family, which impose certain responsibilities on them. Do these roles exist at all or is it really already inherent in human nature?

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  • 1 The man is the head of the family
  • 2 A man is a breadwinner in the family
  • 3 The man is a jack of all trades
  • 4 The man is the father

Henry Bowman, in his book Marriage in Modern Society, compared spouses to a lock and a key. He believes that only by combining all their efforts together spouses can achieve what they could not do separately. You cannot open a key with a key, but a lock with a lock.

Men and women are different, including in mentality, which means that their roles in the family are also different. To understand the role of a man in a family, you need to look back several thousand years. After all, it took a long time. This did not happen just like that, but because of the physical data and capabilities of the man. It's not for nothing that men are considered the stronger sex.

The man is the head of the family

His main role is responsibility for his family. He is the head of the family. All serious decisions and problems fall on his shoulders. After all, he is a protector. This is inherent in his nature. A man is responsible for the end result, and not for the fact that something did not work out for him. Not because he didn't. He must do everything possible to give a good result in the end. He is responsible for this.

The expression "to be married" kind of hints to us that a woman is behind the mighty back of her husband, behind her husband, who at any moment will rush to her defense. Will protect her and her children from adversity and troubles. Only then will he feel support and respect from his family.

Despite the prevailing opinion that a man subjugates a woman in a family, rather, the opposite is true. Women are by nature independent and difficult to make them obey. Interestingly, if the husband obeys his woman, then the woman in response begins to obey her husband. With the birth of children, it is passed on to them. Submission and service does not mean to be a rag, as is commonly believed among narrow-minded people.

This means giving love and tenderness to a husband, wife, children. If parents obey each other, then the children obey them. If parents treat each other with tenderness, then children, adopting this tenderness, extend it to all relatives. The main engine of men is the love of their relatives.

Man - breadwinner in the family2

In addition to moral and physical protection, a man provides his family financially. He is a breadwinner. He obtains funds to feed the family, provide it in all ways, so that she does not need anything. So that the children have something to feed, dress, put on shoes. Well, feeding shoes and dressing is already the function of a wife.

what is the role of men in the family
what is the role of men in the family

Earning money can be compared to a war for men, but it is important that in the "rear" he will have the care, comfort and love that his loving wife and children give him. He must feel this support so that tomorrow, with renewed vigor, he will enter the "battle" again. This makes him believe in himself and achieve new heights. This helps him to fulfill his role to the fullest.

The Man is a Jack of All Trades3

In addition to these functions, a man deals with everyday issues that require physical male intervention. This includes solving minor problems: fixing a sink, hanging a shelf, nailing in a nail; to something grand: build a garage or a home for your family.

Man - father_8212

In addition, a man, like a father, should not forget about his children. What is the role of a man as a father? The father should not ignore their problems, putting everything on their mother. He, like his wife, bears a huge responsibility for what kind of people his children grow up to be. He must be the authority for them. Especially for the sons. The father must teach his son everything he knows himself: to repair some trifle, to dig up a garden bed, to fasten a screw.

the role of men in the family
the role of men in the family

Closer to the transitional age, the sons need a father more than ever, because at this time the rebellious boys are breaking free from the care of their mother, and it is very important that the father is there on time. Now the father will have to prove the authority of the mother to the son, as the mother once proved to the little boy the authority of the father. Unfortunately, current statistics show that men in our country cannot cope with the role of fathers. About 50% of children grow up in single-parent families, and of the remaining 50%, most of them spoke negatively about their fathers.

Happy marriages are less and less common in the modern world. Perhaps the reason lies in the fact that women have become more independent and self-reliant. Women literally invaded the male world, arguing this with equality of rights and feminism. They took the "reins" in their tender fragile hands in family relationships, thus suppressing men. Before, the roles of men and women in the family were known to everyone: the man is the support of the family, who must support it; a woman - the keeper of the hearth, engaged in raising children.

Now the boundaries began to blur, for a happy marriage you need to have qualities that would be in harmony with the qualities of the second half, then the marriage will be happy. Which makes finding a partner in family life longer and more difficult. Everyone must fulfill their role; one cannot shift their functions onto the shoulders of another. Spouses should complement each other, not suppress each other. Only then will their marriage be strong and happy.

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