Dream Interpretation And Interpretation: Why A Declaration Of Love Is Dreaming

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Dream Interpretation And Interpretation: Why A Declaration Of Love Is Dreaming
Dream Interpretation And Interpretation: Why A Declaration Of Love Is Dreaming

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Why dream of confessing love
Why dream of confessing love

Scientists have long found out that sleep is a bizarre mixture of experiences, impressions accumulated during the day, memories, fears, hopes, in a word, from almost all the thoughts that a person has time to think about during the past week. As a rule, the main topic of a dream is the topic that a person thought about most of all, to which he devoted the most time, energy or experiences.

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It is easy to guess that dreams on a romantic theme are one of the most frequently seen dreams by people. Why dream of confessing love? Probably, this is somehow connected with the personal life of the dreamer or with the fate of his chosen one?

Let's figure it out!

Interpretation from the dream booki

Modern dream books contain a lot of detailed information regarding the question: why dream of confessing love. In general, the literature of our time devoted to the interpretation of dreams is famous for its depth and full-fledged interpretation of visions.

For example, any of the dream books can offer several explanations at once for what one dreams of confessing love.

The main interpretation of such a vision may be a hidden desire for change. A declaration of love in a dream is a desperate step that requires a lot of inner work on yourself. In this he is similar to making decisions about changes in his personal and social life. Usually, a declaration of love is dreamed of by those who for a long time wanted to take a decisive step that is important for their self-knowledge, but for some reason delays the moment of making a decision.

But if the dreamer is admired in a vision, then you should be careful. The hero of the dream confesses his love, but he is surrounded by observers who enthusiastically applaud him. This may mean possible trouble on the part of one of the groups in which the dreamer is involved in one way or another.

Why dream of confessing love to a partner together with another person of the same sex? This can mean latent anxiety, subconscious enmity with the environment of a loved one, or a desire to start a long-term conflict with a partner.

In general, a declaration of love is a rather difficult and disturbing moment in the life of every person. Therefore, interpretations of such a dream in one way or another contain an element of latent aggression.

But what if the dreamer is invited somewhere during a declaration of love? It is possible that this means a sharp career growth, coupled, however, with difficult assignments and a large amount of nervous work.

By the way, about Vanga2

The famous Bulgarian prophetess was distinguished by extremely dramatic interpretations and predictions. Vanga often explained why she dreams of confessing her love, meaning by this seemingly innocent dream, a lot of troubles and misfortunes, the easiest of which were deception and reticence.

why declare love in a dream
why declare love in a dream

However, in the interpretations of dreams, Wanga was often mistaken, therefore her opinion is just one of hundreds of interpretations, which, moreover, does not deserve special trust due to the specific worldview of its author.

Despite Vanga's similar authority among interpreters of dreams, her opinion is still popular with a certain circle of people who are inclined to trust everything that the Bulgarian fortuneteller said at one time.

But Miller thought … 3

Miller's dream book was able to give a more comprehensive answer to the question of why he dreams of confessing his love. The fact is that if a person dreams of how he confesses his love to someone, it only means that there are no feelings between him and his beloved in the real world.

Moreover, such a dream may turn out to be a warning, and in reality the dreamer will find himself in a delicate or even dangerous position. Miller's dream book urges, after any dream, one way or another connected with romance, to act carefully and prudently to protect yourself from possible threats.

Hasse believes that … 4

The interpreter of dreams Hasse is much more rational in his judgments. If you use this book, you will notice that it looks more like a philosophical treatise than a classic interpreter of dreams.

the meaning of confessing love in a dream
the meaning of confessing love in a dream

Hasse believes that any dream is either a negative projection of the dreamer onto reality, or positive, and in the second case, the person sees what he wants to happen in reality.

When asked why he dreams of confessing his love, Hasse pedantically notes that such dreams are only a projection of their viewers, who either do not dare to take an important step in life, or do not yet have their partner and plan to do so in the future. In this case, the dream is just a dress rehearsal for what is happening.

Emotions are one of the most important factors in determining the atmosphere of sleep. If the dream has a light emotional color, then most likely the dreamer wants to receive a specific answer from a real person in reality. If the atmosphere is more gloomy, then the dream is just a dream, a set of logically unrelated pictures.

The second important factor will be the dreamer's interlocutor. For example, why dream of confessing love to your boss? That's right, to a hidden desire to get a raise or an expensive gift.

what does it mean to confess love in a dream
what does it mean to confess love in a dream

And what does it mean if a completely unknown guy confessed to the dreamer in sincere feelings? Hasse believes that such a dream is a harbinger of deception, and the girl herself is in the clouds and may not notice the danger.

If you listen to Loff … 5

Loff knows perfectly well why he dreams of confessing his love. Usually such dreams are seen by timid and indecisive people, for whom such an act in reality would be almost impossible due to inner shyness and excessive modesty.

The dream book distinguishes between two types of love dreams. In dreams of the first type. The main role is given to the dreamer - he confesses his love to his chosen one. These are good dreams. They portend a good meeting in reality. The second type of dreams is the complete opposite of the first. Usually strangers confess their love to the dreamer in them. Such a dream is an unkind sign. You should be careful not to make any important decisions in the next three or four days.

As the people say … 6

Usually, the people give the most accurate interpretations of various dreams. About dreams in which someone confesses his love, popular rumor claims that they are a good sign, heralds of a desired meeting or finding happiness. Such dreams are usually dreamed of by girls who wondered about the groom on one of the fortune-telling nights, or by guys who really want to get married.

why dream of confessing love
why dream of confessing love

Ordinary people have always positively perceived any dream of a romantic theme, especially if it had a warm and bright aura.

What if you don’t believe in dreams at all?

How to understand why you dream of confessing your love if you don’t believe in dreams at all? In this case, you just need to remember your dream and analyze its aura - whether it was positive or negative, which the dream ultimately led to.

The point is that one way or another. Sleep is an indicator of the energy accumulated by a person over a certain period of time. If the dream is good, then the energy is positive. This means that a person lives according to his conscience and does the right thing. If the energy of sleep is negative, then you should think about your lifestyle and change a lot in it.

There is no magic in this, this is ordinary biopsychology, in which there is nothing complicated.

But why the husband's betrayal is dreaming, it is worth learning from our article further on the link.

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