Health Benefits Of Kisses - 19 Benefits

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Health Benefits Of Kisses - 19 Benefits
Health Benefits Of Kisses - 19 Benefits

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benefits of a kiss
benefits of a kiss

Have scientists proven the benefits of kissing? Is the benefit exactly 100%? Are they good for your health? Is it possible to get infected with a kiss? We'll figure out.

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  • 1 So what's the use of kissing?
  • 2 The harm of kissing

Kisses are a way of expressing feelings, tenderness, attention and a manifestation of love for couples in love. This is the norm for 90% of the world's population. Kissing is not only incredibly pleasant, but also useful. But there are peoples and countries in which this is not accepted. Psychologists believe that couples who have constant kissing in their lives are more durable, have stable and trusting relationships.

And in general it is difficult to imagine a normal couple without kisses. Psychologists also claim that if a couple has lost kisses, then the next stage is the absence of intimacy! Gentle kisses add passion to a relationship and confidence in your partner. What else, if not kisses, dilute the gray everyday life?

So what is the use of kissing? I

  • reducing stress levels. When kissing, the level of the hormone cortisol decreases in the body, which triggers the stress mechanism. Complete calmness, harmony and serenity comes. People who love to kiss are more cheerful, optimistic and, as a result, more successful in their careers.
  • weight loss. It is impossible to lose 2 kilograms in 15 minutes of kissing, of course, but nevertheless, a kiss helps to speed up metabolism and burn calories. The more passionate the kiss, the more calories you can burn.
  • smoothing wrinkles. During a passionate kiss, 39 muscles are used on the face. Blood circulation improves, fine wrinkles are smoothed, slowing down premature aging. Women should definitely take note of this item. Well, everyone ran to greet their men with a kiss from work!
  • normalization of hormonal levels, which is especially useful for vegetative-vascular dystonia, with low or high blood pressure.
benefits of kissing
benefits of kissing
  • analgesic effect for headache and toothache. The saliva contains a natural anesthetic, and the body releases endorphin during a kiss, all this can, if not relieve pain, then relieve the condition for sure. Again, a kiss will distract from pain 100%. Sometimes you just need to switch your attention from pain to something more interesting. Scientists have also proved that after sex the headache just disappears!
  • ventilation of the lungs. In the process, the number of breaths triples! The most useful breathing exercises, which will prevent lung diseases and strengthen the body as a whole. An additional bonus for breathing exercises is strengthening the immune system.
  • improved blood circulation. The heart begins to beat much more often, thereby training the vessels and improving blood circulation during the body, blood pressure is normalized.
  • prevents caries and paradanthosis. During the kissing process, saliva contains a high concentration of calcium and phosphorus, they have a positive effect on the acidity in the mouth, remove plaque from the teeth. The only pity is that the teeth are not whitened.
  • stimulating hormonal levels in a pregnant woman. When kissing, a hormone is produced that has a beneficial effect on the psycho-emotional state of the mother and baby. And a pregnant woman, like no one else, needs positive emotions!
kiss like medicine
kiss like medicine
  • decrease in histamine levels. Histamine is a substance produced in the human body and provokes allergies, atopic dermatitis and even fever!
  • increasing sensuality in relationships. Kissing is a great prelude to sex. They help to relax, to tune in the right way. It replenishes the mutual emotional score of partners, increases the level of trust, reduces stress and the level of tension in both partners.
  • strengthening of immunity. When we kiss, we exchange saliva with our partner, which contains foreign bacteria. It helps to boost a person's own immunity.
  • increasing the level of happiness. The release of oxytocin contributes to the fight against stress and anxiety, and also helps to feel happiness, security.
  • prolongation of youth. This is facilitated by the release of endorphins and adrenaline during a passionate kiss. Statistically, couples who kiss fondly look better than their peers who don't.
  • prevents disruption of the endocrine system. Nerve endings during a kiss are stimulated, which has a beneficial effect on the production of their own hormones, and also significantly improves the activity of the adrenal glands and pancreas.
types of kisses
types of kisses
  • prevents quarrels. During a conflict or a showdown, you can come up and passionately kiss your soul mate, after this, no one will have the desire to continue to quarrel. More likely to want to go from kissing to sex than back to fighting. Checked!
  • tells you if a partner is right for you! This information is really worth listening to. The first real kiss can tell a lot. Turn off your brain and listen to your feelings.
  • replaces extreme. A fiery passionate kiss evokes in the body the same storm of feelings and emotions as during paragliding or shooting.

prevents divorces. Just think, according to statistics, those couples in which it is customary to start the morning with a French kiss are divorced 40% less often than those who avoid kissing

harm kisses
harm kisses

The benefits of a kiss are so high that its importance in the relationship of loving couples is generally difficult to overestimate. Many couples over time forget about this manifestation of love and attention, less often kiss a loved one before leaving for work.

The harm of kissing2

The benefits of kissing are undoubtedly colossal, but there is also harm. When kissing, you can get infected not only with acute respiratory infections, flu and sore throat, but also stomatitis, tuberculosis, herpes and hepatitis, and even a stomach ulcer! Is it all worth a kiss with a stranger.

The benefits of kissing clearly outweigh the harm only with a trusted partner. There are cases when syphilis was infected. Therefore, be careful in choosing a partner and practice good hygiene.

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