TOP 10 Ways To Meet A Beautiful Girl

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TOP 10 Ways To Meet A Beautiful Girl
TOP 10 Ways To Meet A Beautiful Girl

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dating beautiful girls
dating beautiful girls

For many young people, dating does not present any difficulties and for them to win the heart of a beauty is as simple as ordering food delivery to your home. But there is another category of men who take feelings and relationships more seriously and do not want to “fall face down in the dirt”, but want to prove themselves as true gentlemen.

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  • 1 The most popular way is flowers
  • 2 Dating based on common interests
  • 3 Everyone loves gifts
  • 4 Perform feats
  • 5 Pretend you need help
  • 6 Parties are the best place to meet
  • 7 Way for modest men
  • 8 Find a romantic setting
  • 9 Don't skimp on humor and compliments
  • 10 Acquaintance can start with a social network

In order not to get lost in the presence of a beloved lady, it will be useful to know the methods that work flawlessly for every representative of the fair sex. Below are 10 of the most popular ways to meet beautiful girls, which, according to a sociological survey among lovely ladies, affect them the most.

The most popular way is flowersi

It would seem that there could be simpler and more banal than giving flowers when meeting a beautiful girl. But, as practice shows, you can melt the heart of almost any lady with an elegant bouquet, which, by the way, a man can collect on his own with the help of a professional florist. Men have been collecting beautiful bouquets for their lovers since ancient times, so this method is not only the most popular, but also a time-tested one.

Fortunately, now the flower market allows you to collect a wide variety of bouquets for completely different girls. Before you go on a date, find out what the girl likes and what she enjoys. Today, flower arrangements from food, sweets, in the form of various toys and so on have become very popular.

But if you are afraid to make a mistake with the option, then traditionally, a classic among flowers, a red and white rose is considered, which will help to express attention and admiration for a girl. Also, each flower has its own special meaning, which will help to show originality when meeting and reinforce the presented bouquet with a beautiful legend about lovers.

Dating based on common interests2

If you have not yet found the lady of your heart, but you really want this, then an acquaintance related to your common interests will be a great way. For example, love stories often take place among dog lovers. Evening pet walks, vet lines, and four-legged friend training camps are great ways to meet a beautiful dog lover.

popular ways to meet girls
popular ways to meet girls

If you are fond of sports, then you can meet a beautiful, and also a sports girl, right in training. What could be more romantic than having chicken breast together after training and making protein shakes. And if you, for example, are a music fan of rock, then you can meet a beautiful rocker at a concert.

In every field of activity, you can find a person who will like it. The main thing is to look around carefully. After all, what could be nicer than having a person next to you who fully understands and shares interests. With whom it is not boring to spend cold winter evenings and conversations with which will always bring a lot of pleasure.

Everyone loves gifts3

Of course, it's not a secret for anyone that “the best friends of girls are diamonds”, but you shouldn't make it so difficult when you meet. Every girl will appreciate a small but pleasant surprise. For example, find out what time she leaves work and meet her with a bouquet of balloons. So the girl will understand that getting to know her is really important for a man and that he is ready to make an effort to surprise and conquer the girl of his dreams.

But so that the first acquaintance does not look intrusive, and the girl does not think that she is being followed, the acquaintance can be adjusted differently, it all depends on the fantasy, and most importantly, on the desire of the man. Ideas can be the craziest, the main thing is not to overdo it and not seem strange or even crazy to the girl. You can, for example, pretend to be a street artist in a park and invite a girl to paint her portrait for free as a sign of her beauty.

ways to meet girls
ways to meet girls

Even if you do not have special artistic abilities, you can draw a cute picture that will make the lady of the heart smile. There are thousands of ideas on the Internet on how to surprise a girl when you first meet, so everything is in your hands.

Perform feats4

Determination and the ability to act quickly in any situation is something that every worthy girl will appreciate. To perform a feat for her, as was accepted in the old days, will not leave indifferent any representative of the weaker sex. Of course, in the modern world and in everyday life, situations do not happen so often when a girl may need help.

But many young people go to create an artificial scrape. So, for example, you can ask a friend to act as an offender who will begin to impudently pester the lady. And then, like in a fairy tale, you appear like a magic prince and protect the girl. Girls like to see the qualities inherent in real men - nobility, masculinity, courage and strength.

After a successful acquaintance, you shouldn't immediately tell that you set everything up on purpose. But if the relationship still started, then you can tell her your story, over which you can laugh together. The main thing is not to forget to perform feats and further in the process of relations, be a knight for your companion throughout life.

Pretend You Need Help5

10 ways to meet beautiful girls
10 ways to meet beautiful girls

By their nature, girls are kind natures who are ready to help a person who needs it. Nobody says that you need to pretend to be dying by the side of the road, but it is quite possible to ask for help at the store. For example, you might ask a girl which shirt she thinks looks best on you. Thus, you can interest the girl and give the opportunity to show her initiative.

Girls love to be helpful, which means that you can use this when meeting a pretty shop visitor and so on. The task of a man, when choosing this method, is to create a situation in which the help of a beautiful girl may be required, and then everything will happen by itself. The stranger's mood will rise from the fact that she was able to be useful, and a good mood is a guarantee that the acquaintance was successful.

The main thing is not to get confused and continue acquaintance, for example, offer her a cup of coffee or ask for a phone number for further communication. Otherwise, if you miss this moment, you can immediately lose your new friend.

Parties are the best place to meet6

This is perhaps the easiest way to meet a beautiful girl. The atmosphere of the club itself is conducive to new pleasant acquaintances. And girls, as a rule, come to clubs in order to meet a nice man. Before attacking, be sure to look around, find with your eyes the girl who attracts your attention, and then show courage and perseverance.

tips where to meet
tips where to meet

Compliment the girl about her makeup, hair, dress, perfume. We have prepared an excellent selection of short compliments to the girl for you here. Invite the girl to dance, and then do not forget to say that she dances very well. Treat her to a cocktail or something delicious. Act according to the situation, but most importantly, you need to decide for yourself whether you want long-term communication or with this girl you are only interested in one night.

Since it is the ultimate goal of meeting beautiful girls that determines the strategy by which to act. In any case, no matter what goal is pursued, the girl, in your presence, should feel special and desirable.

Way for modest men7

Not everyone will be able to decide to immediately personally approach the girl for acquaintance. But there is a way out for modest and shy men. If you are sitting in a cafe, restaurant, on a bus, at a bus stop, in a student auditorium, and so on, then write notes. Girls love romantic men who can beautifully present courtship and thus show their interest. There is nothing more touching and more romantic than a written note on a notebook sheet.

And you can write whatever your heart desires. For example, you can write that you would be happy to treat her to coffee, or you can hint that you take this route every day and are ready to accompany a lonely beautiful fellow traveler. If you are embarrassed to hand over the note yourself, you can ask someone nearby, such as a waiter or a conductor on the bus. And don't forget to write your phone number. If a girl is interested in this way of dating, then she will definitely make herself felt. You just have to wait.

how and where to meet girls
how and where to meet girls

Find romantic conditions8

Each girl, under the influence of romantic films, waits, for example, in the rain, a handsome prince will appear in front of her, who will give her an umbrella and take her to a magical fairyland. Make an acquaintance to the girl you like, as in a real romantic movie. Imagine how she stands at the bus stop, and then you appear and beautifully hand her umbrella. Do not forget to ask where she is going and be sure to offer to accompany her.

You can be sure that such an acquaintance will be remembered by any girl. Be sure to use this method, especially if the weather itself gives you such a great chance. And then, taking this opportunity, you can invite your new companion to run into a cafe for a cup of warming tea or something stronger. Such an acquaintance is definitely doomed to success. The main thing is not to be shy, since the weather itself will bless you for new exploits.

Don't skimp on humor and compliments9

It's no secret that women love with their ears, so when dating beautiful girls, you need to show your best side, showing all your best sides. Do not forget about compliments, you can prepare phrases in advance that will flawlessly affect any girl, for example, pay attention to her bottomless eyes, radiant smile, perfect hair.

Come up with something original and not beaten, for example, that “her eyes melted the ice in her heart” or “that she looks like an angel who came down from heaven”. Well, if, at the moment of meeting, all thoughts and phrases "flew" out of my head, then just tell the girl honestly that you really liked her. In addition to compliments, do not forget that girls love men with a good sense of humor.

dating technique
dating technique

Always speak clearly and distinctly, do not impose and carefully monitor the girl's reaction so as not to spoil the first impression of yourself. It is enough to give the best compliment to the girl, make a good joke, and then if she reacted to you with a smile, then you can continue the "attack", but if the reaction was not unambiguous, then it is better to retreat.

Acquaintance can start with a social network10

If you have never personally met a girl, but know her thanks to a social network, then there is a unique opportunity to attract her interest to you. Firstly, of course, you can write to her first, but before that, be sure to prepare your page on the social network, upload a couple of good photos, as everyone knows that they are "greeted by their clothes." Think over your dialogue and go on the offensive.

There is also another scenario. Today, social networks allow you to find out almost everything about any person. So you can calculate what places the object of your adoration often visits, carefully prepare for the meeting and make the first acquaintance at the highest level. Beautiful girls often go out, so getting to know her in real life will not be difficult. It all depends only on the sincere desire and determination of the man.

Dating beautiful girls is a very exciting experience and many are drawn into a maelstrom of new sensations. Without a doubt, any acquaintance brings a lot of positive emotions, both for a man and a girl. The main thing is not to spoil the first impression and do everything at the highest level.

tips on how to meet dating girls
tips on how to meet dating girls

Since, if you get into an awkward situation, a bad acquaintance can lead to a decrease in self-esteem and unpleasant sensations. Not every man is naturally given a charm that will not leave a chance for girls and this is completely normal, since all people are different. But in order to succeed in the love sphere, nevertheless, it is worth learning the elementary rules of first acquaintances.

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