A Real Russian Girl: Dignity, Character And Upbringing

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A Real Russian Girl: Dignity, Character And Upbringing
A Real Russian Girl: Dignity, Character And Upbringing

Video: A Real Russian Girl: Dignity, Character And Upbringing

Video: A Real Russian Girl: Dignity, Character And Upbringing
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Real russian girl
Real russian girl

Just as the entire female sex has common features, there is something in common among girls of the same nationality. The mentality of society, the structure of life and other features of life in each country are different, and this is reflected in the behavior and character of women, as in appearance - the mixing of peoples as a result of migrations and other historical facts. So, what is she - a real Russian girl?

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  • 1 External data
  • 2 Character traits
  • 3 Stockiness
  • 4 Gardening
  • 5 Supplement to Thrifty
  • 6 Lush feasts
  • 7 Russian girls are in solidarity
  • 8 Chic, shine, beauty
  • 9 Foreigners' View of Russian Women
  • 10 Full return in relationships
  • 11 Are not afraid of difficulties
  • 12 Well-groomed and beauty
  • 13 No high demands
  • 14 Emancipation
  • 15 Wisdom
  • 16 Ready for children

External data

Travelers' records (for example, Pavel Alepsky) indicate that Russian women, in most cases, have blond hair. Shades are varied - light blond, light brown, pure blond. The eyes are also light - blue, gray or green and their shades. The type of appearance tends to be northern, Finno-Baltic. Their facial features are regular and refined. But in the south, girls have larger ones.

Karl Lagerfeld, during his trip to Russia, said: “I am shocked. Only two days in Moscow, and I have never seen so many beautiful women and ugly men in my life."

The appearance of a Russian woman is not only genetics and characteristics of the people. It is also a constant self-care. In Russia, as residents of other countries say, girls use more cosmetics than anywhere else in Europe.

Character traits2

The notorious phrases like "A galloping horse will stop …" did not appear in vain! A true Russian woman has features that are not characteristic of any other people in the world.

For example, Russian girls are reserved, docile and patient. Even statistics indicate this. For example, in Ukraine and Russia, the main reason for divorce is husband's drunkenness and material problems in the family. Moreover, in Ukraine, there are 61% of the total number of marriages, and in Russia - 53%. It's just that Russians are ready to put up with these problems, and forgive their men a lot. What else are the girls of the Russian Federation amazing? Here are some fun facts.


She is always ready for any cataclysm or zombie apocalypse. Every woman has a place on the balcony or apartment where she puts all the things that she considers useful. Their reserves will be enough for several months of comfortable life. These are salt and sugar, matches, soap, medicines, clothes, blankets, etc. For more modern girls, such a stock applies to cosmetics and personal care products. The number of jars they have is enough for at least 5 more girls.


Gardening and farming are common all over the world. But Russian women made a real cult out of the garden. They plant flowers, a fragrant garden, allocate huge plantations for potatoes. And they may not even live in this splendor! Nowhere else in the world is there a nation where a woman will bring beauty (manicure, pedicure, epilation), leave the working week, and on weekends will come to the country house to dig earth and plant potatoes.

Real russian girl
Real russian girl

Thrifty Supplement5

Besides the fact that Russian women grow food, they also canned it. What does it have to do to force the entire cellar, and then run around the neighbors and ask them to pick up a couple of cans, otherwise it will be lost!

Lush feasts6

Family dinners and a culture of dining are spread all over the world. But only in Russia girls prepare for the holiday in advance. They buy food in a week, and the preparations begin to be prepared in 2-3 days. As a result, there is so much food that you can feed a company of soldiers. And no matter how a woman suffers from the fact that she needs to cook all this, and she is tired, deep down she takes pleasure in setting the table and demonstrating the abundance of her home.

And yes, nowhere in the world is it common to take large pots and bowls of food out onto the balcony, because the refrigerator won't fit.

Russian girls are in solidarity7

It's not about feminism, but about true "female solidarity." In Russia, a girl is capable of fighting with a man if he offends her friend, sister, acquaintance or just a woman sitting next to her on the bus in her presence.

Girls from Russia
Girls from Russia

Chic, shine, beauty8

Russian chic is to go out to throw out the trash, but before that, put on makeup, wash and style your hair, put on something prettier. Or take a ride in a mink coat on the subway. A real Russian girl emphasizes her beauty; a sloppy look is unacceptable for her. Even if you need to run to the store around the corner of the house. What if a former meeting? Or a familiar bitch?

At the same time, “local” men are not always able to appreciate the advantages of the Russian weaker sex. But this is striking for foreigners. Because from the outside it is always more visible.

Foreigners' View of Russian Women9

Marriages with foreigners are very popular among Russian girls. Many people dream of them, believing that they are better / richer / more beautiful than the Russians. Whatever it was, but it is mutual. Foreigners have also heard about the good qualities and beauty of Slavic ladies. In Italy, there is even a book "How to Marry a Russian" by the author Gianni Bandiera. What caused this interest?

Love of a Russian beauty
Love of a Russian beauty

Full return in a relationship10

Foreigners note that women from Russia give all their love and care in relationships. They put their soul into them and do not play with feelings. Even if the marriage was clearly accomplished by calculation, the Russian woman will not show it. She will be a faithful, affectionate and caring wife, support her husband. She is more altruistic than a European girl who thinks about career, money and other aspects of her life.

You can read more about the love of a Russian girl in our article below the link.

Are not afraid of difficulties11

They are not so afraid of risk, trouble or problems. They are not so afraid of moving abroad. For them, life in another country seems better, so they steadfastly wait out the absence of a job for their husband, problems with wages or a temporary lack of funds.

Well-groomed and beauty12

Foreign suitors clearly see how beautiful Russian women are. They are flattered that they take care of themselves, because they perceive this as a desire to please them. Moreover, rumors about the beauty of Russian girls are spread all over the world.

Russian beauty
Russian beauty

Even the famous actor Keanu Reeves said: "Russian women are very beautiful, and they have depth …".

Conquering a beauty is a matter of pride for any foreigner.

Lack of high requirements13

Men note that Russian women do not make scandals, do not demand from men unnecessary attention, money, impressions, etc. The fact that they have conquered a foreigner is already enough for women. Therefore, "brainwashing" is not their prerogative in such a relationship.


Not only in communication, but also in sex. This is especially liked by Turkish men and Caucasians, because the girls of their nation are quite constrained and modest, they have certain limits in dealing with guys. And a Russian girl will tell a joke, and will raise the mood, and come up with something new in sex.


Of course, not all girls in the Russian Federation are born psychoanalysts, but many feel the mood of their husband and know how to smooth things over in a conflict situation. Accordingly, life with them is calmer and more harmonious.

Russian woman
Russian woman

Readiness for children16

In European countries, women are focused on self-realization. It is common for them to marry and have children over the age of 30. In Russia, girls, basically, dream of getting married as soon as possible, having children and equipping their family nest. It also attracts men from abroad.

A real Russian girl is multifaceted and interesting. Her image is described in books, sung in poetry. And, as Antonio Banderas said in an interview: “Russian women are magical! And they certainly have their own unique magic."

We will tell you a little about Russian women and Russian men in our article!

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