What Color Is Best For A Girl? What Does It Mean?

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What Color Is Best For A Girl? What Does It Mean?
What Color Is Best For A Girl? What Does It Mean?

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flowers withered
flowers withered

In fact, before thinking about what flowers to give a girl, you need to think - what kind of girl is this in your “coordinate system”? Relative? Childhood friend? Mistress for the night? A more regular sex partner? Future passion?

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  • 1 Bouquet for a relative
  • 2 Sweetheart Flowers
  • 3 What color should I choose?
  • 4 Finally, a few words about quantitative meaning

Everything rests on the fact that nowadays flowers have somewhat lost their meaning and therefore a bouquet on a date can show you a little old-fashioned, although this does not mean at all that you will lose your attractiveness as a gentleman. So, without delaying any longer, go to the world of the symbolism of bouquets and choose the one that suits your specific situation.

Bouquet for a relative i

To exclude any misunderstanding, please note that this refers to the mother, daughter, as well as other aunts, sisters and other ladies with whom you are related by family ties. It is clear that if you just want to show attention, then the very fact of the presence of a bouquet is enough, and you can think about symbolism in the second, or even third place. Be that as it may, here are the main flowers that are traditionally given to madam if you do not have a sexual relationship with her:

  • Iris, ordinary chamomile (you can also pharmacy, the only difference is in the leaves), chrysanthemum - if you decide to please your friend. Yes, the one with whom, according to the generally accepted stereotype, you cannot have any friendship, because she is of the opposite sex.
  • Alstroemeria, adonis and daisies - if the reason for the acquisition was a gift to my sister.
  • Carnations, marigolds, tulips or, lo and behold, a sunflower, give your mom. As you, I hope, guessed, we are talking about an ornamental sunflower, and not about one that has grown two meters and has grown a flower one cubit in diameter. Mom, of course, will understand and appreciate your spontaneity, but it is better not to shock her in this way.

Yellow tulips, white roses and violets are perfect for the composition you are giving to your grandmother. This, of course, will be discussed later, but yellow is a double color that carries a diametrically opposite meaning, depending on who got it in the bouquet. Here he symbolizes warmth and good attitude

what flowers to give
what flowers to give

Bouquets of light and delicate flowers of the same pastel shades are an excellent choice if you decide to please your daughter.

Sweetheart flowers 2

So you got to what you came here for, didn't you? What flowers are best to give to a girl you have views or with whom you already have a relationship. A very important note - if you choose flowers for such a bouquet, forget about the existence of yellow - in this case it does not mean warmth, but disappointment, betrayal, parting and a whole range of negative components of relationships.

  • The girl you are just rolling up to should see lily of the valley, lavender, orchid or, if she is very good, red roses in the bouquet. Do not forget that the latter are the most banal, but the most transparent symbol of passionate love.
  • Madam, with whom you have already formed a relationship, by and large, is worthy of either a bouquet of flowers indicated in the previous paragraph, or those that will be discussed in the next - depending on how serious your plans are for her.
  • The spouse should compose a composition of gerbera, bells, asters or pelargonium. Red roses are also quoted, but under certain conditions due to their meaning.
best flowers for girl
best flowers for girl

Which color to choose? 3

Do you know, the bouquet is such a dense concentrate of symbolism that under Empress Catherine a whole “Register of Flowers” ​​was even published. The fact that you recognize some of the flowers from traditional bouquets does not at all guarantee you will not be able to. Because the color scale of the bouquet is also of great importance. Now you will learn the basic values, so that instead of admiration you do not get a tantrum and a blow to the face with a gift. So welcome to the rainbow.

  • Red. Passion and love, while predominantly carnal. In fact, this is why red roses are the most common flower in bouquets for ladies. In addition, however, red can carry a warlike, aggressive message - but this depends on the circumstances and context of the situation.
  • Orange. Flirtatiousness or respect. Again, depending on who you give it. To a teacher or boss - and thus show respect. To a friend - as if hinting that it is no longer so easy to consider her in this role, and thoughts about her are increasingly tied to her gender.
  • Yellow. As you already understood, the color is very ambiguous. On the one hand, it refers to the sun, warmth, joy. On the other hand, according to the well-established, but losing its position, it is a symbol of parting, separation, betrayal. So, in order to avoid embarrassment, do not give yellow flowers to those who make you attracted.
  • Green. Here, of course, the conversation is not so much about flowers, but about the plant components of the bouquet. It has no special symbolism, but it perfectly adds contrast to the composition, depending on the shade.
what do flowers mean
what do flowers mean
  • Blue. And along with it, pink, as well as other delicate shades of any bright color. The meanings, as a rule, repeat those of their brighter brothers, but from the position of youth and its inherent airy lightness.
  • Blue. Means wisdom, loyalty, devotion. If your girlfriend is serving in the security forces or the army, then the inclusion of blue will be a great solution.
  • Violet. Carries a touch of mysticism and deep wisdom.

Finally, a few words about the quantitative meaning of 4

And here you are, as a "control", the symbolism of the size of the bouquet. You give one flower as a sign of attention, three - as an indicator of respect, five - already a declaration of love, seven - a symbol of love.

But the main thing is - before puzzling over the composition, carefully find out whether the girl whom you intend to present the bouquet to is familiar with all of the above and whether she attaches importance to it. Because it may turn out that you racked your brains in vain over which flowers are better to give a girl, if for her a bouquet is just a bouquet, as a manifestation of attention and a beautiful gift and nothing more.

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