First Date With A Girl: What To Talk About - 5 Tips

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First Date With A Girl: What To Talk About - 5 Tips
First Date With A Girl: What To Talk About - 5 Tips

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What to say to a girl on a first date
What to say to a girl on a first date

And so every time a slight tremor begins. She will appear today in a beautiful dress or a strict outfit, an expensive suit. In fact, he will wear the most beautiful jewelry and not very expensive shoes, but always to match some element of the wardrobe. And he will frantically flip through the notebook on the pickup, remember what to say to the girl on the first date, scroll through every little thing in his head and think about the delivery of speech, syllable.

The content of the article

  • 1 Conditional compliments
  • 2 Soles on the figure
  • 3 Interesting stories
  • 4 Facts about family and friends
  • 5 A little personal

Then you will not like the tone and voice, its timbre, and this jacket does not fit into the general picture of a young man. He will look convulsively at the reflection in the mirror, which tells him about the impending collapse, and will begin to play. He looks like an ordinary guy, all so courageous, smart. Mom chose a shirt or a T-shirt. Probably.

Conditional complimentsi

You should always emphasize the appearance. It is gallant and pleasant, although always feigned and cloying. Sweet words can be poured into the ears of unprepared girls who have not learned the taste of a man. Older girls are more interested in spicy stories.

Therefore, a compliment about appearance must be included in the must-have list. But it is worth remembering that the girl gathered for more than one hour, perhaps two or three. And not to compliment her is like deliberately dulling your emotions and feelings, and this is harmful to psychological health.

Silent betrayal works the same way. Weighting something like “cool earrings” is not an option. In general, there is no need to talk about jewelry and accessories. She herself knows what and how she looks. And she looked in the mirror, she knows how the dress sits. She had been looking for him for two days!

Fitted soles2

You have to be very careful with this. It is permissible to touch the area above the waist with the tongue. Not literally. If you want to emphasize the décolleté area, to depict that attention has fallen with a brick on the chest, it is better to make a note about the correctly selected neckline or pendant.

I don’t put on anything - to be silent. We need to keep silent about this. Probably, the girl is not stupid, she herself knows that sexuality is her strongest side and naive pity, which encourages men to languish in their own juice.

Regular eye attacks in the direction of the fifth point can be done if only the girl is wearing too revealing outfit. You shouldn't peer or examine her firm buttocks. She will notice this, moreover, she will constantly follow the look of the young man. Suddenly, there will slip a fantasy that she will not like. What else is there to think.

smiling girl
smiling girl

Interesting stories3

Every man should have stories. These are not anecdotes. Moreover, bearded, especially indecent, concerning the genitals. If you don't know how to joke, don't start. Better not to tempt fate, since it is so dear. You can come up with something from life, embellish and pass off as your thinking and creativity, when there is nothing to cover and surprise. In general, I must say that psychologists are skeptical about such practices.

  • If a girl constantly listens, it does not mean that you can squeeze out an encyclopedia or facts about the Red Book.
  • A man is allowed to conduct a conversation by asking questions. Only it shouldn't be pure interrogation.
  • It is forbidden to ask about the area of ​​the apartment, the level of income. This is not an acquaintance by calculation to be so interested in personal life.

You can compensate for a little communication due to what you managed to learn from social networks or a conversation on Skype or Viber. Of course, it looks as if it is far-fetched to arrange the test, but it is better to get by with simple facts and develop them. If she said or became aware that she is playing sports, you can find out how, for how long.

date of a man and a girl
date of a man and a girl

Family & Friends Facts4

In order not to get into the soul, the conversation is smoothly transferred to the family. It shouldn't look like an imposition of information, but the question “can I now tell you about my mom” also won't work. It is necessary to touch on a little, but succinctly, to get a good impression.

If the relationship works out, the girls will find out the details and little things later. It is better to report the main events immediately. This applies to global themes that cannot be changed. If the situation can improve in the future, it is better to keep silent about it. The main thing is not to overwhelm with gigabytes of unnecessary configuration, so that a person would be pleased to listen to stories and rely on them at every meeting.

Sometimes it is more pleasant for girls to listen to how a person rests in a company, what role he plays in it. The girl immediately determines the type and type: first, what a man can represent, second, what he actually does, how he lives and according to what principles.

girl walking with a guy
girl walking with a guy

According to the last criterion, a certain analogy with parents is already being built. Her. Because every princess has a daddy who loves a daughter, and the man next to him should at least slightly resemble him. Then she will become a little more submissive and more peaceful. Without scenes of jealousy and scandals.

A little personal5

If it’s completely empty, it’s not clear what to say to the girl on the first date, it’s better to touch yourself and tell your biography. Moreover, from small to large. So to speak, to spend the evening heart to heart, to designate positions in relation to some habits, facts. You can add spice, if education allows. Her.

Sexologists say that a man is often betrayed by his manner of speaking. The way he speaks about himself in the past, about his studies at the university, how he talks, with what intonation - this allows him to build his attitude towards people. When all women are bad, the exes are a quiet horror, and mother and sister are not worthy of discussion, unfortunately, a girl with such a person will not even sit for a long time.

the girl likes a man
the girl likes a man

In any case, whatever it may be, do not dwell on the family and other "living creatures". At this stage, a detailed diet of relationships between family members is of little interest, and can scare the girl away.

Here's an interesting fact: the University of Australia recently conducted surveys among men and women who first met. Numerous judgments about love at first sight prompted such actions. As a result, more than 79% of the volunteers indicated that they would not mind going out on a date again.

The rest would have dared, but with a different partner. So, everything is in the hands of the “tongue”, since this part of the body is boneless and works wonders when it is directly “friendly” with the brain. And when there is a dissonance, you can watch the guy go nuts from falling in love, and the girl plays along and enjoys the easy time. Also nothing option.

Not only guys, but also girls are thinking about what to talk about on the first date. Therefore, in the next article, we have prepared 7 universal tips on how to please you already at the first meeting.

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