Do Guys Like Tall Girls - Passion For "high" Relationships

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Do Guys Like Tall Girls - Passion For "high" Relationships
Do Guys Like Tall Girls - Passion For "high" Relationships

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a tall girl
a tall girl

There is an unusual opinion that men like slim and small women who are easy to carry in their arms, but at the same time, she must have long legs. The picture seems to be: height 178 cm, athletic physique, and the proportion and constitution of the body is very shocking. And if she gives birth and is distributed in sizes from XS to L, then at the exit you can get a large lady who will trample any “baby” breathing into her chest. Short men prefer to match themselves - no, not short, but tall women, and there is an explanation for that. Whether the guys like tall girls or not, it is taken on the defensive to "understand" the myths and reality.

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  • 1 Physiological anatomy - clear, understandable
  • 2 Psychology of illusion

Physiological anatomy - clear, clear i

Yes, there are tall men who do not want to think about how to kiss a girl half his size. It looks ridiculous, especially in sex, he will probably have to dodge so that his hairy chest does not choke his partner. On the other hand, he will easily show his physical strength - he will be able to carry it in his arms, influence morally, showing that he is taller. This is acceptable in everyday life and in the family, because not everyone can boast of long legs and a luxurious bust.

In fact, everything is different. Any guy, tall or short (below 170 cm), loves slender and long-legged beauties. This is not an indicator of success - no one marries a Teletubbie, which weighs 100 kg, but is two meters tall.

  • If the girl is tall, her legs will look slimmer. Even wearing high heels will make it look sleeker. And men love it when the heroine from the movie "Pretty Woman" wraps her hips around Richard Gere. It seems like 110 cm, if memory serves.
  • Also, men like to see girls with a beautiful figure next to them. It is more pronounced in those who have a height of 175 cm and above. Do not take full ladies into account, this is an exception to the rule.
  • Short men love to watch the taller woman walk. It is believed that this is how he emphasizes his status. And the look at chest level is beyond praise and advantages.
giant girl
giant girl

For some reason, the rule does not apply to women who cannot boast of a luxurious figure. There are basketball players whose height reaches 190-200 cm. And they do not always find that gentleman who is ready to captivate with their hugs.

Psychology of Illusion2

Guys think ahead, and many are intimidated by the fact that many will soon become baggy. That is, a tall person, in addition to his build, will also look somewhat old if the skin hangs down from a two-meter height. Other men admit that they would gladly look at long-legged beauties, but only from afar. With a height of 180 cm, lifting your head up is a vague sensation, similar to the illusion of size, which presses from above. Guys feel small, although it is convenient and beneficial if they like to feel like a mother's son. You can play interesting role-playing games.

Do guys like tall girls or is the desire to drag them to bed just a game, and for life they choose those who are at least a little shorter? Psychologists say that a girl of small build makes men experience at a subconscious level:

tall girl and man
tall girl and man
  • Will she be able to give birth to a healthy child. Low growth does not mean that there will be pathology, but a narrow pelvis in tall ones is very likely.
  • If the girl is tall, and the guy is shorter than her, then complexes will develop, both for her and for him. Moreover, the woman herself will feel a little out of place - looking down. Sometimes you want to be a little girl, who is taken on the arms, and not carried away like a beam to bed.
  • Nobody likes a tall, curvy girl. This suggests that men are more attracted to a woman's legs that are too long - you can grab him and squeeze him during foreplay or sex.

Such statements take place, since there is still a sexual component. So, the guys note that they would gladly watch a girl who:

  • Leans over to get something out of the car;
  • He walks, and her step is like almost his two;
  • Runs, because the amplitude of the spread is greater (it is clear what this is about);
  • Stands like a model - it's great and just beautiful.
rob schneider in diapers
rob schneider in diapers

Why, then, can one observe short men in the arms of tall ladies? Probably, here we are already talking not only about growth. Rather, a wealthy person wants to at least somehow raise his nose, raise the bar, and therefore chooses beautiful, slender and tall. It is not visible that a full fashion model was walking along the red carpet, wrapping her arms around a bald little man. Perhaps the point is something else - a purely beneficial relationship for luxury and public.

This is not a reproach, but young pretty girls can be of different heights. Speaking of garlic, guys don't care how many meters are in a beautiful healthy body. The main thing is to know how to cook, love borscht and enjoy watching matches. Although stockings on long slender legs look much sexier, but this is not a reason to tear and throw.

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