Where Does Love Come From? Can Money Buy It?

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Where Does Love Come From? Can Money Buy It?
Where Does Love Come From? Can Money Buy It?

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You can't buy love
You can't buy love

Oh, and a tricky topic of conversation. But the question is burning, somewhere unpleasant, and in some places and discouraging. How many times have they told the world that money cannot buy love. Is this really so?

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  • 1 Love: is or not
  • 2 The mechanism of the appearance of love
  • 3 Parameter one: reproductive instinct
  • 4 Parameter two: stability and safety
  • 5 With a cute paradise in a hut
  • 6 The Price of Love

Love: whether or not i

Love is a wonderful feeling that a person can experience. She carries a double perception. Love can be good, and maybe evil. She is able to inspire and plunge into the abyss of hopelessness. Love gives life and takes away. It comes and goes, creates and destroys. But one thing is certain: it is invisibly present in everything.

The mechanism of the appearance of love2

In people, love arises either at once, or is born gradually. But the essence of love between a man and a woman is one. We will not dwell on the platonic and sublime feeling, but consider the usual understanding of love.

This feeling that arises between people has only one meaning and is determined by the reproductive instinct and the desire to spread genetic material. Fu, how did it go, huh? I'd like to hear a refutation. Unfortunately, all other arguments are not convincing. Why? Because everyone wants to receive the fruit of love: a child. And so it was, is and will be. The instinct of motherhood is a powerful irritant, just like in men, the desire to leave as many offspring as possible.

People are not far from animals: the same mammals. It's just that the species is human. Therefore, the pattern of behavior is exactly the same. The partner is selected based on the main characteristics: genetics, stability and security.

Parameter one: reproductive instinct3

In nature, exceptionally healthy, strong individuals breed. With people, isn't it? It is very interesting to look at a woman who chooses an oblique, crooked, frankly unpleasant-looking man. And if he still has a bunch of diseases? Nice bonus, right? Well, who is ready to give birth from him just because: "… maybe he is a good person ?!" Raise your hands! A small disclaimer: we are not talking about injuries resulting from some kind of injury. Pure genetics. Something you can't see the forest of hands.

Money cannot buy love, because genetics plays a role
Money cannot buy love, because genetics plays a role

Question to men: the conditions are the same. Who needs a skinny, sickly, weak-bodied, not burdened with intelligence and repulsive appearance lady? What, again, nobody? Apparently, the question has been settled. Wonderful. No, no one argues, these people can also find their soul mate. This happens all over the place. But this happens for the same reasons: you want to breed, but fish for fishlessness and cancer. Everything is primitive.

Parameter two: stability and security4

In nature, the female chooses the strongest out of two males. No wonder there are battles between them for the right of ownership. The one who is stronger is “the lady and dances”. The female will never follow the loser. That's right: the offspring needs a protector and a breadwinner. A weak individual will not pull out food and safety alone.

And what about people? A sluggish, infantile, weak character mumbler can hardly charm some charming woman. He is not able to make important decisions, he is afraid to once again raise his voice, and in case of an unpleasant meeting with utyrkami in a dark alley, no matter how you have to defend himself, hammering the attackers with heels and a purse. With this you will definitely have to go to self-defense lessons.

You can't buy love for money, but it gives stability and security
You can't buy love for money, but it gives stability and security

Having such a male creature in your hands you will have to run around on all issues, handle any "misunderstandings" yourself, and moreover, drag the family budget yourself. What can such a kukusik teach his children? Well, perhaps only etiquette … Extreme? No, a common example for comparison and clarity. Something again you can't see the queue for such a comrade … It's strange … What if he is a good man ?!

With cute paradise in a hut5

What is money? This is the equivalent of the cost of a service, product and other necessary things. It used to be possible to exchange a bag of potatoes for a chicken. Things are different now. Without money, even health is not. A common cold can empty your wallet for a very impressive amount, let alone more serious diseases. And that's a fact.

The same thing happens when choosing a partner. Having a sufficient amount of livelihood, a guarantee of satiety and health. I mean, well-being. Of course, with a cute paradise in a hut, but provided that the hut does not flow during the rain, is not blown by all the winds, and the darling put it on the bank of a river in which there is fish. Is it logical? This is paraphrased as follows: a partner is selected according to the ability to feed and the presence of shelter.

Oh, the gallery splashes saliva in defense of mediocrities. Well, yes, of course, money cannot buy love - a postulate for those who are lazy and stupid. The loudest shout about this are those who have not achieved anything in life, and have not even made an attempt. They are trying to prove that the world is saturated with corruption, which means that if there is no “furry hand”, then there is no movement.

Money can't buy love - a postulate for the lazy
Money can't buy love - a postulate for the lazy

They try to disguise their own laziness, lack of work, although it is in bulk, but the crown, you see, does not allow dropping to a janitor or a conductor. They reacted negligently to their studies at school and went through the institute, or even vocational school, and then shout at the top of their lungs that higher education is not needed, and it is impossible to enter. Here are a lot of excuses. But does someone love them? Hardly … Although, what if they are good people ?!

The price of love6

The price of love is not high: healthy, well-fed, protected offspring. But in the modern world, all this has a monetary equivalent. Does it mean that love is bought after all? Yes … But, please, let's go without vulgarity! After all, love itself cannot be bought for money, the price is too high.

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