What If You're Working With An Ex-girlfriend? How To Behave?

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What If You're Working With An Ex-girlfriend? How To Behave?
What If You're Working With An Ex-girlfriend? How To Behave?
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the guy is shocked
the guy is shocked

An ex-girlfriend at work is an accomplished fact for someone, a big surprise for someone. How to build proper communication? How do you try to get her back? How not to ruin everything completely? And even how to make her know that it's over? These and not only questions concern men who find themselves in such a difficult situation.

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  • 1 There are several options for the development of events
  • 2 You should not take serious measures to return your ex if

Correct relationship building depends on the desired end result.

There are several options for the development of eventsi

Option 1. Young people met at work. For several weeks we looked closely at each other, periodically communicating in a common company among colleagues. Smoothly, the relationship moved to the next level, they began to meet. But a few months later, the guy was drafted into the army. The first three months of telecommuting were easy, but then it got harder. Mutually decided to leave

Upon returning to the workplace, we met, but the communication was rather tense. The girl makes timid hints about their possible renewal. The young man is more against than for.

Recommendation. When there is such an obvious understatement in a relationship and a lot of unexplained, any person will feel discomfort and tension. Fruitful work does not stimulate such a mood.

There is only one way out - to call the former half for a conversation and find out all the personal moments. Discuss whether feelings remain, whether their further development is possible.

After the conversation, it may turn out that the girl did not at all hint at the resumption of close relations, but only wanted to talk about the current situation, but did not know how to do it better. After working, and maybe friendly communication is established, over time, two young people will move to the next level and start dating again.

Ex girlfriend at work
Ex girlfriend at work

Option 2. The couple met for a long time, there was a lot of love. But suddenly the girl declares that she does not see the future, that everything has changed and become worse. The young man suffers from parting and the state of mind does not improve, since they often see each other at work and the former quickly found a new love for herself

Recommendation. In such a situation, it is best to try to shorten meetings at work as much as possible. Only when absolutely necessary. It is also worth, no matter how trite it sounds, to go headlong into work. And look for additional exciting activities that will help you not to think about the current situation around the clock.

It is important not to indulge in uncontrollably sad thoughts, not to scroll the same moments in your head in an attempt to find out what was done wrong. Also, do not try to "wash down" your grief with alcohol.

The most common piece of advice from people who have experienced painful breakups is to go into sports. Exercise helps to relieve negative emotions (the endorphins produced do their job). And also there is an opportunity to meet new people, which also helps to switch attention from existing problems.

Option 3. Similar to the previous situation, but the man became the initiator of the separation. The girl is upset and tries to get the relationship back. She becomes overly intrusive, and the general work only exacerbates

Recommendation. In attempts to return a loved one, girls can sometimes go too far. And for men, obsessive communication, in most cases, has the opposite effect (he can begin to be rude, rude, express his negative attitude in every possible way).

Ex girlfriend at work
Ex girlfriend at work

In this situation, you should call your ex-girlfriend for a conversation and talk to her calmly. Tell her that her obsessive attitude is interfering with her work. That there will be no renewal of the past, love is over and it is necessary to move on.

If the relationship was serious and the man is worried that he was the initiator of the separation, then it is possible to try to become friends. But it is important to clearly establish the framework for communication so that the girl does not think that this is something more.

Option 4. The couple dated for 5 years. The girl wanted a family, the guy was not ready, so they broke up at the girl's initiative. After 3 years, they met unexpectedly…. At work. The young man's memories of their love prompted the idea to return everything. He begins to actively sympathize with his former companion and informs her of his intentions in plain text. However, the girl does not see the point in this, she has no feelings left

Recommendation. In this situation, a man should resume courtship, not to mention his desire "head-on". Work communication should not go into personal at first. Several clarifying questions can be asked. For example, "Is the place of residence the same?", "Is she free?", "How are your parents?"

A slight interest in her life will help to establish friendly warm communication. Then you can invite her to lunch, even later to dinner. You can make her a romantic surprise by writing the cherished words under her windows.

Past places of joint pastime will help remind about the past times:

  • favorite cafe (which was visited every Tuesday, for example);
  • a picnic in the park with his dog on summer evenings;
Ex girlfriend at work
Ex girlfriend at work
  • skating on a skating rink, which is still poured in the same place;
  • favorite bench near the metro, where both drank coffee in the morning before work.

All these positive moments will help to win over the girl.

You should not take serious measures to return your ex if2

  1. She said she was not free. It is not worth repelling it, because "you cannot build your happiness on someone else's misfortune." It is better to establish friendly relations and then, over time, if the girl realizes that she still loves, she will definitely tell about it herself.
  2. She has a child from another man. No matter how strong love is, you should think carefully before taking responsibility for someone else's child.
  3. She recently broke up with a young man. The renewal of past relationships for her can become a kind of outlet, and not sincere love. And when both understand this, it will be too late.
  4. Great changes have taken place in her life. In the wake of positive or negative emotions, again, sympathy and pleasant memories can be regarded as re-flared love. The man will be deceived in some way through his own fault.
  5. She made it clear that she did not want to renew the connection that was once. In this case, all the attempts of the man will bring the opposite result.
Ex girlfriend at work
Ex girlfriend at work

Many experienced psychologists generally recommend not starting relationships in the workplace. It is important to separate work and family, this helps to avoid conflicts "at work" at home and to rest morally (when both work together, all topics of conversation, one way or another, are reduced to workers).

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