How Can Cleanliness In An Apartment Affect A Couple's Sex Life?

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How Can Cleanliness In An Apartment Affect A Couple's Sex Life?
How Can Cleanliness In An Apartment Affect A Couple's Sex Life?

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the girl is cleaned
the girl is cleaned

Have you ever wondered that the mess in your house takes sex away from you? No matter how ridiculous it may sound, the fact remains. As scientists who have recently conducted research have found out, the frequency and quality of sex is directly related to the neatness of housing. A person may look very clean, he smells pleasantly, but if the house is a mess, his sex life will go downhill.

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  • 1 What kind of research was carried out
  • 2 What is the connection between a clean home and sex
  • 3 Why it is not possible to maintain order in the house
  • 4 Will cleanliness make you happier?

What kind of research was carried out

Initially, a company specializing in the production of household cleaning and laundry products became interested in the issue. The manufacturer was confident that the quality of the sex life could depend on how clean the people in the house are. Scientists picked up the idea and started researching.

The study of the tandem "Cleanliness and Sex" was conducted in America. Scientists simply surveyed 2,000 ordinary people in the United States, wondering how clean people think they are:

  • People who said that their house is always perfect cleanliness boasted that they have stable and high-quality sex.
  • Moderately clean citizens said that sex life could be better.
  • But the "dirty" Americans hoped that sex is rare, and it brings little pleasure.

Research has shown that clean people have 7-10% more sexual contacts than those who have poor house order.

What is the connection between a clean home and sex2

Even the person himself is more pleased to bring a sexual partner into the house when it is clean around. Agree, it is very uncomfortable when guests behold mountains of dirty linen, dishes, stains on bed linen. And the guest himself is unlikely to want to spend an extra hour in such a room, not to mention sex.

How cleanliness affects your sex life
How cleanliness affects your sex life

In 2016, scientists continued their research, and asked the Americans in which house they would not want to make love. And this is what the citizens answered:

  • More than half of the residents said they would never have sex where they smell bad. This can be the smell of animals, animal feces, dirty laundry, sour food, and so on.
  • About 30% spoke about the bathroom. They said that before and after sex there is a desire to take a shower. And if the bathroom is dirty, then they would rather refuse intimacy. It is not for nothing that most people, counting on sex, come to visit a new partner, first of all they ask to be shown where the restroom is. Under the guise of wanting to go out and wash their hands, they are actually investigating the neatness of the bathroom.
  • The rest of the voices were divided. Someone does not want to spend time in an apartment with a dirty floor, bed linen, on a sofa whose upholstery is stained.

If in some of the above you recognized your living quarters, then hurry up to take measures to eliminate the shortcomings. And notice that with the arrival of cleanliness in your home, life will come to you and sex!

Why it is not possible to maintain order in the house3

It is clear that if a person is dirty himself, does not like to take a shower once again, then one should not demand cleanliness in the house from him. But what if a woman is always neat, never appears in public with dirty hair, and chaos reigns in her house? It could be her state of mind.

According to one of the studies, scientists have found that people whose apartment is dirty are under stress, or they are overcome by depression. Of course, on their territory there are few who want to indulge in carnal pleasures, but they themselves are not eager to visit a partner in order to make love to him. Sex simply ceased to satisfy such people, they do not want to waste time on it, but prefer to come home after work, take sweets, and just watch television. Cleaning in the house is out of the question.

Cleaning your apartment affects your sex life
Cleaning your apartment affects your sex life

If you have noticed for yourself that you have lost the desire to put the apartment in order, then visit a psychotherapist, he will quickly be able to return your craving for cleanliness.

But there is another option as to why a tidy person's house is dirty. He's just a bummer, a show-off. In public, he always looks one hundred percent, but upon arriving home, he puts on greasy pajamas and goes to a dirty bed. Perhaps his parents were the same, and he was simply not taught to be clean.

As for men, everything is more simple here. Most bachelors simply ignore the socks scattered around the house, the pile of soda cans by the computer, or the dirty dishes in the sink. They are removed as needed: wash the dishes when there is nothing to eat, collect the dirty laundry when the clean ones run out. But women are more loyal to a man's disorder, they are even flattered, because there is evidence that no one cares for their partners anymore. Many women, having come to the house of such a bachelor, begin to put things in order, because the feeling of guardianship and care is in their blood!

Will cleanliness make you happier? 4

So, scientists have identified three types of people:

  • super clean;
  • moderately clean;
  • dirty.

And super clean people are twice as happy as those who don't keep the house cozy and tidy. What is this happiness?

  • Super cleaners are 75% happier in love than dirty ones.
  • Super clean people have 70% lower stress levels.
  • Clean people are 67% more successful in their careers than those who have dirty houses. According to statistics, dirty people have 38% less chance of becoming successful in business or climbing the career ladder than neat people.
  • People who have cleanliness in their home are more beautiful, tidier, they have higher self-esteem.
Cleanliness in the apartment
Cleanliness in the apartment
  • Clean people have 76% more chances of starting a happy family.
  • In family life, the clean are 70% happier.
  • Sleep quality in people in a clean house is increased by 53%.

As you can see from statistics, cleanliness in the home affects not only sex, but also the quality of life. If you want to change your life for the better, start by cleaning the house!

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