What Men Value In Women And Why. Observations Of Psychologists

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What Men Value In Women And Why. Observations Of Psychologists
What Men Value In Women And Why. Observations Of Psychologists

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In an endless pursuit of the ideal of beauty, disappointed by its inaction, girls are looking for other qualities that men value in women. With the help of psychologists, and numerous surveys, it became clear which character traits and personal qualities are most important in relationships for the stronger sex.

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  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Caress and care
  • 3 Feeling yourself
  • 4 Wisdom
  • 5 Support and understanding


First of all, answering the question of what men value in women, mammoth miners and part-time fathers of the family appreciate female beauty. True, the perception of it in men is completely different, different from that of women. A beautiful girl, in the eyes of a young man, does not have clear indicators of height, weight, eye color and hair. Contrary to common stereotypes about an ideal appearance, the stronger sex does not value centimeters of volume, but their shape. Proportionality, smoothness, even roundness of forms, that's what attracts the eye.

Well-groomed toned skin, soft and velvety to the touch. Neat manicure and pedicure, not necessarily vulgar and defiant. Even the look, manners, not to mention the gait and posture are especially effective. Despite the fact that some men are the embodiment of disharmony, due to their nature's lack of such a function, they still subconsciously calculate from the crowd a person who is harmonious, confident, attractive.

Caress and care2

A special item on the list of female values, from young men to grandfathers, highlight the ability of the weaker sex to show care and affection. The ability to care for others, in women, is due to the instinct of motherhood. After all, it depends on her how warm, satisfying and comfortable the baby will be. And before its appearance, all unspent skills are directed to loved ones and loved ones.

After the birth of the baby, and the reassessment of values, every year, the degree of excitement and anxiety for others only grows. A real woman, mother, grandmother, tries to lay the straws in those places where the fall is expected to occur. And if he does not have time, he lovingly heals the resulting wounds, and also blames himself for not having time to prevent this.

best qualities in women
best qualities in women

Laska is a special feminine gift. With the help of affection, beautiful ladies can cure boredom, anxiety, nervous disorders, and sometimes even physical ailments. A woman with such traits is always highly valued in her family.


It is generally accepted that the degree of a man's love is equal to the degree to which he feels comfortable and happy with a certain person. Confident in himself, independent in making decisions, a man becomes only next to the "right" lady, who may be able to drive a bulldozer and control a spaceship, but asks her partner to open a tin can. The ability to present your husband as the head of the family, a guy as a person whose word is considered law, it is the female gender that shapes the perception of others towards her chosen one, and this is exactly what men value in women.


Wisdom, at first glance, is a characteristic of extremely experienced women. However, to some girls, it is given by nature. And perhaps thanks to the example and education of parents. Reasonable, laconic, listening to every word of a man, she draws the right conclusions, developing tactics of behavior and communication with a partner. Being already young, significantly increases the time spent together.

how a man evaluates a woman
how a man evaluates a woman

Moreover, in family life, wisdom is an integral part of understanding and support. Coupled with such qualities as patience and sobriety of thoughts, she makes a girl an indispensable friend and helper for her half. Often such girls solve conflict situations without raising their voices and without losing face, which significantly and favorably distinguishes them among many.

The weakest feature of the stronger sex is the inability to endure screams and whims. The absence of scandals and hysterics is a determining factor in choosing a life partner.

Support and understanding 5

What do men value in women, if at first glance they are completely self-sufficient, practical and self-confident. The widespread belief that men do not cry can be easily refuted by every second woman, and this does not include children. Often, it is warriors and hunters who need moral support, an emotional impetus to perform feats, and an incentive to return home with prey. And the main thing for each of them is the belief that if they fail, they will be accepted without ridicule. For each of them, a sense of support and understanding is important.

In a word, what men value in women is a strong rear. And external attractiveness in the system of their priorities is far from the leading role.

Human qualities, gentleness of character, loyalty, the ability to wait are much more respected.

why men appreciate women
why men appreciate women

Therefore, so often you can hear the notorious: "Well, what did he find in her?" What is really important is not visible from the outside.

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