7 Signs Of A Doomed Relationship: A Relationship With No Future

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7 Signs Of A Doomed Relationship: A Relationship With No Future
7 Signs Of A Doomed Relationship: A Relationship With No Future

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relations don't work out
relations don't work out

People meet, fall in love and fall apart, and this is the usual order of things. Unfortunately, some relationships are doomed even in the very early stages, and if you have not yet had time to plunge into the maelstrom with your head, the most reasonable solution may be to break up. However, sometimes it is in your power to realize the problem and destroy it in the bud, especially if your friend is ready to get rid of it.

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  • 1 She recently broke up with her boyfriend
  • 2 After starting your relationship, she changed dramatically
  • 3 She cheated on you
  • 4 She doesn't appreciate your privacy
  • 5 You have diametrically opposed values
  • 6 You have a one-way relationship
  • 7 She's only interested in herself

In this article, we do not pretend to be the ultimate truth, we offer you a ground for thinking about whether you are wasting your time with this girl when there are so many other clever and beautiful women around. And what conclusions to draw from this is up to you. Go.

She recently broke up with her boyfriend

There is nothing wrong with people diverging. But if your chosen one just recently experienced a break in relations, then your affair with her, for which you are already making far-reaching plans, may be a mistake. You may be just a tool with which she wants to make her ex jealous and get him back. Or just forget the former in an improvised way. In both cases, your relationship is unlikely to be long-lasting, and will cause you unnecessary suffering.

How to solve the problem: No, you should not immediately end the relationship with the abandoned girl. But hold your horses and do not rush things, give her time to sort herself out and calm down, and watch how her attitude towards you changes during normal walks and dates.

If month after month passes, and the memories of her ex do not leave her, you should think about the other companion. If, over time, the girl shows more and more joyful emotions in your presence, and you have already forgotten the name of her ex, feel free to take the next step.

Since the beginning of your relationship, she changed dramatically2

People often use masks to please each other. Perhaps you also suffer from this flaw, and in the company of the desired girl, you build an artificial image that you do not correspond to. The same can be done by a girl in your attitude, who, during the first acquaintance, told you about how she loves fishing and football, but now it turned out that she hates fish and does not distinguish between a football field and a tennis court. Alas, you are the victim of a mask that your friend pulled on to get your attention.

How to solve the problem: You have to get to know each other again. And if the result upsets you, your relationship is unlikely to work out well. Draw conclusions for yourself, perhaps such a bad experience will help you remain yourself during your next romantic acquaintance.

Signs that the relationship won't work out
Signs that the relationship won't work out

She cheated on you3

Forgiving betrayal is a mistake that will come back to haunt you more than once. If at the beginning of your short-term relationship the girl started an affair on the side or "accidentally" slept with her ex "for the last time", only a masochist will continue the relationship with her. However, if you initially positioned your relationship as free, there is nothing to be surprised at, you yourself set the rules. If not, run.

How to solve the problem: Nothing. The traitor will always change. Find another girl.

She doesn't appreciate your privacy4

You have been together for the second week, and she is already reading your personal correspondence on social networks and finding out the details of the biography of each girl from your social circle? You should seriously consider what such distrust, multiplied by paranoia, will turn into over time. If you do not take action, there are only two options: you will either fall under the full control of your chosen one, and you will not be able to take a step without her approval, or with a cry "Enough to endure this!" run away from her.

Why relationships might not work out
Why relationships might not work out

How to solve the problem: Serious heart-to-heart talk. Perhaps she has some concerns about you, and she just doesn't know how to deal with them. For example, your "benevolent" ex told her what a womanizer and heartthrob you are. If you want to get rid of the problem, find the cause. If the only reason is her desire to control your every breath, put an end to your relationship now. Then it will only get worse.

You have diametrically opposed values5

And no, it's not about different tastes in food. And even if you are a fan of different football teams, you can quite get along together. But when it comes to life goals, plans for the future, managing a shared budget and other things that determine your family lifestyle, you should pause and weigh everything.

If your friend is from a religious family, in which it is believed that sex is possible only after the wedding and for the sake of conceiving children, and you plan to go on a cruise with your beloved and have violent sex at every corner, you may be very disappointed. Your relationship will quickly turn into attempts to remake each other for yourself, and will hardly bring the same joy to both of you.

How to solve a problem: Get to know better and prioritize honestly. If you can't come to a compromise on key life issues, the likelihood of building a successful relationship with shared goals, values ​​and complete understanding tends to zero. After all, you are adults, and there is nothing stopping you from being friends right now.

Why relationships are falling apart
Why relationships are falling apart

You have a one-way relationship6

If any initiative in your relationship comes only from you, this is a sure sign that things are not going well. Do you organize dates, invite her to various events, always call and write first, and she never received a call, message or meeting offer? This is a one-sided game. And a frequent sign that your chosen one like you has a whole queue in which you are most likely not the first.

How to solve the problem: There are only two ways, and both are radical. The first is to stop communicating and see her reaction. A connoisseur of women's hearts, Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, rightly noted that the less we love a woman, the more she likes us. If, after you disappeared from her life for a few days, your friend suddenly remembered your existence and started calling and writing herself, this is a good sign. If not, you'd better leave. The second radical way is to break up right away, but you will still choose the first one, right?

She is only interested in herself7

It is impossible to build a harmonious relationship with a girl fixated on herself. However, with the guy fixated on himself too. Let's hope that you do not suffer from this disadvantage, but if you observe this in your chosen one, you should think about what a relationship with such an egocentric person will lead to. If all her talk is only about her affairs and problems, and she shows complete indifference to your difficulties and troubles, you should think about changing your companion. If, of course, you see yourself in the future in the position of an equal partner, and not an application to it.

Reasons for the gap
Reasons for the gap

How to solve the problem: Tell her bluntly but politely that she only thinks of herself and is not interested in building partnerships. The likelihood that she will change her mind is extremely small, but there have been such cases. If you receive a hail of unfounded accusations in response and phrases like "a real man should …", just say goodbye.

And we will tell you about how to break up with a guy in the next article!

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