How To Meet A Girl On The Internet And What Should I Write To Her?

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How To Meet A Girl On The Internet And What Should I Write To Her?
How To Meet A Girl On The Internet And What Should I Write To Her?
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How to meet a girl on the Internet
How to meet a girl on the Internet

In the modern pace of life, it is difficult to find time to find a soul mate, so the easiest way to meet is via the Internet. It is better to take this matter seriously, otherwise any girl will consider attempts to get acquainted for spam or a scam. To surely understand the question of how to meet a girl on the Internet, you should think carefully about an action plan.

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  • 1 Pros and Cons of Online Dating
  • 2 What to write so as not to be rejected?
  • 3 Starting a dialogue wisely
  • 4 Resources for dating
  • 5 What should the profile look like?
  • 6 It's Time to Act

Pros and cons of internet datingi


The obvious advantage of online dating is accessibility. There is no need to leave home and look for girls from Moscow or other cities in theaters and cinema, it is enough to have an Internet connection. In addition, even the most shy young man will be able to send a message, which is much easier than meeting in person. It takes courage and a little charisma to interest the first passer-by on the street

Online rejections are easier to deal with and accept

For dating via the Internet, convenient applications have been created on the phone and adapted dating sites, so it is not necessary to bother people on ordinary social networks

It is easy to determine the circle of interests of a girl by her account on social networks and find the “one” with similar outlooks on life. The Internet offers a wide range of possibilities and a large number of attempts. If the interlocutor does not make contact, then finding a second suitable candidate will be much easier than in real life

Analyzing dating profiles or an Instagram page is much easier than trying to define the "inner world" at the first meeting. On social networks, it is easy to see the echoes of a person's personal life and understand whether the girl is busy or free. In real life, this fact is almost impossible to determine (except for marriage).

How to meet on the Internet and not fall for the tricks of a pick-up artist, read in our article further on the link.


Often, girls simply ignore messages from unfamiliar men or even close their accounts. There is a chance that the girl you like will not be sociable enough with a stranger and will send letters to spam

Dating sites and similar phone apps rarely lead to serious relationships. If the main purpose of dating is fleeting communication or a one-time relationship, then it will be really easy to get to know each other. And if a man is interested in dating girls for a serious relationship in the long term, then the chances are sharply reduced

Sometimes people, meeting through the Internet, "put on" masks, behave unnaturally and try to match their ideal. In a real meeting, you can be very disappointed in a person and regret the time spent

More than half of the female population does not want to make acquaintances on the Internet, but prefer real communication and meetings, so it will not work for a long time to communicate by correspondence - you will have to leave the comfort zone for further interactions

What to write so as not to be rejected? 2

The answer to the question depends on the girl herself, but you should adhere to the basic rules:

Don't be intrusive

If the lady does not have a desire to get acquainted, then most likely persistence will not help here, and the man may easily end up on the black list. Refusal of dating in 90% cannot be corrected by anything, it is unlikely that it will be possible to convince the girl of his good intentions.

photo for online dating
photo for online dating

No need to write with "hackneyed" phrases

"Does your mom need a son-in-law?" - a phrase after which a man has not the slightest chance of success. There are plenty of analogies and should not be used. It is much more effective to just discuss everyday topics - you can study the girl's page and identify her interests, make a discreet compliment, or just ask an unobtrusive question.

And if you are a modest and shy guy, then you should read our article on how to communicate with a girl on the Internet, then follow the link.

Be sure to pay attention to your photo and profile description

An account that is actively maintained by the user looks safer than a closed profile with a cat on the avatar. The girls always scrutinize the information - the chronology of photos, bands, videos and even music. The more signs of "life" are found, the greater the chance of acquaintance.

Write correctly

The first message forms the first impression of a person, so you cannot make critical mistakes from the very beginning of your acquaintance. Some girls will not pay attention to such oversights, of course, if it is not a mistake in the word "hello".

Don't forget to talk about yourself

Getting to know a beautiful girl should be mutually interesting, so you don't just need to ask questions like during an interrogation. It is better to talk about yourself and only then formulate a question - the interlocutor will enter the conversation with great interest.

The main thing is to be polite

Don't be rude if the girl doesn't answer for a long time. In online dating, you need to be patient and ready for rejection, boors are immediately sent to the black list or deep ignore.

Want to meet a girl and not be rejected? Read the article on how to achieve this.

Starting a dialogue wisely3

You should not write a lonely "hello" in the hope of a happy future and fruitful dialogue. Communication should be lively and filled from the very first phrase - ask some trivial question so that the girl has an interest and a desire to answer.

For example, “Hello, I'm sorry to bother you, but you didn’t accidentally study at the Physicotechnical Institute for social security, is a very familiar face?)” Or “Hello, you have a very familiar place on your avatar, is this not Gorky Park?)”. An example of a question may be unfortunate for some other case, but the general idea is that the girl needs to be interested in continuing the conversation.

It is best to look for an interlocutor in thematic groups, then it will be easier to start a correspondence based on the topic. For example, "Hi, I saw that you are subscribed to a group of motorists, are you really interested in cars?)" Or "Hi, I saw your comment in the group, do you really think so?)".

dating girls for serious relationship
dating girls for serious relationship

The last option is to come up with something really original, for example, dedicate a short verse to a girl or start a dialogue with a voice message, but this will be appreciated only by a few.

Dating Resources4

If the question still arises about how to meet a girl on the Internet, then you need to seriously approach the choice of a resource. In addition to banal social networks, where a man will not always be welcomed, you can consider platforms such as Mamba, LovePlanet or Badoo. These are specialized services adapted for dating.

In total, there are more than 250 million questionnaires from around the world. The main feature of such sites is a convenient search system by age, gender, interests and other characteristics. Social networks do not have the same adaptation as dating sites, so if you do not want to do extra work, such sites are an excellent solution.

Registration usually does not take much time, you can log in through such popular resources as Facebook, Vkontakte or Google. Dating on Instagram is also gaining popularity. An important aspect is filling the profile, it should radiate "life", and not give the impression that it was created in a hurry.

badoo dating site
badoo dating site

What should a profile look like? 5

Here are some tips for those looking for a serious relationship. First, he must be open and friendly - nobody likes mysterious dark photos. Secondly, if the site has such features as adding music and videos, photo albums and communities, it should be visible to everyone. The girl will be interested to study your interests and only then answer.

The more photos, the more likely a positive answer is. Girls tend to be afraid of unfamiliar guys who want to "fit" into their lives. Photos will allow you to at least visually familiarize yourself with the user's life.

It's time to act6

You can take a long time to gain courage and try to answer the questions - how to meet girls on the Internet? But the most practical advice would be to take action. More than 6% of all married couples met on the Internet and are still happy together.

The Internet provides ample opportunities, including the ability to find a soul mate. Therefore, a man needs to focus on his goal and try out different dating resources - if it doesn’t work on social networks, then it will probably work out in “Tindere” or “Badoo”.

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