Signs Of Falling In Love In Men And Women: How To Understand That They Are In Love With You

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Signs Of Falling In Love In Men And Women: How To Understand That They Are In Love With You
Signs Of Falling In Love In Men And Women: How To Understand That They Are In Love With You

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Signs of falling in love
Signs of falling in love

Falling in love, first feelings, tender and timid looks. Each individual can talk for hours about the very first and sincere feelings, about the closest and most desirable person who was near or, alas, ignored. Everything begins with love, and ends with love. From the greatest and brightest feeling, new people appear, reckless acts are done, fatal mistakes are made, and sometimes wars break out. Is it possible to disassemble it into its components in order to understand the signs of falling in love in men and women? Are they so objective and universal for everyone? More about this in the article.

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  • 1 What is the difference between love and being in love
  • 2 Falling in love or mental disorder?
  • 3 I'm in love with you … in a different way
  • 4 Signs of falling in love in men
  • 5 Signs of falling in love in women

What is the difference between love and being in love

If we talk about the difference between falling in love and love, then the first in psychology is divided into easy infatuation and romantic attachment. It is not difficult to guess that in the case when love is in the nature of infatuation, the physical component of the external image of the beloved or beloved is taken first. The animal desire to physically own the object of hobby and the absence or minimal amount of frankness, trust, sincerity, understanding turns an easy hobby into a desire to be in the same bed with a loved one.

The likelihood that the relationship will then begin to fade is almost 100%. From the point of view of psychologists, romantic falling in love is more focused on the inner qualities of a loved one. These can be general hobbies, views of the world or events, an attractive inner world and everything that is inner that is hidden behind the outer shell.

Such feelings are more suitable for creating a long-term relationship that will go through all obstacles and obstacles and turn into love. New research in the field of falling in love has shown that for the moment when a person realizes that he has fallen in love, it takes 0.15 seconds. At this moment, a cocktail of hormones is thrown into the bloodstream, a state of goodness and euphoria sets in. This is the case for a beginner who tries drugs for the first time.

Falling in love or mental disorder? 2

Anyone who has experienced falling in love or suffered from unrequited feelings, probably more than once caught himself thinking about mental illness or the development of manic dependence on the object. This is partly true! No matter how strange and frightening it may sound, psychotherapists, examining the chemical reactions in lovers, compared the indicators with patients who are being treated in a mental hospital.

Judging by the signs of a man in love, love resembles drug addiction and neurotic disorders. How not to get upset with unrequited love or stay awake at night if the object of passion pays no attention and spends time with others? No matter how frightening the conclusions of doctors sound, everyone wants to feel at absolutely any age on themselves all the signs of falling in love and plunge into the world of sweet dreams and dreams.

frog with heart
frog with heart

I'm in love with you … in a different way__8230

Passionate love or light romantic affection in men and women is different. Both sexes are united only by the same vulnerability to cupid arrows. It is incorrect to compare the psychology of love in men and women. It's like two worlds, two galaxies with their own rules and views, different goals and ways to achieve them. Can men and women not only love in their own way, but also fall in love in different ways? Here's what popular psychological publications have to say about how men and women in love behave:

  1. Men give in to hobbies more easily. This is survey data. It is not reliably clear what underlies such a behavior model. Perhaps, the difference in the perception of relationships and the prevailing moral foundations about the fact that a man can be a womanizer, and a train of her past lovers and the solemn title of a bad woman from neighbors and grandmothers on benches, will stick to a woman forever.
  2. Women are more likely to talk about falling in love. Men are harsh and not used to talking about feelings once again, especially if they are not. Lovely ladies always like to concretize and arrange everything and everyone in their places, wrapping feelings in the right packaging and sticking all possible labels on them.
  3. Men fall in love with several. There is nothing to comment on here! At the heart of falling in love is the desire to master physically, why not master all the beautiful and accessible?
  4. Men quickly fall in love and quickly cool down, especially if the girl is in no hurry to show sympathy in return. While the woman will endow the new lover with amazing qualities - the powerful of this world will already look after the second or third victim of love.
Signs of falling in love
Signs of falling in love

Because of such a difference in the psychology of feelings of men and women, it is impossible to distinguish common signs of falling in love. The two worlds intersect in the plane of love, but the perception of the surrounding reality and the view of gender relations are too different to consider them together. Relationships can be together, but common views on things still need to work hard to find.

Signs of falling in love in men3

Often, after a certain time spent together or after a common successful business, a girl begins to think about whether a man is in love with her? If there is interest in it, then the question becomes even more relevant. How to recognize the feelings of a man in love, even if he is the most severe and stingy with emotions, a representative of the strong half of humanity.

Before moving on to the features of behavior, one should not forget that a person will be given non-verbal signs. With the proper level of care, it is they who will tell whether the guy is in love or not:

  • a direct look into the eyes of a woman;
  • dilated pupils;
  • the body is fully turned towards the interlocutor or the object of affection;
  • the gaze slides to the lips and quickly returns to the eyes;
  • the eyes express sincere affection, and a slight half-smile does not leave the face;
  • light touches;
  • changes in tone of voice.
Signs of falling in love
Signs of falling in love

When a woman suspects that a man is in love, you need to pay attention to such simple signs that have long been known to everyone, but which are often forgotten. You can control speech, choose every word, try to restrain emotions. You will not be able to deceive nature and not relax even for a few seconds, looking at the person you like.

Now in more detail about the behavior of a man in love and the signs of his feelings:

  1. External gloss. When an object of sympathy appears on the horizon and you need to attract the attention of a female, what do males of all kinds do? Bring themselves into the most beautiful appearance! Men do the same: they unconsciously straighten their tie, tug at their jacket, and straighten their watches. This also includes an unexpected change in style or a suddenly awakened love for new image details of the image.
  2. A sudden gentleman wakes up in the most notorious bully. Each man acts in his own way in showing care and attention to the lady of the heart. Helps to open the door, bring folders with documents, make a sudden compliment, give an unusual souvenir. It all depends on imagination and material well-being. The ultimate goal is the same, as in the animal kingdom, to prove to a woman that he is the most worthy and attentive.
  3. The manner of communication is changing. Previously, constantly in conversations there were greasy jokes on the topic of relationships with women, but now the first joker suddenly began to shy away from companies and be more silent? 100% of Cupid's arrows flew to his heart.
  4. More personal, less general. Gradually and carefully, a man begins to ask personal questions, take an interest in free time, relationships, problems.
egg in love
egg in love
  1. He tries to show his best side, tells a lot about his personal experience. We are so conceived by nature that we do not even strive to approach those whom we do not trust and sincerely do not sympathize with. If you started talking about the personal, there are two options: the person just needs to speak out or he is in love and wants to open up to the one he trusts.
  2. Smile. Yes, it’s so simple, a smile that doesn’t leave your face will betray love in a 15-year-old boy and a man three times his age. Silly and unreasonable euphoria haunts lovers at first, until the relationship moves to a new level.

Signs of falling in love in women4

How to understand that a woman is in love? There is no simpler task! It blooms, blooms like a flower after hibernation, comes to life and begins to exude rays of inner radiance and harmony everywhere. It is worth remembering the heroine of Alice Freundlich in "Office Romance" for a vivid example at the moment when she marches victoriously in the team and everyone looks in amazement at her amazing transformation into a woman.

At any age, a girl or an adult lady is given out happy eyes and rosy cheeks from excitement. At the moment when a special man appears, one wants not only to know that he is, but to attract attention, to be the first among all women, to become special for him. Nature has prepared a couple of non-verbal techniques for women, which can be used to signal a partner about sympathy:

frog with heart
frog with heart
  • shooting eyes towards the man you like;
  • flat back and as prominent chest as possible;
  • light half-smile, eyebrow play while talking, lip biting;
  • smoothing hair;
  • decrease in the timbre of the voice;
  • loud laughter along with a look directed towards the object of love.

Now in more detail about what love gives out in a woman:

  1. Perfect appearance. Getting ready to go to work or school has never been so exciting. Find the perfect outfit, lipstick, accessories and all in order to please one and only.
  2. Absentmindedness of thoughts and lack of concentration on one thing give out the romantic mood of a woman with her head. Constant dreams, distracted thoughts, reasoning about relationships and the qualities of a partner take too long. Even the most punctual becomes forgetful and inattentive if next to her there is an object of girlish dreams.
  3. The figure becomes sophisticated. They lose weight from nerves. From falling in love, women also lose weight! This is a positive moment in the relationship from which the girl begins to feel even more confident. Falling in love is always manifested by the desire to improve the body and become even more attractive, go in for sports, go to beauty procedures.
  4. Femininity wakes up. A woman is not always ready to shower those around her with rays of love and tenderness. With the appearance on the horizon of a potential lover, not only external beauty wakes up, but also tenderness, care, emotionality, kindness, gentleness. Even the most uncompromising lady becomes affectionate and kind with a sweet smile on her face and love for every living being around.
  5. There is a desire to please, new interests and hobbies. If a woman suddenly wakes up interest in the internal structure of cars or in sports matches, cooking from those who used to walk past the kitchen is in love.
Signs of falling in love
Signs of falling in love
  1. There are no other men around anymore. If earlier there was flirting, dating, coquetry and crowds of enthusiastic suitors delighted with compliments and gifts, with the appearance of an object of love in life, this begins to annoy. I don't want anything else but attention from a loved one, his words, looks, touches, kisses.
  2. Modesty. In the most lively woman, who has always been a shirt-guy for the whole team and openly went into conflicts, resolved controversial situations, did not hesitate to use a strong word in a conversation with colleagues, natural modesty wakes up. She becomes quiet, shy, mysterious. Such changes cannot be overlooked!

There is nothing more beautiful than falling in love. Euphoria and emotions, which now can give one fleeting glance, which deprives sleep and appetite for a long time. There is no unequivocal answer to the question of what signs of falling in love exist. As Elchin Safarli wrote: “… falling in love is always a lot of joy. You do not think how and how your relationship will end, you refuse to analyze their course and consequences. You feel good, easy and happy, that's what is most important! " What else to add?

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