Why Don't Men Like Smart Women And Why Are They Often Single?

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Why Don't Men Like Smart Women And Why Are They Often Single?
Why Don't Men Like Smart Women And Why Are They Often Single?

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a smart girl
a smart girl

As paradoxical as it may sound, the fact remains. In most cases, the smarter a woman is, the more likely she is to spend her life alone. Oddly enough, most men prefer to see in their spouse, if not a completely amorphous Barbie doll, then at least a completely ordinary woman, whose IQ does not go off scale.

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  • 1 Understanding what is happening
  • 2 Life priorities
  • 3 Feeling superior
  • 4 Options for developing relationships
  • 5 Recognition of superiority
  • 6 Short-term relationship
  • 7 Instant break

So why is it so difficult for women with highly developed intelligence to find a life partner for themselves and what, in the first place, prevents them from creating strong family relationships.

Understanding what is happening i

Unlike an ordinary girl, who, like most lovely ladies, lives with emotions and does not really think about the reasons for what is happening, they do not perceive either falling in love or love as something inevitable. And if ordinary ladies call their feelings love at first sight or a spark that suddenly flared up, and none of them looks for reasons or pitfalls in what is happening, then everything is completely different with an intelligent woman.

This is not the case for women, whose intelligence is much higher than average. They know in advance all the reasons for what is happening. It's no secret for them that falling in love is mostly determined by a sudden outbreak of hormones and pheromones. In the same way, they are fully aware of the fact that soon all this will end and a simple guy with all his advantages and disadvantages will remain next to them.

Due to their understanding of what is happening, they examine their potential beloved in the literal sense of the word under a microscope, in the literal sense of the word. The most meticulous of them costs nothing to force a man to undergo a series of laboratory tests in order to make sure of his health, as well as to draw conclusions about heredity, planning the genetic health of future offspring.

It is unlikely that any of the men will like this formulation of the question. Therefore, it is very difficult for ladies with such requirements to find a life partner. The second, no less important question is that they themselves do not particularly strive for a lasting relationship, since they believe that mutual affection will prevent them from realizing their own plans.

Why smart girls are lonely
Why smart girls are lonely

Life priorities2

It is difficult to imagine an intelligent woman with an off-scale IQ who dreams of dedicating her entire life exclusively to her family - her husband and children. Cooking, washing, cleaning and caring for children is not all that such a lady dreams of. Most likely, completely different priorities will be placed for her in the first place. It can be a successful career, building your own business, scientific research, well, in general, almost everything, except for eternal pots, vacuum cleaner or diapers.

A real and rational perception of life allows such women to understand that love is a combination of habit, respect, mutual understanding and the willingness of partners to sacrifice their interests in some way for the sake of a spouse. And this will take away a large amount of her free time. Not every truly intelligent woman will agree to such self-sacrifice for the sake of an ephemeral and, for many of them, an unreal feeling of love.

Feeling superior3

In most cases, a sense of self-superiority is precisely the circumstance that prevents an intelligent woman from finding her love. After all, she knows everything and about everything, so in all matters she will feel that she is right. At the same time, he will always be able to correctly and scientifically substantiate it.

Dating a smart girl
Dating a smart girl

By nature, men need to dominate relationships. If they begin to feel like a second-class person in the society of the chosen one, they simply will not be enough for a long time. And here, unfortunately, no amount of love will help. Even the strongest love will wither under the constant pressure of a partner's superiority.

Relationship development options4

All of the above does not say unequivocally that a woman with a high intellectual level does not have the right to a happy personal life, or is guaranteed not to be able to build it. There are only three possible scenarios.

  1. The man recognizes her superiority
  2. After staying near her and, "plucking mind", he will leave
  3. He will end the relationship as soon as he realizes how smart a woman is.

Recognition of superiority5

In some cases, a smart woman has a clear chance for a happy personal life, but here a lot depends on her chosen one. If a man is ready to admit the complete domination of his chosen one and take on the lion's share of all the worries, from keeping up a joint life and ending with caring for joint children (when they appear), there are chances for a long and happy marriage. Indeed, in this case, the woman will not feel deprived of personal time and bound hand and foot.

Short-term relationship6

At first, a man likes the company of such an intelligent woman. He, like a sponge, absorbs the information received from her and, by and large, he himself grows near her as a person. But he is not at all ready to admit her complete dominance. This is the reason that such a relationship is short-lived and the couple will soon break up.

Relationship with a smart girl
Relationship with a smart girl

Instant Break7

Breaking up a relationship that hasn't really begun is an inevitable option in the love affairs of "too smart" women. None of them will be able to play the role of an ordinary simpleton who does not stand out from the crowd for a long time. Most men, as soon as they understand who they are actually dating, immediately initiate a break in the relationship.

Of course, all of the above should not be taken as inevitable. After all, every rule assumes there are exceptions. But, in general, the situation of personal relationships of women with a high IQ level looks like this.

Let's talk about codependency in relationships in the next article.

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