Forbes: The Richest People. History, Ups And Downs

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Forbes: The Richest People. History, Ups And Downs
Forbes: The Richest People. History, Ups And Downs
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forbes richest people
forbes richest people

The richest man in the world according to the magazine "Forbes" is Jeff Bezos at the moment. For the second year in a row, he overtakes Bill Gates in the ranking. The founder of Amazon, the largest online store in the world, has a net worth of $ 131 billion. The Forbes Richest People list appeared in 1917 and has become the most famous ranking of wealthy individuals in the world.

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In last year's edition, Jeff Bezos was the only one to surpass the $ 100 billion mark. Then he jumped to the leading position from the third position, which he occupied in 2017. Exactly 12 months ago, his property was listed at $ 112 billion. The bulk of the assets was a 16 percent stake in Amazon, founded in 1994.

Amazon has developed beautifully, as has the fortune of its creator. The last year has been the most successful for the American e-commerce giant. And this despite the fact that in the last half of the year, the value of Amazon shares began to decline from a record level in 2012. Now the giant's shares are still worth more than a year ago.

All this led to the fact that Jeff remained the leader in the ranking for the second year with his property of $ 131 billion, increasing his result by 19 billion last year.

In the case of Bezos, the main question now is whether his position on the new list will remain. On January 9, he announced on Twitter that he and his wife Mackenzie had decided to divorce after living together for a quarter of a century. It followed from the announcement that the separation would involve a division of property, but this does not negate the fact that the value of the property of the head of Amazon may again be as highly appreciated next year.

Bill Gates in second position

Bill Gates is still the second on the list. In the years 2001-2012, by that time it was he who was the first. His property was expressed in the amount of $ 96.5 billion, that is, $ 6.5 billion more than a year ago. He has served on Microsoft's board of directors continuously since 1975, but has focused on philanthropic work.

Bill Gate
Bill Gate

Bill Gate

The third position was taken by the famous exchange investor Warren Buffett, whose property value fell by $ 1.5 billion to $ 82.5 billion. His Berkshire Hathaway owns over 60 firms, including insurance company Geico, battery maker Duracell, and the Dairy Queen restaurant chain.

In the list of "Forbes" in 2019, 2135 billionaires are listed. Their number decreased by 55 people. Including all the properties listed, the listed fortune is $ 8.7 trillion. Compared to last year, this amount has decreased by 400 billion.

247 people who were in the 2018 edition dropped out of this list. This is more than in the 2009 edition, when the economic crisis was raging in the world. Most billionaires have appeared in the Asia-Pacific region, and most of all in China. Failures also occurred in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Billionaires arrived in America (USA and Brazil). In the United States alone, there are 609. In total, 195 new names have arrived on the list.

Of the top twenty of the richest, up to 14 people live in the United States. This year, Françoise Meyers became the richest female in the world, ranking 15th. In total, there are 243 women on the list.

Françoise Meyers
Françoise Meyers

Françoise Meyers

The emergence of a legend2

Forbes is a renowned American publisher. Issues are published every 14 days. Its main competitors in the national business magazine category are Fortune, which also publishes every two weeks, and Business Week. The magazine is known around the world for its rankings, including the lists of wealthy Americans (The Forbes 400) and lists of millionaires. The magazine's motto is "capitalist's tool".


Forbes, a former finance columnist and his partner Walter Dray, CEO of the Magazine of Wall Street, founded the magazine in 1917. Dray had experience in journalism. Its original name was Forbes. It was dedicated to people, what they do and what they achieve.

Dray became vice president of the company, while Forbes himself became editor-in-chief, remaining so until his death in 1954. Towards the end of his life, he was assisted by his two oldest children, Bruce (1916-1964) and Malcolm Stevenson (1917-1990).

Bruce began managing the magazine after the death of his father, and his strong point was the modernization of operations and business development. During his term in office, 1954-1964, the magazine's circulation doubled. The number of investors and the trust that gave him to the magazine increased.

Bertie Charles Forbes
Bertie Charles Forbes

Bertie Charles Forbes

When Malcolm Forbes took command, he had little or no involvement with ongoing operations, but introduced several strategic initiatives that changed Forbes forever. He gave up the use of independent journalists and published the first article with the list for which Forbes is now known.

After Malcolm's death, his eldest son Malcolm Stevenson Forbes Jr. (in 1947) became president of the firm. Between 1961 and 1999, the magazine was published by James Michaels. In 1993, under the command of Michaels, Forbes made it to the final

National Award. In 2006, major investors (along with rock star Bono) took part in the development of the company. The New York Times announced in 2009 that 40% of the firm had been sold for $ 300 million, announcing the company's value at $ 750 million.

Other publications4

Along with the main publication, Forbes Life was published, and it was published in Asia in eight issues in local languages. Steve Forbes and his writers gave advice on investing in a TV program weekly. They have collaborated with Fox, Forbes on Fox, and Forbes on Radio. There are also other groups of the company, such as Forbes Conference Group, Forbes Investment Advisory Group, Forbes Custom Media.

A 2009 report by The Times stated that: "Steve Forbes returned from the opening of Forbes magazine in India by increasing support from foreigners." In addition, this year the company began publishing Forbes Woman, a quarterly web-based magazine that accompanied the main publication.


In addition, the American Legacy magazine, co-founded with another firm, was also published, although it subsequently split from Forbes on May 14, 2007.

American Heritage and Invention & Technology were also printed. Unable to find an audience, Forbes suspended publications in these magazines starting May 14, 2007. These magazines were subsequently acquired by a third party company.


David Cherbak founded Forbes in 1996. He quickly caught the attention of journalists on the Internet. It also published articles about the richest people in Forbes. published information that this business site is the most visited in the world. The current president is James J. Spunfeller; editor Paul Maid; chief editor Karl Lavigne.

The website is a trusted resource for business leaders to provide current time reports, situational analyzes, tools and relevant communities, everything you need to be successful, profitable, invest, and have fun with money. in the pocket. also publishes letters, investments, luxury cars on Forbes Autos, edited by Matthew Paula, and has launched a luxury travel resource, Forbes Traveler, edited by J. Barry Golson, who was previously executive editor of Playboy and TV Guide, and chief editor of Yahoo! Internet Life, and Online Site Manager Best Of the Web.

Forbes is currently the oldest business magazine in the United States. To be on the Forbes list of the richest people is the dream of the biggest CEOs, businessmen, billionaires, celebrities and companies, they strive to have their names on the cover or on one of the endless lists (the best and largest in the world).

They are published every year. In addition, the credibility and content of its materials and reports have turned the magazine into a concentration of the world's most influential business, government and finance.


The magazine suffered greatly from the Great Depression, which once hit the country. In 1932, he was almost bankrupt - the ads were small, insignificant. In the late 1930s, the leader was counting on the help of his two eldest sons. It was a success that brought capital to reorganize the company.

Reporters and journalists were once mostly freelancers; magazine texts were drier, drier and more direct; their reporting has always been substantiated, supported by research. While the data was comprehensive, it garnered a lot of criticism. The executives went on to focus on the rich, showing that some highly respected companies had serious business problems.

In 1967, Malcolm hosted a party at his New Jersey home to mark the magazine's 50th anniversary. More than 500 heads of the largest American companies took part in it. Vice President Hubert Humphrey delivered a speech at the opening. At that time, the magazine was already influential.

Hubert Humphrey
Hubert Humphrey

Hubert Humphrey

Later, true to its principle of glorifying the rich and praising free enterprise, the magazine adopted the motto “The Capitalist Tool” and never tired of proclaiming that businessmen were the best way to solve people's problems and the government got in the way. In addition, the initiative turned out to be forward-looking, it made the magazine famous all over the world.

When Forbes 400, a special issue, was released in the fall of 1982, it ranked the 400 richest people in the United States. The name was inspired by the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, which could only accommodate 400 elite people. The release had an impact well above expectations.

Over the next years, Forbes 400 sold 100,000 copies at newsstands, three times more than regular editions. After this success, he began to create by-products: the richest athletes in sports, the wealthiest actors, the richest people in the country, and so on.

In 2002, the company went through brand licensing for local markets, Korean (2003), Chinese (2003), Israeli (2004), Polish (2004), Russian (2004) and Turkish (2005) issues appeared. All of these international publications contained about 40% of the content of the American edition and consisted of 60% of domestic material.

Beginning in 2005, FORBES began to focus on digital products and created The site has been designed specifically for buyers and lovers of premium cars; (released 2006), a travel website for the discerning and experienced traveler.

fall of Forbes
fall of Forbes

The other big news at the time was the release of Forbes Asia (September 5, 2005), targeting the influential and densely populated Asian region. Published in English twice a week, the Asian edition has a circulation of over 100,000 and has received over 6 million readers.

Shortly thereafter, in October 2007, the company released a women's magazine. The publications specifically targeted a female audience in addressing issues such as professional careers, leadership, health and success.

Other products released by the firm over the following years were related to local issues in Croatia (2008), Romania (2009), India (2009), Ukraine (2011) and Bulgaria (2011). In addition, Forbes Africa and Forbes Middle East (Middle East edition) were published. In 2017, the magazine celebrated 100 years with a special edition, which included ideas from the 100 greatest living minds in the business world over the next 100 years.

Forbes publication
Forbes publication

The magazine would not have received such recognition if not for its famous lists, published once a year. This is the largest list of billionaires in the world. Supported managers' success by publishing other important checklists.

And who is the richest woman in the world and how she got such a title, we read in our article further on the link.

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