Why Would America's Women Forgive Cheating? Poll Results

Why Would America's Women Forgive Cheating? Poll Results
Why Would America's Women Forgive Cheating? Poll Results

Video: Why Would America's Women Forgive Cheating? Poll Results

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Video: Forgiving Infidelity: The Gift of Forgiveness 2023, January
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More recently, psychotherapist Amy Hartstein decided to find out if her clients would have forgiven her betrayal of her husband, and what was worth undertaking for a spouse caught red-handed?

Amy was surprised by the answers. And the thing is that the overwhelming majority of married New Yorkers would “take pity” on their “repentant” lovers. This was confirmed by almost 82% of women. Among the reasons, not the least was the issue of maintaining the status of a married woman and the interests of children.

In addition, more than 60% of women said they would prefer to “forgive” or “not notice” infidelity if she and her husband own joint real estate or plan expensive education for their children.

By the way, a number of women (32%) would definitely forgive the chosen ones if they, in addition to repentance, presented them with a present: starting with flowers and ending with jewelry.

About 24% said that religious beliefs force them to forgive, and therefore treason would not be an exception. As the saying goes "who is sinless, let him throw the first stone."

But 12% of ladies would forgive their spouses because they are not sure of their attractiveness! So, many said that they had greatly recovered, and would understand their halves if they looked to the left.

A little more than 5% would not look at cheating just because they love their halves very much.

The most wonderful news for the stronger sex is that 3% of women would forgive cheating because they consider their husbands the most wonderful lovers in their lives. And only 9% of women would “slash off the shoulder” and forever put their husbands out the door. Yes, the spouses of such "callous" and "incomprehensible" beauties cannot be envied!

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