Truth And Fiction About The Beautiful Rich Life Of People. But On The Other Hand

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Truth And Fiction About The Beautiful Rich Life Of People. But On The Other Hand
Truth And Fiction About The Beautiful Rich Life Of People. But On The Other Hand
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In Russia, there is a rather low percentage of wealthy people, so many people make up legends about a beautiful, rich life. Of course, everyone wants to have billions on their account, spend fabulous money on houses, cars and entertainment.

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  • 2 The downside of a rich life
  • 3 Dangerous beautiful life
  • 4 How to achieve a rich life?

A person who, on average, earns about thirty to forty thousand rubles, believes that money is all that is needed for happiness. It is believed that money solves all problems, however, this is not entirely true. Today, we will try to dispel myths about a luxurious and fabulous life, and show the other side of the life of wealthy people.

Myths about a beautiful rich lifei

First, let's tell the truth about how the rich live. The most popular myths about luxury living are:

The rich always wear expensive outfits and diamond jewelry

Among society, there is an opinion that rich people always wear exclusively branded things, even when they go to throw out the trash. In fact, this is not the case. You can hardly see an oligarch who, going to the store or to a meeting with a child at school, puts on branded tight suits and jewelry worth millions of dollars.

Moreover, real rich people dress very simply, no pretentious outfits or insanely expensive diamonds in everyday life. Strict and practical outfits are what the real rich usually wear. As a rule, people who seek to show their wealth everywhere, putting on their most expensive things and accessories at any opportunity, are by no means as rich as they seem.

Often, the demonstration of their wealth is done in order to "show off" others. Psychologists call this "poverty syndrome" and say that this behavior is typical for people who initially had nothing.

The rich fly in private jets all the time

Another myth that wealthy people always and everywhere fly on their own planes. This is not entirely true. The wealthy can indeed afford to fly on a private plane, but in exceptional circumstances. More often than not, a successful person takes a private jet for urgent business matters. The stories about VIPs flying to the other side of the world to bring fresh fruit for breakfast are definitely fiction.

Rich life
Rich life

Successful people only eat in restaurants

People who make good money do not eat 24 hours a day in expensive restaurants. Typically, they can have a snack in the afternoon in a cafe, or have dinner with their family in a restaurant, but this does not happen every day. This is because often, the rich hire housekeepers who prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for the owners every day. Rich people do not feel the need to constantly visit a restaurant.

Rich people mostly rest, and employees work for them

A weekly vacation in the most expensive resorts in the world, such is the life of a rich man to ordinary people. However, this is another fiction. A person in a good condition works more than rests, like any normal citizen. Most of their time, businessmen and oligarchs give to work, because they understand that the more you work today, the more money you will receive tomorrow.

Even if a rich person has hundreds of employees under his supervision, he does not stop working. Do not forget that in order to run a company or enterprise, you need to make a lot of effort, mental work and energy. After all, the organization must function stably and make a profit.

The Other Side of a Rich Life2

A beautiful rich life is what about 70 percent of Russians aspire to, however, is it easy to be rich? Speaking about the luxurious life, most people imagine only one side of the coin: huge mansions, expensive cars and carefree pastime in the elite resorts of the world. However, everything is not as rosy as it seems at first glance.

The truth about a rich life
The truth about a rich life

In order to make a fortune, you need to work tirelessly, 24 hours a day. At the same time, it is often necessary to give up those things that play a big role in the life of every person, for example, a family.

It is difficult for a successful person to build relationships and start a family when he is at work all day and night. Not every partner will be satisfied with the fact that the other half prioritizes work, not family.

In addition, often, in order to achieve success and financial enrichment, you have to give up your principles. You may have to close your eyes to injustice and dishonor, or even show coolness and ruthlessness in order to gain benefits. Unfortunately, all this, in the future, leads to deformation of the personality, the person ceases to regret and pay attention to other people's problems.

With a good financial situation, the environment of a rich person changes dramatically. Most of the rich man's entourage is made up of hypocrites and sycophants, who, because of their commercialism, are ready for anything, as long as a rich acquaintance pays for everything.

The truth about the rich life of people
The truth about the rich life of people

Dangerous beautiful life3

Do not forget that a beautiful rich life can be dangerous. There will always be an envious person who wants to get a big sum from a rich man, in all possible ways. An ill-wisher can collect dirt on a rich man, followed by blackmail, or he can even commit a serious crime, for example, to kidnap a relative for the purpose of ransom. Unfortunately, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, in 2018 alone, 29,806 applications for kidnapping were registered, some of these crimes are related to ransom.

Despite all the disadvantages of a rich life, people still strive to get into a secular society.

How to achieve a rich life? 4

As you know, everything lies within the limits of human capabilities, which means that one has only to set the goal of getting rich, and then new prospects and opportunities may open up that will bring a person closer to a rich life. In order to become rich, you need to make a lot of effort and remember a number of rules.

  • Don't waste your time. Every minute of your life counts, so try to make good use of your time, work and rest in moderation.
  • Don't be lazy. Laziness is the main enemy of any successful person, the more you work, the more you get in return.
  • Improve yourself constantly. It is very important not to stand still and develop. It might be worth reading books about business or taking refresher courses.
  • Don't make unnecessary purchases. Make it a rule, before buying a thing, wait at least a day, if the next day the desire to buy this thing disappears, it means that it was just a fleeting weakness and nothing more.
How to live richly
How to live richly
  • Make useful contacts. Sometimes, a person whom you met by chance will help you in your most daring endeavors.
  • Look for new opportunities everywhere. Try to find benefit from any situation, treat everything as an opportunity to earn money in the future.

A beautiful rich life, the ultimate dream of many people, but do not rush to plunge into secular society, because the more successful and richer a person is, the more problems appear on the way. First of all, remember, despite your social status in society, remain a real person with a rich soul, not a wallet!

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