50 Shades Of Gray - Psychologist Reviews Of The Book

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50 Shades Of Gray - Psychologist Reviews Of The Book
50 Shades Of Gray - Psychologist Reviews Of The Book

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"50 shades of grey"
"50 shades of grey"

This trilogy has caused a real resonance, and it still cannot leave anyone indifferent. For those who, by incredible coincidence, do not know the plot, we will briefly describe: the successful handsome Christian Gray and the usual virgin girl Anastacia Steele enter into a BDSM relationship.

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  • 1 Overwhelming success and its dark side
  • 2 Characteristics of rapists
  • 3 Heavy burden of victims of violence and forced treatment
  • 4 Why are women so positive about the book?

Their twisted games are detailed in the book. Some fans of the book will have to come to terms with the fact that these people are not just in an equal relationship, including voluntary slavery, domination and submission - their connection can also be characterized as violence by one partner.

Overwhelming success and its dark side

Millions of women, when they read this work, themselves involuntarily wanted to be in Anastacia's place. For them, Christian is a kind of heartthrob and seducer. However, Ohio University researchers looked at this man's behavior from a different angle. They sought to prove that his behavior is the same as that of common rapists: he intimidates, threatens, isolates a subordinate, persecutes, humiliates, coerces sex, and oppresses mentally and physically.

The book has already become a cult, and has won tens of millions of fans around the world. In total, more than 70 million copies have been sold. This overwhelming success has transformed the publishing industry and inspired many couples to spice up their personal lives. The author of Fifty Shades wanted to create a love story with a touch of perversion.

However, researchers from the University of Bern argue that this seemingly harmless idea, and the way it was introduced, embellishes and romanticizes sexual bullying and humiliation, helps to normalize violence from one partner. Anastacia is far from a fictional character. She is one of 25% of women who have experienced sexual violence in a relationship.

Characteristics of rapists2

Why did the researchers think Christian was suppressing Anastacia? They highlighted the characteristics that speak of his unhealthy desire to subjugate and rule:

50 shades of grey
50 shades of grey
  • Intimidating verbal and non-verbal behavior (orders, threats, and punishment for disobedience);
  • Restriction from the outside world and social contacts;
  • Ignoring her requests to respect boundaries;
  • Compulsion to have sex, especially when he is angry;
  • Tracking the location of the partner.

“As you can see, all the characteristic features of rapists are clearly visible here. In view of the fact that Christian was presented to the world with an amazing appearance, work and multimillion-dollar wealth, no one sees that behind this ideal shell a typical criminal is hiding,”says Edward Bonomi, Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology.

Heavy burden of victims of violence and forced treatment3

This person controls Anastacia through sexual abuse. She has to endure bullying, she becomes suspicious and apathetic, as is the case with all women who have experienced similar experiences of coercion. She feels the constant threat and danger of her intimate integrity.

what is bdsm
what is bdsm

She has to be silent in order to keep the peace in the relationship, thereby losing her individuality. "Over time, Anastasia becomes powerless and trapped as her behavior becomes mechanized in response to Christian's abuse," Bonomi adds. This proves once again that a little pink dust in the eyes can radically change the opinion about a person, and not give out things as clear as day in him.

But what about a story about crazy love? Bonomi and his team analyzed all three books. Experts say that love is here as something in between and holds the story together. Indeed, who would be interested in reading about endless sex with whips and dirty insults? Make an analogy with porn.

If the video shows only a sexual relationship without a semantic load, after 10-20 minutes it is simply boring. Love in this book is like an engine that makes you read the work further. Indeed, no matter how perverted a person is in sex, it is important for him to experience not only a superficial feeling of satisfaction with carnal pleasures, but also to feel something sublime, even in such a mundane book.

about bdsm
about bdsm

Bonomi says: “What actually makes a difference whether there is love there or not? It is important that there is sexual abuse. And it should not be promoted by fictional characters with fictional feelings and contentment with the current state of affairs. In life, everything would be different. Unfortunately, in the modern world, violence against women is committed very often, so we have where to draw such harsh conclusions."

Why are women so positive about the book? 4

Sociologist Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D., has studied sex and relationships for decades. He teaches sociology in Seattle (ironically, Anastacia was from Seattle) and is also interested in popularizing abuse of women. Moreover, he did not understand why it was women who spoke so flatteringly about the work, where others like them were infringed on their rights and desires.

The sociologist suggests that this is due to the fact that Christian immediately attracted readers' favor with his appearance and success. If some Vasya from Khimki did the same, and not in an expensive suit, but in a crumpled T-shirt and tights, the same feminists would appear out of nowhere, and would start demanding lynching. But since the male image in the book appears as a standard, no one seeks to consider the spots on the sun that warms them.

bdsm sex
bdsm sex

Yes, gentlemen, we live in a world of double standards. If Christian had been a man of poor appearance and average income, interest in the book would have disappeared immediately. Tip for the future: Take off your rose-colored glasses when you want to give a clear assessment of what is happening. This article does not in any way devalue the success of this piece, and is not intended to judge the tastes of the fans. This is a call to look deeper, not to "eat" what you are given, but to consider the situation from different angles, and not just from the superficial.

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