Why Girls Become Lesbians. Types Of Lesbians

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Why Girls Become Lesbians. Types Of Lesbians
Why Girls Become Lesbians. Types Of Lesbians

Video: Why Girls Become Lesbians. Types Of Lesbians

Video: Why Girls Become Lesbians. Types Of Lesbians
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why girls become lesbians
why girls become lesbians

Recently, same-sex couples are gradually ceasing to seem like something strange and extraordinary. Girls read early and begin to realize that they are lesbians. Many famous women in Hollywood have begun to openly confess and talk about their same-sex relationships.

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  • 1 The reasons for the occurrence of intimacy between two women
  • 2 Kinds of lesbians
  • 3 How to distinguish a gay woman in a crowd

Lindsay Lohan has said many times that she is a lesbian, and the beauty of many children Angelina Jolie does not hide that she had sexual experience with women. Nevertheless, psychologists and scientists argue that only 2% of people in the world have congenital unconventional orientation.

Reasons for intimacy between two women

So why does love arise between girls? Biologist Satoshi Kanazawa, together with the London School of Economics, put forward the version that all women are genetically programmed to feel sexual attraction to each other.

Their research showed that among heterosexual women, one in four have ever had a lesbian relationship. Psychologists are less categorical on this issue and identify four reasons why girls love girls:

Television and film propaganda. Very often, young people become interested in same-sex love under the influence of the films and TV shows they have watched. Many girls tried kissing their girlfriends after the TaTu group gained popularity

And how much admiration there was after the infamous kiss of Britney Spears and Madonna. Therefore, same-sex love is often considered a form of sexual intercourse or a simple fashion trend. Interesting information on the topic of famous lesbians is already in our article!

  • Common curiosity. Women who love sexual experiments often decide on such an experience, just to make sure that everyone has tried everything in life.
  • Disappointment from previous relationships with the opposite sex. Sometimes, out of despair, girls think that only another woman can truly understand her. And that in same-sex relationships there will not be the same problems that happen in relationships with a man.
  • Dissatisfaction with sex life. Satisfying a woman is a difficult task, and therefore if a man cannot cope, girls feel that the other woman understands all women's needs better. It is known that lesbian sex is distinguished by its special tenderness, prolonged foreplay and many oral sex.
what are lesbians
what are lesbians

Kinds of lesbians2

In addition to those girls who decided to love lesbians out of curiosity or the desire to get new sensations, there are three types of lesbians:

  • Butch is usually a masculine lady with many masculine habits and manners. Usually prefers to wear a baggy type of clothing and a short haircut. Such women never hide their sexual orientation and do not hesitate to meet and flirt with female representatives.
  • Dyke - usually they carefully monitor their appearance and style, at work they prefer to appear in heels and long skirts. However, outside of work, they prefer formal suits, as well as denim and leather jackets worn over a T-shirt. They prefer to wear a fashionable short haircut, which, with its strict appearance, emphasizes its isolation from heterosexual girls.
  • Feminine lesbians or Fem - outwardly almost do not differ from ordinary heterosexual girls and therefore men from time to time try to get acquainted with them. However, the Femmes do not need male attention at all, they dream of falling into the soft female arms and gladly accept the courtship of Dykes and Buchas. Since outwardly, Pham usually plays the role of a follower in relations with other women, although she can often be seen flirting with other young ladies.
reasons for same-sex love women
reasons for same-sex love women

How to distinguish a gay woman in a crowd 3

Usually, girls who prefer sexual relations between girls meet in special bars and clubs. But, in order to distinguish each other in a crowd of heterosexual women, representatives of the LGBT community often use international symbols that mean gay. You can recognize a lesbian by the rainbow colors in clothes, for example, a rainbow-colored scarf.

The rainbow flag on one of the accessories or on the shoes is perceived by representatives of unconventional love, as a sign of distinguishing each other from the crowd. A keychain in the form of a "Mirror of Venus" - two symbols of Venus, united into one, shows the girl's belonging to a non-traditional sexual orientation.

If a girl wears a simple ring on her thumb and at the same time wears a short haircut, then rather it speaks of her belonging to the LGBT + movement. In 1980, when there were no official symbols and signs of the LGBT + movement, the United States and Germany came up with the idea of using the drawn black triangle as the identification mark of all homosexual women.

Why girls become lesbians
Why girls become lesbians

And about the first recognition of myself or how I became a lesbian, you can read in our article further on the link.

Now the black triangle is practically not used and this sign is extremely rare to be found on any woman.

Representatives of the LGBT community do not like when they are asked the question “why girls become lesbians,” the fact is that in the process of life the sexual orientation of some people can change, there are cases when lesbians returned to heterosexual relationships, started a family with a man and gave birth to children …

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