7 Qualities Of An Ideal Man - A List Compiled By Women

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7 Qualities Of An Ideal Man - A List Compiled By Women
7 Qualities Of An Ideal Man - A List Compiled By Women

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perfect man
perfect man

Every woman, starting with a little girl, draws in her imagination the ideal version of a boy (boy, man). In each case, he is purely individual. For some, this is a prince on a white horse, but for someone a knight in dark armor, or even a student of the wizard Merlin. Years go by, the image of an ideal life partner undergoes changes over time.

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  • 1 love
  • 2 Don't lie
  • 3 Be a reliable support
  • 4 Give her confidence and stability
  • 5 Be able to hear what she is silent about
  • 6 Give her attention
  • 7 Treat life with humor

However, there are several unchanged criteria that any woman pays attention to, regardless of her age. So what needs to be done in order to become an ideal for a lady. The rules are simple and there are seven of them.

Love i

Even the most seemingly tough and unapproachable business woman, “tearing apart” her business competitors, deep down dreams that you would love her (or even better just idolize) a man. What can we say about gentle and vulnerable ladies who adore tear melodramas and dressed in fashionable jumpsuit, Yorkshire Terrier. Do not hesitate to show a woman how important she is to you and how loved you are, and this will certainly return to you a hundredfold.

The most interesting thing is that a woman, like a small child, at a subconscious level feels a lie and you will not be able to play love by deceiving her. Of course, there are such cases in life. But, this is rather an exception to the rule. Feeling the falsity, the girl will withdraw into herself and restore the old relationship with her, most likely, will never work. The following is closely related to this point.

Don't lie2

He who lied once will certainly repeat the lie again. This truth is as old as the world and it will never be possible to refute it. At the same time, it does not matter at all whether you lied on trifles or deceived your woman in a serious life issue - trust will never return. No matter how you try to change the situation and bring everything back, there will be no turning back.

You have probably heard the expression "a lie for good" more than once. So, with cute and seemingly fragile and gentle ladies, such a number does not work either. They will bear the harsh truth much easier than even the sweetest lie. And if they catch you on it, then do not expect mercy.

Ideal guy
Ideal guy

Be a reliable support3

After reading this paragraph, you probably thought that we are talking about the fact that you have to provide her with untold riches, so that even Rockefeller would fall from envy, or become like the hero of Sylvester Stallone from "Rambo" in order to protect her from a dozen bandits attacked at once. Not at all, just be ready to listen to her when her heart is hard, to help with deeds or advice. Show her that you are completely interested in her problems, worries and worries.

No matter what happens, she should always be sure that with you she is like a stone wall, you will always help, and if you cannot directly help, then at least you will support, regret and console.

Give her confidence and stability 4

In any situation in life, a woman must be sure that she can rely on you. Never give her knowingly false hopes and promises. No one argues that there are situations in life when you seemed to be going to fulfill the promise made to your beloved, but for some promises completely beyond your control, you know for sure that you cannot do this.

In that case, don't even think to deceive her hopes. You're a man! Take courage and honestly (again, honesty) admit to her that you will not be able to fulfill the promise. Explain what is the reason, and even if the lady of your heart “puffs” her cheeks on you a little, then you will definitely be able to avoid a global catastrophe in the relationship.

But, in general, try to keep your word and think carefully about all your promises in advance. Especially those who do not directly depend on you. Also, do not forget that in a relationship it is you who, first of all, are the guarantor of stability and reliability.

Be able to hear what she is silent about 5

In vain, many men in conversation with a woman choose the tactic of “absence”. That is, when a lady enthusiastically tells something about herself. At best, they "switch" their thoughts to another wave, at worst - they even pick up a newspaper or open a laptop and with their whole appearance show that all the woman's conversations are completely indifferent to them. A woman will definitely not forgive you for such behavior.

How to be perfect for a girl
How to be perfect for a girl

Of course, no one says that you have to listen to her and her friend picking up new shoes for six hours in a row. But, to know how she lives, what her interests are, what worries and what interests her, you simply have to. If from time to time you yourself start a conversation on topics of interest to her, her heart will become one hundred percent yours.

Give her attention6

Numerous anecdotes tell stories about what awaits a husband who has forgotten about his wife's birthday, or who has forgotten to congratulate her on the anniversary of their acquaintance (first kiss, going to a cafe, dating under the moon). In general, with any date that she considers important to herself.

Do not repeat the sad experiences of the heroes of humorous stories and their mistakes. In most cases, this is fraught with serious consequences for the relationship. If your memory is not very good, to put it mildly, add reminders of the "red calendar numbers" to your phone. This will save you from many quarrels and scandals.

Treat life with humor 7

Whatever may be said about the fact that women love serious and respectable "men", in practice everything looks quite different. No matter how ideal you are, if a lady constantly feels melancholy and boredom, she will not last long.

Ideal man
Ideal man

Even the fabulous Malvina did not like the relationship with the sad Pierrot, who preferred to change her “eternally suffering” admirer for the cheerful and slightly eccentric merry fellow Buratino. Life is not an easy thing anyway. Give a woman happiness and fun and she will appreciate it one hundred percent.

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