How To Cheer Yourself Up When You're Sad? Psychologist's Advice

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How To Cheer Yourself Up When You're Sad? Psychologist's Advice
How To Cheer Yourself Up When You're Sad? Psychologist's Advice

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How to cheer yourself up
How to cheer yourself up

It's important to know how to cheer yourself up if things don't go well and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. There are many ways that you can quickly raise your mood, but to achieve permanent balance, you need to conduct psychological tests, find a deep-seated problem and solve it.

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  • 1 Common Causes of Bad Mood
  • 2 How to cheer up and save a dull day
  • 3 Do I need to drink vitamins?
  • 4 Quick Ways to Boost Your Mood
  • 5 How celebrities dealt with depression
  • 6 Simple Joys to Improve Mood
  • 7 How to improve the mood of a creative person
  • 8 Interesting Facts About Human Mood
  • 9 Emotional states in psychology
  • 10 What did the Great Ones say about a person's mood?

Common Causes of Bad Moodi

Before you figure out how to cheer yourself up, you need to understand the reasons. Sharp outbursts of ill health and mood are typical for men, however, sometimes women allow themselves to rebel. If the negative persists for a long time, you need to work on yourself so that those around you can again see a pleasant and sociable person.

One of the obvious and common reasons for a bad mood is guilt. A perfect offense, even a small one, unsettles a conscientious person for a long time. In this case, it is important to know how to cheer yourself up so as not to be tormented by pangs of conscience for too long. The best option is to do everything possible in order to correct the current situation, to compensate for the damage caused.

Also, minor life troubles, resentment against friends and relatives can greatly spoil the mood of a man or woman. Everyone knows the feeling when you can get depressed even because of a mere trifle. Such a mood may "speak" of the accumulation of too many resentments and misunderstandings, which is why a breakdown occurs.

The mood can spoil even when the girl posted wonderful photos from her vacation on Instagram, but no one responded to them. In fact, there is a place to be dissatisfied with one's own life, because such a trifle will not unsettle a satisfied and self-confident person.

Burnout caused by a huge number of cases and complex tasks can also unsettle a person. If there is only one task, then the girl or man finds the strength to complete it, but when there is too much to do, the plan gets lost and dissatisfaction with oneself grows.

An equally common reason for dissatisfaction with one's own life and a bad mood is "living in the past" and unwillingness to return to the present. Most often, this is done by girls who have parted with a loved one.

How to cheer up and save a dull day2

All methods that can be used to raise the mood are divided into three groups - emotional, when a person does something to evoke emotions and relax, psychological and physical, by which we can mean any physical action - eating, walking, working out in the gym or even sex with a loved one.

The most effective can be called the physical method, physical activity works almost always. However, not every person is able to force himself to get off the couch and start doing something, especially if the mood is not the most rosy. There have been many studies and experiments, during which experts have proven that sports and any physical activity have a positive effect on mood.

how you can improve your mood
how you can improve your mood

A man or woman who has a long-term partner can also choose another type of physical activity - sex. Having tried a couple of new poses, you can not only improve your well-being, but also achieve increased love, make relationships stronger.

If you feel a deterioration in your mood, you should quickly put on a sports uniform and run a couple of circles around the house. If this is not possible, you can always leave the children to your husband for an hour or two and go shopping, or put things in order in the kitchen - such physical activity is also fine.

Do I need to drink vitamins? 3

If depression is prolonged, the reason may be a banal lack of vitamins. It is very simple to solve this situation - you just need to consult a doctor and purchase a suitable multi-complex.

how to improve your mood
how to improve your mood

This is especially important for residents of northern cities, those where the sun is almost never shown. A bad mood can be triggered by a lack of vitamins D, C, A and E. However, you should not prescribe them yourself, to make sure that the reason for a bad mood lies precisely in a lack of vitamins, you should be tested.

The best dietary supplement is blueberries, available over the counter.

Fast ways to lift your mood4

The easiest way to quickly become cheerful and cheerful is to turn on your favorite music. In advance, you can compose a playlist of charging tracks. You can combine the two methods and go for a run by putting headphones in your ears with invigorating, energetic music.

If a difficult situation has arisen in life, the support of loved ones may be required. Calling a friend or relative is one option to quickly improve your mood. Social interactions make people happy, and loneliness is depressing.

Other quick options for improving your mood are to set simple goals and reach them quickly, or watch a good movie, read an interesting book.

ways to cheer yourself up
ways to cheer yourself up

Ordering delicious food from a restaurant to your home can also quickly improve your well-being, without even having to strain. You can also search the Internet for funny pictures and videos, read anecdotes and find any other reason to laugh.

How celebrities dealt with depression5

The book - biography "Lincoln Melancholy" describes two of the biggest depressions of the president, the first happened at the age of 26, and the second at 31. During one of these depressions, Lincoln expressed various suicidal thoughts, and this frightened his close friends so much that they even put the caretakers at the door.

Some acquaintances have noted that when Lincoln passes by, melancholy and despondency literally oozed out of him. To cope with this condition, the president read funny texts.

The great depression also overtook the famous artist - Georgia O Keefe. When the woman turned 46, she was even taken to a New York hospital with symptoms of anxiety and depression. During this breakdown, the artist did not sleep or eat. Despite the fact that treatment in the hospital did not help Georgia, she found her own way to cope with depression and began to travel.

tips on how to cheer yourself up
tips on how to cheer yourself up

American psychologist William James, despite his impeccable consultations, himself suffered from depression, and even thought about suicide. The psychologist was saved only by the philosophy of pragmatism.

Simple Joys to Improve Mood6

Each person decides for himself - to be sad, or to cheer up by any means. Fortunately, there are many different options for quickly improving your condition without spending any money or a lot of energy.

The simplest options: watch an interesting and funny video, read your favorite book, cook a tasty and favorite dish, or please yourself with some little thing for 100-200 rubles.

If you managed to stay at home alone, you can perform an incendiary song, dance. Both men and girls can watch a good movie, play with a cat or dog, make aromatic tea and put on a beautiful suit to work.

cheer yourself up
cheer yourself up

Intimacy between partners, if they love each other, also improves mood and sense of self.

How to improve the mood of a creative person7

It may seem trite, but a person who loves to write books, compose music or paint pictures, it is enough just to do what he loves. If you don't want to go outside and merge with a noisy crowd, you can fully and completely enjoy your stay at home, dance, turn up the music at full volume (but not so loudly that neighbors start knocking on the pipes), or make your friends nice hand-made gifts …

But, doing creativity, it is important not to forget to straighten your back. Walking with a straight back is necessary not only from a visual point of view, but also for convenience, as well as to avoid curvature of the spine, which in part can also have a negative effect on mood.

Interesting facts about human mood8

The season and the weather have a significant impact on a person's sense of self. When there is no sun for weeks, the content of vitamin D and some hormones in the body drops, which means that there is no good mood. Waking up on a cold day in a warm apartment, you want to stay under the covers and do nothing, but when the sun is shining brightly, a person rushes to the street, wants to walk, breathe fresh air, do some deeds.

cheer yourself up
cheer yourself up

The amount of sleep, the level of stress, life circumstances also have a significant effect, however, experts have found that, in general, our mood depends on the amount of certain hormones in the blood - endorphins, dopamine and serotonin.

Endorphins regulate a huge number of processes in the human body. First of all, they affect the metabolism, the immune system, help to strengthen and preserve memory. However, among other things, endorphins cause feelings of joy. The same hormone is the "culprit" of feelings of falling in love with another person. people who have a normal amount of endorphin feel joy every day, their life is filled with bright colors.

Another hormone is serotonin. Interestingly, people who are divided into pessimists and optimists, in fact, can all quickly switch roles if the amount of serotonin in the body changes. Pessimists often complain about poor sleep, decreased sexual activity, however, as soon as the level of the hormone rises, the situation quickly returns to normal.

To quickly raise the level of serotonin, you should adjust your diet, introduce chocolate, bananas, and dates into your diet. It is also worth taking care of lighting, using more lamps at home, or going outside more often in the sun.

How you can cheer yourself up
How you can cheer yourself up

The third important hormone is dopamine. With its lack, a person plunges into a stressful state. The decline occurs when doing unloved work, as well as a little sex and chocolate.

Emotional states in psychology9

Psychologists have found that different experiences that fill a person's soul are a representation of his emotional sphere. Nobody begins to hate or love just like that, all feelings are directed to one, specific object. Hormones and certain factors can affect a person's condition, but mood changes constantly. At the same time, it is important to understand that long-term, stable states are feelings. Short-term changes are understood as affects.

Both those and other states paint a person's life in certain shades, affect all areas.

By some signs, it is possible to distinguish a person's mood from other, stronger and deeper emotional states: the personal characteristics of the state, which depend not on external factors, but directly on the person, his attitude to the situation.

The mood may not be related to any particular situation. However, it manifests itself so strongly that it affects almost all spheres of life, and can greatly spoil the situation in the public, social sphere.

How to cheer yourself up
How to cheer yourself up

Mood is a whole fusion of different experiences and states. Even at one moment in time, emotions such as joy, sadness and irritation, and sometimes even hatred, can be combined in a person.

What did the Great Ones say about a person's mood? 10

Horace said that "Either you control your mood, or it controls yours." Spinoza had a similar opinion and believed that in order to succeed in everything in life, you need to start performing tasks in a good mood.

An interesting opinion was expressed by Thomas Jefferson, who said that generous and spiritual people who do not live long are often happier than those who live long, but at the same time are unhappy and do no good to anyone.

If a person becomes ill and sad, it is worth going outside, especially in sunny weather. Even Francesco Petrarca noticed the amazing changes that "only one ray of sunshine can create with a person."

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