How To Conquer A Worthy Man? Do You Want To Know? There Are Answers

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How To Conquer A Worthy Man? Do You Want To Know? There Are Answers
How To Conquer A Worthy Man? Do You Want To Know? There Are Answers

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First you need to decide who such a worthy man is. And the second question is how to find a worthy man and conquer him.

The content of the article

  • 1 What kind of women do they like
  • 2 A man of high dignity needs a woman who:
  • 3 What needs to be done to conquer a worthy man
  • 4 What not to do
  • 5 This must be remembered and never allowed:

It is quite understandable that the interpretation of different women will be completely different. A woman who suffers beatings from a roommate, who lives in constant humiliation, will consider someone a worthy man who will not chase her or drink in the trash. This is already enough to deify a male.

If a young lady grew up in a highly spiritual environment, then her definition of "a worthy man" includes a lot of concepts.

And yet, a worthy man is the one who, above all, is worthy of respect. In all respects. He knows how to be responsible for his actions and make decisions, he is a real defender and head of his family, he loves and respects a woman, respectful to old age and generous to the weak.

And now, how to conquer this?

What kind of women do they like i

First of all, you need to understand that if a man behaves with dignity, then generally accepted rules are valuable to him, he respects them, tries to adhere to them.

how to conquer a worthy man
how to conquer a worthy man

All this suggests that he will expect the same from his woman. No, a crazy, unpredictable lady can “blow off his head”, but very soon he will return to the one that corresponds to his spiritual level.

A man of high dignity needs a woman who: 2

  • interesting as a person. She must have her own interests, an area in which the lady has achieved something or achieves something. Such a woman will not dangle a weight around her beloved's neck, she cannot be pulled out of pity, it is always interesting to be with her;
  • self-sufficient person. A woman should not depend on anyone. Of course, it is very cool when a man keeps his beloved, however, a young man must be sure that his chosen one is not at all with him because of a tight wallet, and at any moment a lady can simply fly away if she is allowed to take liberties with her;
  • with a pleasant appearance. Not all women are born beauties, but only lazy ones do not become them. A well-groomed girl with a sports figure, thin make-up, dressed in a stylish outfit, is already impossibly good. And on the contrary - the most luxurious natural data can be "buried" under neglect, bad taste and laziness;
conquer a worthy man
conquer a worthy man
  • smart. No matter what anyone says, smart women are rarely alone. And their partners, as for selection, are almost always good. Just don't confuse an educated lady with a smart one. Subtracting square roots instantly does not mean instantly finding a subtle approach to a person and taking advantage of it wonderfully;
  • noticeable woman. "Gray mice" get decent men only when they part with their "mouse" image.

Such women are preferred by decent men. If you can safely be called that, then you have every chance of becoming a friend of one of these representatives. If not … it means that you will definitely become like that, because you were smart enough to see it. And a woman's mind is a great thing!

What you need to do to conquer a worthy man 3

And yet, one should not forget that a man, although worthy, is still a man. And Mother Physiology takes its toll. Therefore:

show him that you like him. Just don't do it in a shocking and defiant way. Hold your gaze on him, smile at his jokes, show signs of attention

conquer a decent guy
conquer a decent guy
  • always look great. Life, at times, throws up generous gifts, who knows, maybe a meeting with a loved one will happen in the most unexpected place;
  • a woman shouldn't be the first to date such a man. But to invite him to one of the others is a very good decision. For example, inviting several colleagues to your dacha with your beloved (if your beloved works with you) will be very cool. If your loved one is just from your company, you can invite all of your friends to go to the ski lodge, to the Rest House, go on a hike, that is, offer a place where you could be together;
  • try to touch him non-intrusively, pronounce his name more often, show that you respect him: “I heard Sergei said …”, “I did as Sergei said and …”;
  • Never be a "man in a skirt" with such a man. Give him the opportunity to be a man with you. And remember, a strong woman is a bait for gigolos and weaklings. Don't push your self-sufficiency.

What not to do4

It happens that women make such mistakes, after which the point of no return comes.

how to conquer a decent guy
how to conquer a decent guy

That is, one moment can turn a man away from her completely.

This must be remembered and never allowed: 5

  • do not know how to drink, do not grab a glass. Woman and alcohol are incompatible things. No, drunken aunts also snatch their feminine "social", but it can in no way be called a "worthy man";
  • don't be foul. Never!
  • a rough woman is half a man. Learn to be elegantly angry or not at all.
  • do not underestimate your self-esteem. Even if there is a real threat of losing this man, remember, you don't need him if you need to humiliate yourself in front of him;
  • do not burden the man with your problems. He himself will offer to solve them if he wants. If you don't want to, you can't force it.

That, in essence, is all the advice. If you do not know how to conquer a worthy man, remember the most important thing - you need to be a very desirable worthy woman.

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