How To Give Money To A Girl In An Original Way And Not Upset With A Gift?

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How To Give Money To A Girl In An Original Way And Not Upset With A Gift?
How To Give Money To A Girl In An Original Way And Not Upset With A Gift?

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How to give money in an original way
How to give money in an original way

Once upon a time it was considered bad form to give money: I did not want to think about a gift - they gave money, paid off. Times are changing and a gift in the form of money has become the norm, and for some people, the most desirable gift. There is nothing wrong with a "cash" gift, but if you want the gift to be remembered, you can come up with an original way of giving it. This is especially true for women who appreciate everything unusual and made especially for them. How to give money to a woman in an original way is not at all difficult to come up with: you can use ready-made options or come up with something yourself.

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  • 1 Gift cannot be offended
  • 2 Six important "Nos"
  • 3 Originality and practicality
  • 4 To make it beautiful
  • 5 Cabbage is never too much

Gift cannot be offended

You can put the comma in the title yourself, depending on how the woman treats the gift of money. You can find out this by carefully asking the closest circle (mother, grandmother, cat). The very inner circle can boldly and directly ask a woman what her (woman's) soul desires. There is nothing wrong with that. If the answer is: "Decide for yourself" - you can safely give money. Because this answer can be deciphered like this:

  • The desired gift is beyond the means of the donor, so there is no point in even voicing it.
  • It doesn't matter what they give, because "the person is happy - the person has everything."
  • There is no certainty, I want something that is not clear what (this often happens with women).

In order not to waste money on a perfect trifle, it is better to hand them over to the hero of the occasion and let her think herself what to do with them. This is better than forcing the poor girl to suffer, where to put the next vase or in which corner of the closet to shove a set of underwear stubbornly unwilling to fit on all the protruding parts of the body.

Six important "Nos" 2

There is no counting money from the wallet into the hands of the gifted lady. Nothing could be more stupid than languishing over bills in the midst of a celebration. It is also not worth reporting what amount was donated.

No, very extravagant ways of presenting with pranks, jokes and jokes. Only if the giving is a professional actor Comedy, and the woman is a great connoisseur of jokes on the verge of a foul. The stripper who brings the donated bills in his swimming trunks will be remembered for a long time primarily because of the feeling of awkwardness.

money as at
money as at

No, hints of hygiene. Do not hide bills in toilet paper, pads or other hygiene items. This is at least vulgar. It is clear that everyone knows about this, but there is no need to remind once again about the natural needs and characteristics of the body.

No, complicated origami from banknotes. Even if the donor himself is a master of this Japanese art, it is not a fact that the lucky owner of this extravaganza of intricately twisted bills loves to tinker with crumpled paper. Therefore, it is worth asking a question before starting to twist the next rosette of money: will a woman be happy to unfold them for several hours in a row before using the gift. And if the bills are damaged during the unwinding, it’s quite a disaster. In addition, after such tests, the pieces of paper look, to put it mildly, not very presentable.

No, old and worn bills. If it seems that their appearance speaks of a lot of experience - then it really seems. The shabby and well-worn appearance speaks only of the fact that they have been used repeatedly, their service life is coming to an end and they are about to leave the world of commodity and money circulation. Maybe even tomorrow they will fall apart from the friction of money in the wallet.

Originality and practicality3

What can you give a girl besides things and certificates? One of the ways to give money in an original way is to choose unusual packaging for them. And it is not necessary to come up with something extravagant. Sometimes, instead of a beautiful envelope, it is enough to use a box, a case for jewelry, a beautiful chest. And the packaging is beautiful, and you can use it on the farm.

If a woman is fond of something: she likes to do needlework, paint, dance, take pictures, then you can donate money in an object that is related to her hobby. Likes to sew - put money in a needle case, take pictures - in a mug in the form of a lens, a film box, a photo album. He is fond of drawing - a set of crayons, pencils, a box with watercolors. The choice of options is huge.

money as at
money as at

For those who like to spend everything at once, it may be useful to donate money in a piggy bank or an “emergency supply” in a frame under glass. Originality and practicality - it won't spend it right away and maybe learn to save.

You can make money rain. To do this, you will have to stock up on paper clips, decorative ribbons (fabric or paper), scotch tape and a beautiful umbrella, which can then be used as intended. First, the ribbons are attached with tape to the open umbrella from the inside. If possible, you can simply tie them on the knitting needles of the umbrella. It is better to make them of different lengths (from 40 cm to 100 cm) and tie them chaotically.

After that, bills are attached to some ribbons with paper clips and the umbrella is neatly folded. It is better to take thin metal paper clips or use small safety pins. If you want to create the illusion of real rain, you can pour sequins or confetti into a folded umbrella (the main thing is not to take them too small so that they can be easily removed from the floor, clothes and hairstyles).

Money as at
Money as at

To make it beautiful4

If you want the gift to be presented not only not usually, but also beautifully, you can use flowers, balloons, and even children's toys.

You do not need to twist money in the form of flowers, but it is quite possible to tie it with beautiful ribbons to the stems of flowers in a bouquet. You can hide money between flowers. The main thing is to make sure that they are found on time and by the person to whom they were intended.

Women who do not like cut flowers can be presented with a "money tree". Buy a flower in a pot and tie bills rolled into a tube to its leaves.

How to give money in an original way
How to give money in an original way

Thinking about how to give money to a woman in an original way, one should not forget about the balloons loved from childhood. Balloons are able to please not only children, but also adults, so using them as an unusual gift wrapping is quite appropriate even for aged people. You need to pour confetti into balloons and hide bills in them; instead of money, you can put fake bills in some balloons with wishes written on them. Then the balloons are inflated with helium or air and given to the woman.

Another unusual "packaging" for money can be a children's toy. This method can also be played in an interesting way. For example, if you know that a woman is saving up for something, you can choose a themed toy and put money in it. Saves up for a car - to give a toy car, dreams of a cruise on a liner - to give a boat, wants a purebred dog - a soft toy puppy with money "in his mouth". You can choose a toy-wish. A toy house - for money in the house, the game "Monopoly" - for business to flourish, etc.

How beautiful to give money
How beautiful to give money

There is never enough cabbage5

Money is sometimes called "cabbage", you can beat this speech turn and give money in a cabbage fork. The fork is cut in half, then the bills in separate bags (so that they do not suffer from moisture) are neatly placed between the sheets. After that, the halves of the fork are connected, wrapped in foil, you can add wrapping paper and a beautiful ribbon on top.

You can go even further in originality and place the banknotes in a three-liter jar with brine and the inscription "Spicy salted cabbage". Naturally, money needs to be secured from liquid ingress, so put the bills in a bag, rewind the bag with tape.

How beautiful to give money
How beautiful to give money

The choice of options for the original delivery of money is limited only by the giver's imagination. However, we must not forget that choosing “packaging” is not enough. Such a gift will be doubly valuable and will be remembered for a long time if you correctly beat its delivery. It is very good if you manage to pick up the appropriate verses, find or invent a beautiful legend on your own, or just say a sincere toast.

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