How To Make A Man Yours Forever: A Memo For A Lady

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How To Make A Man Yours Forever: A Memo For A Lady
How To Make A Man Yours Forever: A Memo For A Lady

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Agree, almost every woman, when a worthy man appears on the horizon, wants to be better than all his previous companions. Often this desire is so great that the representatives of the beautiful half of society, without realizing it, fall into the so-called "trap" of their efforts.

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Trying to please the desired man, some women come to the conclusion that they need to present themselves as quickly as possible on a silver platter. Like, look what kind of a hostess I am, how everything is cleaned with me, and always deliciously prepared … and I read books, and I go to three jobs …. and you will be with me like a stone wall!

And that, of course, becomes a cancerous mistake. In an attempt to prove all her uniqueness and indispensability, a woman forgets about the most important thing - about respect for herself, which is precisely to understand all her significance and value in the life of a man she likes. But what is the main thing for any man? Of course, fluffy pancakes and rich cabbage soup are out of competition, but who, after all, and when will bother and awaken his masculinity?

After all, only a woman, truly desired and understanding, can make her man believe in herself. It is with such a woman that a man will be truly happy! So how is it still necessary for a woman to make a man become her forever? For your attention the following recommendations:


Of course, a woman is obliged to support her man in all his endeavors. After all, it is not for nothing that the people say that behind every successful man there is a truly loving woman. The ability to support a man in difficult times, the ability not to impose your point of view at certain moments is more expensive than gold for any man.


A woman who respects her man, above all, respects herself. Recognition of his merits, a high assessment of his achievements (no matter whether it is a new position or a self-prepared breakfast), means a lot for representatives of the strong half of society.

How to conquer a man
How to conquer a man


It is very important for men to feel grateful for their attention or care. The methods of reward can be very different. The main thing for a woman is to do everything from the heart. After all, a sincere kiss or a strong hug is much better than a loud, but still deceitful and slightly feigned "thank you".

Even in the case when a man has done something from the category of exclusively male affairs (changed a light bulb, sharpened a knife or repaired a socket), he must be praised. Indeed, for a woman who knows how to express gratitude not only in words, but also in deed, any man is ready to do even more, as he clearly sees that his efforts do not pass simply.


Gratitude and praise are closely related to each other. But still, praise is a slightly separate concept. Admiration for your man, the ability to give a positive assessment of his actions in time - this is perhaps an incomplete, but quite a priority list of what every loving woman should be able to do.


Understanding 5

Everyone knows that any relationship is built on mutual understanding. Such an ability as the ability not only to take into account, but also to comprehend the point of view, position, as well as the interests of your man - first of all, is a sign of a worthy woman. The one who can not only understand her man, but also take his side, undoubtedly, is worthy of all colors and awards!


A woman who always wants her man is an incredibly wise woman. For her, in principle, there is no such thing as "conjugal duty". Indeed, the word "debt" in its essence indicates the presence of a certain compulsory obligation. If we translate literally and think more flatly, then in this case it turns out that a woman owes her man sex. Silly, isn't it?

A smart woman will not deny her chosen one in intimacy, inclining to the fact that she is not in the mood, has a headache, or simply because he "did not deserve". After all, a man should always feel like an alpha male. And the woman who simply “chops off” his desires, as they say, to nothing, risks very soon becoming the owner of proud and independent horns smoothly cutting over her crown.

How to make a man your own
How to make a man your own


And finally, let's remember the most important thing: every woman is obliged to constantly improve herself. After all, by and large, even the presence of a ring on the ring finger cannot be a guarantee that a man will not start looking to the left. After all, unfortunately, there are enough beautiful and smart, but still single women.

The fair half should not even forget about the appearance for a minute. A dirty dressing gown, unwashed hair, excessive hairiness - this is what, first of all, every self-respecting woman should forget once and for all.

The lady's efforts to look great in any situation, her appearance in general, as well as her demeanor are all highly valued in the world of men. Well, the enviable views from other representatives of the strong half of society, of course, from time to time are able to remind that there is a really worthy woman next to this man.

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