Features Of Feminine Guys: How Do They Behave?

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Features Of Feminine Guys: How Do They Behave?
Features Of Feminine Guys: How Do They Behave?
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painted man
painted man

Distinctive features are inherent in us genetically, why sometimes a guy behaves like a girl, how does he feel about him? In the modern information age, even the slightest discrepancy causes a lot of discussion. A person with views “not like everyone else” becomes a hero first in his yard, and thanks to television and the Internet, he reaches a new level of recognition.

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  • 1 We all came out of childhood
  • 2 Dusty Pages of History
  • 3 Every man for himself
  • 4 Crossdresser - a girl in a guy's body or vice versa
  • 5 Freak is a city crazy, outrageous lover
  • 6 Metrosexual is the most masculine type of the above
  • 7 Attention to detail
  • 8 Nature will not offend

We all came out of childhood

Having been born, the baby does not identify his belonging to one or another sex, although after the ninth week of pregnancy, you can already determine who will be born. It happens that the parents themselves confuse the psychological settings. For example, they were waiting for a guy, but they brought a girl from the hospital, the young father does not give up, the baby is given a male name, filled up with cars and pistols, brought up in Spartan conditions, and then they wonder why

Sasha or Zhenya won't get married. On the contrary, stories also happen, more often in families where women are in charge or there is no dad at all. Then the boy is cared for and cherished, instead of a football section, he is assigned to a music school, to a violin class. Of course, this does not mean that girls should only play with dolls, and all guys need to play a ball, but you should not impose their unrealized dreams on a fragile child's psyche.

Dusty Pages of History2

In the 18th - 19th centuries, little tomboys were under the care of mothers and nannies until about seven years of age. Therefore, in old photographs, it is not clear who is in front of us, a young fashionista or a cute dandy, both of them wore cute lace dresses. You could tell the gender by the hair. Girls did a straight parting, and the gentlemen combed their hair to the side.

They explained this by the fact that all babies are beautiful like angels and besides, it is more convenient for boys to pee in a dress, there is no need to unbutton anything. After eight years, the young men were already brought up by the governors, the children were taught military sciences and other male wisdom. Then all the frills were replaced with trousers and a camisole, so that it was more convenient to swing a saber and ride a horse. This fleeting fashion did not prevent the rise of great commanders and conquerors, and only the baptismal shirt remained from the boys' dresses.

There are several reasons why a guy behaves like a girl:

  • Physiological - hermaphrodite, a person with male and female genitals at the same time. The name itself comes from the merger of two ancient Greek names, Hermes and Aphrodite, according to legend, these are the parents of Hermaphrodite. This youth did not reciprocate to the young nymph and she asked the Almighty to make one of their bodies, apparently, the prayer was upstairs, because the desire was fulfilled. The undecided descendants of this strange pair are now walking around the planet. In the Middle Ages, such people were considered children of Satan, therefore they were put to death at the stake. Now times are less cruel, but if such a feature of the body is made public, it will be morally burned.
  • Psychological - everyone knows that healthy people are poorly examined, you never know who has any oddities, so long as they do not cause problems to others. Some men like to secretly try on girls' underwear, walking in heels, experiencing certain inconveniences in shoes of size 37, when socks are 43, and stockings excite everyone, even if they are worn on muscular, not depilated legs. Or just a young man loves to take care of himself, so carefully that he turns into an effeminate creature.
effeminate man
effeminate man

Intimate - a change in orientation to the opposite, also leaves an imprint on the behavior of the young man. Unlike active homosexuals, passive homosexuals try to imitate the weaker sex in everything. They put on tight clothes, change their gait, pull the vowels when talking, like a wolf from a fairy tale about kids change their voice to a higher one. For them, to be like a girl means to be desired and in demand. This disease or the costs of upbringing is not known until now. So many famous geniuses have preferred same-sex love that to call them sick is to question their normality

Material - all works are good when profits are paid. Not everyone is destined to become great actors, but creative ambitions need an outlet. Therefore, some male members dress up in sexy dresses to put on a show. The audience is bored without a dose of new emotions, bright costumes, erotic movements, everyone knows that they are not real women, but this is where the intrigue lies. Transform in such a way that visually it was not possible to determine the difference

Every man for himself3

In Russia, especially in small provincial cities, a guy who behaves like a girl will have a lot of problems, especially during his school years. The fate of the hunted outcast does not seem promising. Or, in addition to the feminine look, you will have to sign up for the martial arts section, otherwise bruises on your face will add sophistication to your makeup. We have heard about gender equality, but there are few supporters of innovative education. Therefore, if it is not possible to restrain internal inconsistencies, it is better to wait until the draft age so that the body becomes stronger and hardened by the difficulties of life. It must be understood that disagreements will arise not only among the young man, but also among the parents and the entire immediate environment.

guy freak
guy freak

Employees at work, neighbors in the yard, will whisper, point fingers, sympathetically nod their heads like Chinese dummies. The popularity will increase significantly if you get on a scandalous talk show, although now other topics are trending. For the hype, we can add that the hero became so due to the fact that he was not born from his own father, but from an accidental relationship with a bisexual neighbor. Then the rating is guaranteed. It would be nice if the received fee would be enough to buy housing in another city.

For what purpose, and what is the young adolescent guided by when he changes his lifestyle and habits? Or, seeing only female images in front of him, he does not recognize any other behavior than Mowgli who fell into a wolf pack. It is easiest to condemn, but sometimes a person himself suffers from the dilemma of who he should be. The subconscious is full of secrets, maybe in a previous life a respectable man was a dazzling beauty. During this coming to Earth, the body changed, but the consciousness remained the same.

Crossdresser - a girl in a guy's body or vice versa4

Cinema has released more than a dozen comedies on transvestism, but for people living against the laws of nature, this is a real tragedy. Many do not withstand psychological torment and commit suicide. Surgical intervention will help to solve the problem.

The first sex reassignment surgeries began in Denmark in 1931. Child artist Einar Magnus Andreas Wegener went through all the trials and became Lili Elbe. At first he tried to adapt, got married, arranged funny concerts with disguises, amused the guests, however, he remained an unhappy person, only the doctors saved him.

boy transgender
boy transgender

The transformation procedure is very long, it takes about two years to reprogram the body. For some, visual changes are not enough, they want to be women to the end, to have a child. But physiologically this is not always possible. Such a fate befell Lily, she died after the fifth operation, when they tried to implant her uterus.

Surprisingly, the artist's ex-wife supported him, she was always there, sharing his suffering. Unfortunately, modern medicine has not made much progress in solving this problem. Russia is a very conservative country and 93% of people with gender dysphoria face misunderstanding, aggression and violence. 34% do not have enough funds for medical intervention, and 54% end up with unqualified specialists. Even religion will not save, it refuses to carry out the baptism ceremony under a new name.

The main thing for transgender people is support, parents, friends, finding like-minded people, work and hobbies. Since they exist, it is foolish to ignore them. We have collected all the most important and interesting about transvestites in our next article.

Freak - city crazy, outrageous lover5

His goal is to shock others with his appearance or behavior. In principle, he is harmless: a guy dressed like a girl stands out from the crowd, and the brighter the outfit, the more interesting. An easy way to become popular, you can even find a job as a showman, take pictures with tourists for money. Usually, with age, the urge to change clothes passes or turns into other creative directions. It is unlikely that a cheerful grandfather disguised as a grandmother will meet.

guy girl freak
guy girl freak

There are, of course, fans who spend huge amounts of money on plastic surgery in order to become a double of a famous diva such as Madonna or Cher. The goal is still popularity, if they live in a provincial village where of all TV channels only Russia catches, they would not paint every morning, but learned to play the harmonica. The less you pay attention to them, the fewer there will be.

Metrosexual is the most masculine type of the above6

He looks like a model from the cover of women's magazines, light unshaven, stylish image, impeccable manicure. I want to cut out the picture and put it in my wallet, like a photo of a boyfriend. Outwardly, everything is perfect, you will not find fault, but girls do not like it when in the bathroom she has less skin care creams than his, and in the mirror there is only his reflection.

boy homosexual
boy homosexual

Fitness breakfasts, jogging, calorie counting, shopping, spa treatments - the girl feels the competition. All branches of her knowledge are busy, well, at least critical days remain. What to do now, where to go, go fishing or go to the football championship? It was easier for our parents, the family is the unit of society. The woman is the keeper of the hearth, creates comfort, brings up children, digs in the garden. A man is a breadwinner, working for wear and tear on the weekend, he goes to the garage to modernize a domestic car. The state issued an instruction for the correct life, and now, it feels like we downloaded this instruction from the Internet, and in Chinese.

Attention to detail7

Nothing arises from scratch, there are always "bells" that alert, it is important to notice them and talk to the child. It is not enough to hang a padlock on my mother’s wardrobe and cosmetic bag, the forbidden is even more interesting, it is better to sign up to an experienced psychologist.

Make the necessary tests, check the hormonal background, because human behavior depends on it. Boys should have about three times more androgens than girls, and endrogens just three times less, girls have the opposite.


The main owner of sexual desire is testosterone, in the body of a man, about seven milligrams of this substance are produced on average daily, against 0.5 in women. Everyone sees only the consequences, and the reasons are much deeper, therefore, a female approach to the problem is preferable, because men are more intemperate, it is difficult for them to accept that some kind of not such a child was born to them. Everyone will be to blame, even the nurse who mixed up the ribbon on the package in the maternity hospital and tied it with pink instead of blue.

On the other hand, it is also not worth throwing a tantrum over a son stained with lipstick. Children try this world for taste, color and smell, about the fact that in your parental minds a picture of an ideal offspring who graduated from university with honors and who works in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs they do not know.

Nature will not offend8

Sometimes a young man from birth has feminine facial features, an infantile character, he is sentimental and artistic, then the appearance leaves an imprint on the way of life. Many adult ladies prefer to have such naive young men as lovers, but they do not strongly resist, in every possible way supporting their psychological dependence. Such a game suits both partners, the guy - shod, dressed, fed, littered with expensive gadgets, madam - implements the excess maternal instinct.

The guy acts like a girl
The guy acts like a girl

In any case, it is at least not polite to insult or neglect a person just because he violates stereotypes generally accepted in society. Even if the son behaves like a daughter, do not turn away from him, because he has no one closer to you.

All about who transgender people are and what position they occupy in the world of genders can be found in our next article.

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