How To Get Acquainted On A Dating Site? 6 Tips

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How To Get Acquainted On A Dating Site? 6 Tips
How To Get Acquainted On A Dating Site? 6 Tips

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How to get acquainted on a dating site
How to get acquainted on a dating site

Many people use dating sites and applications; but not everyone succeeds in finding their love. Today we'll talk about how you need to act on such resources in order to achieve success.

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  • 1 Choosing the right site
  • 2 Safety factor
  • 3 How to fill out a profile
  • 4 Rules of success on dating sites. 6 valuable recommendations

Choosing the right site i

The virtual sea of ​​love can be very rough and difficult to navigate. According to rough estimates, there are about 5,000 dating sites in the world, and this number is increasing every year.

Therefore, the first thing to check is the credibility of the service. You should not rush into the pool with your head; do a little research first. Read how many people are registering on this resource; what reviews are available on the web. Take a good look at the privacy policy.

The presence of paid services on the site can also speak volumes. Pay sites usually have people signing up who are actually looking to date in real life. Free services tend to have more members signed up, which means more choice. However, this also creates certain conditions for risk - you can run into scammers or people with unhealthy motivation for dating.

Safety factor2

Keep in mind that most dating sites store many times more information about you than other dating sites. Firstly, on such resources, the profile is filled in in great detail. These sites are often asked to indicate the city in which you live, date of birth, marital status. The purpose of collecting information is to find the most suitable party for you; however, this fact does not exclude the risk of fraudsters using this information.

How to fill out profile 3

Now let's talk about how to fill out the questionnaire in order to start a dialogue with suitable candidates as soon as possible.

  • Write detailed and truthful information about yourself. Do not make the next issue of the district newspaper from the profile, but at the same time provide enough information. When users see only a photo in a profile, they immediately get the wrong impression of the owner of the profile.
  • Use upbeat vocabulary. Psychologists believe that certain words in a dating profile can make it more popular. For example, these are definitions such as "cheerful", "happy". Therefore, avoid overly harsh or critical statements, preferring more positive words and phrases.
How to get acquainted on a dating site
How to get acquainted on a dating site
  • Don't try to make the profile funny. Those jokes that your friends will appreciate over a glass of beer in the evening may seem completely unattractive in print. The same goes for sarcastic statements. Often people think that their profile on a website or social network looks very smart. Instead, other users see them as being boastful or angry. Valuable tip: After you've completed your profile, read it out loud.
  • Find worthy photos. Don't overload your profile too much. 4-5 high-quality shots are enough to impress. And yes, here it is quite possible to retouch them a little (of course, without fanaticism). This will make it easier to compete with the younger site residents. In this little deception, psychologists believe, there is nothing terrible - after all, we still show our true colors on a date. And many meetings are never scheduled for the simple reason that profile photos lose to other, more attractive, candidates.

The rules for success on dating sites. 6 valuable tips ___ 6

Now let's talk about the main thing: what should be the strategy of your behavior on such resources.

Meet on a dating site
Meet on a dating site
  • List your desired traits. Before you start, develop an action plan. What exactly are you looking for? Write a list of the potential partner's qualities, and then be as specific as possible. For example, you are looking for a childfree woman and this is critical to you. Write about it in your profile: indicate that a woman with one child or two will not suit you; on an equal footing, like the one who dreams of having children in the near future. It should be clear from your profile that you agree to deal exclusively with childfree and with no one else, so that there will be no further misunderstandings.
  • Register on several sites at the same time. Choose multiple sites - don't limit yourself to one resource. The fact is that these or those services often have a certain reputation. For example, it is believed that on the Tinder app, most users are not looking for long-term relationships. So you can use two or three sites at the same time to be able to find as many suitable options as possible.
  • Have patience. It is very easy to register on such a resource once, get disappointed and run away from there. There really aren't many worthy candidates on these sites. But still, they are: it is only important not to give up trying to find the right person with the motivation you need. Yes, it is impossible to open a dating site and immediately see an adequate, mentally mature person there. The problem is that you have to make an effort when searching. However, the end result will certainly satisfy you.
  • Think of the site as a giant database to explore. A big mistake is just clicking on different profiles and waiting for the weather by the sea, when a more or less decent dialogue starts with someone. The goal of modern dating resources is to find the most suitable match possible. Therefore, do not waste time looking at those profiles that do not suit you - it is better to pay attention to the profiles that best suit your wishes, and then choose the best of the best for yourself.
How to meet on a dating site
How to meet on a dating site
  • Set a time frame. Limit the total and daily time spent on the resource. For example, you can spend no more than 1-1.5 hours answering those interested. It is also useful to limit the time spent on the site in general. For example, take a couple of months for the entire casting process. If this strategy does not give the desired results, it is worth taking a break by deleting the profile. And then create a new profile.
  • Don't ignore the messages. If we are not talking about obscene and vulgar messages, then it is worth answering any messages. Even those that seem short and silly - like "How are you?" or "Hello!" After all, it is always difficult to start communication from the first minutes. Therefore, you should not show arrogance - it is better to respond to the one who took the initiative. And then look at the circumstances: whether this interlocutor is interesting to you or not.
Dating websites
Dating websites

And finally, one of the main points - give candidates a chance. Not everyone has enough eloquence and talent to express themselves in the epistolary genre. Therefore, a person may need a real meeting in order to communicate fully. But at the same time, pay attention to the seriousness of the intentions of a potential acquaintance. After all, if, for example, a girl offers to meet on the weekend, then cancels the meeting, and then tries to make an appointment again, most likely her intentions are not entirely clear. Maybe she is not free; or maybe he just leads you by the nose. Or if a man offers you a short 20 minute date in the evening, that also says a lot. So make only full appointments in decent public places (restaurants, cafes).

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