Why Doesn't A Girl Have A Boyfriend? What Is She Doing Wrong?

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Why Doesn't A Girl Have A Boyfriend? What Is She Doing Wrong?
Why Doesn't A Girl Have A Boyfriend? What Is She Doing Wrong?
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not ready for relationship
not ready for relationship

Often, especially for a very young girl, the question is very acute: what to do if you are not ready for a relationship?

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  • 1 Why are smart and cute often lonely for a long time?
  • 2 Will you get better if you give in to the courtship of someone you don't like?
  • 3 He was older than her …
  • 4 Or maybe just not ready for a relationship?
  • 5 Are relationships so important in life?
  • If you continue to be alone, everyone will think that no one pays attention to you, no one needs you.
  • You start a relationship just for the sake of having a boyfriend - it will be uncomfortable itself, and it’s not fair to him.
  • You will communicate with someone from time to time, not allowing easy relationships to turn into something more serious, again, only for the sake of maintaining your own image - in general, dirty fences will crawl that went from hand to hand.

And what about this situation? Where is the line between loneliness and freedom? When is it time to think, is everything okay with you?

Why are smart and cute people often alone for long periods of time? I

First love: Romeo and Juliet, Edward and Bella, Christian and Anastacia. Such bright and alluring images, it seems that everyone should have this. But here's sixteen, seventeen, eighteen … and nothing happens. School, exams, college entrance, sessions. It seems like your partners are just textbooks.

Panic attacks occur more and more often: maybe this is forever? Will no one ever pay attention? Maybe you are so scary or something is wrong? Although, the mirror seems to be telling the opposite. And, looking around, you can't help but notice how even frankly ugly girls run around on dates. What's going on?

Don't panic! This happens much more often than it might seem. Just looking at the pretty girls around who are not your friends, and whose life you can only judge by some fragmentary information, you can never say for sure whether they have regular boys. Especially if they have no one, and they put a lot of effort so that no one would guess about it.

To understand why this is happening, you must first figure out who can date a girl 15-17 years old. The same age. Anyone over 18 can face criminal liability if it comes to sex. Although the age of consent in Russia is 16 years old, out of harm's way with very young adult guys prefer not to mess with. And who will a peer pay attention to in the first place?

On one that will not cause him to be shy and inferiority complex. Guys at this age, despite their often rather self-confident appearance and emphatically "tough" behavior, are quite vulnerable and very dependent on the opinions of others. Only those who have no less striking qualities can try to care for a beautiful, bright, intelligent girl.

lonely girl who is she
lonely girl who is she

Well, or someone who lacks the mind to doubt himself. Have you noticed how often more than a mediocre kid is next to a really extraordinary girl? This happens when she prefers to be with at least someone, if only not alone. Only strong real feelings can make a normal guy take a chance and start showing interest in a bright and intelligent girl.

In any other case, he will prefer someone simpler. Moreover, at this age almost all girls become pretty - the law of nature.

What to do to the one who is already kind of ready for a relationship, and wants love, and there is emptiness around? The choice is not rich:

  • To be patient and wait until she grows up herself and, having overcome the eighteen-year milestone, will finally become interesting for those who are older and more confident, and their peers will grow up and become bolder.
  • Give in to the courtship of some confident guy who has slightly outstripped the monkey in intelligence.
  • Expect great, but pure love, which has no barriers.
if a girl is not ready for a relationship if a girl is not ready for a relationship
if a girl is not ready for a relationship if a girl is not ready for a relationship

Try, contrary to the law, to date someone much older

Is it better if you give in to the courtship of someone you don't like?

If it became completely unbearable to be alone: ​​all the girlfriends look sympathetically, the other girls around them - with superiority, then a decision may come to find at least some guy. It doesn't matter who and what he will be. As in the old song: “I blinded him from what was. And then, what was, then I fell in love."

Most often, you come across a not very smart, but quite nice specimen. On the contrary - smart, but not pretty almost never, since the smart is characterized by self-doubt. The fact that the guy will be handsome enough may well explain the choice for those around him.

A clever girl fell in love with a handsome moron. History is as old as the world. Public opinion will be quite satisfied. It will get easier for a short time. Everything seems to be like everyone else.

But very quickly problems of a different nature will begin. You know that there is nothing between you. In any case - from your side. And this pompous turkey considers himself irresistible. He will start to piss off extremely quickly.

reasons for a woman's loneliness
reasons for a woman's loneliness

There is nothing to talk to him about. It's good if you are at least somewhat interested in gadgets, clothes, gossip, cars. And if not? The feeling of one's own degradation from communication will appear very quickly. But that is not all. He will climb to kiss. Have you done this already?

Regardless of your answer, just imagine that other people's nasty lips cling to yours, and a foreign tongue sneaks into your mouth. Brrrr. And you will have to undergo this execution with enviable regularity. And that is not all. This baboon will want more for sure.

Of course, most likely, you will break at the first stage and get it off. But there is a chance that for the sake of your own image, you will try to go through the second. Especially if all your friends have been sleeping with guys for a long time, and you are still a virgin.

Do not do this! And it's not even about any moral considerations that sex with the unloved is wrong. This is fatal to your future sex life!

Lonely girl
Lonely girl
  • First, it will be disgusting, painful, disgusting and disgusting. After that, self-loathing will appear, since you are such a failure that you had to endure all this, and no one else wants you. This is a very dangerous path! This is how the wrong attitude towards yourself is formed, which can make you unconsciously choose the role of the victim for the rest of your life. Girls like moth light bulbs attract rapists, alcoholics, unbalanced assholes prone to violence. It is in this way that bright and intelligent women come to a broken trough with a drunken husband, who also beat them.
  • Secondly, physically you will not only feel nothing pleasant. It will hurt. Moreover, not only for the first time. And this is not the worst thing. The woman's psyche is very flexible, she protects her from such injuries. If you torture yourself by continuing to communicate and have sex with a person you don't like, you risk gradually developing in your subconscious the habit that such sex is the norm. And then, even after parting with him, in further relationships you risk finding considerable sexual problems. Normal sex will not satisfy. The usual element of violence against oneself will be needed. At best, this is the road to BDSM.
who is a lonely girl
who is a lonely girl

Third, there is another important reason not to even start. The younger you are now, the more relevant it is. When, finally, you can not stand it and leave this guy, he will not understand why. Therefore, he will inevitably begin to tell everyone that you are a frigid fool with whom it is impossible to communicate. Was it hard without a boyfriend? It will seem like flowers compared to what awaits you now

He was older than her … __8230

Of course, an affair with an adult, interesting in all respects, an experienced young man attracts many. It is much more interesting to communicate with him, he has some kind of experience behind him. Even if she is 15-16, and he is 19-20, the age difference, which in a few years will seem completely insignificant, is still very significant. In many ways, such a relationship is much more natural and safer than with a peer.

The adult partner has more experience, he is fully aware of the consequences of his actions and is ready to take responsibility for them. With him, there is much less chance of catching any infection, because he no longer strives to grab any opportunity to have sex anywhere and with anyone. He is much more serious about the risk of unwanted pregnancy. He will be much more beautiful to look after, he has more opportunities for this.

girl on a yellow background
girl on a yellow background

This relationship in many ways could have been better, more pleasant, more useful for the girl, if not for one "but". If the girl is not 16 years old, and the guy is over 18, then even if she herself wanted sex with him, and it becomes known about it, then he faces criminal liability.

The age of consent in Russia is 16 (in some regions it is lower). This is the age when the state established the girl's right to make an informed decision about the possibility of sex.

It is clear that many girls look much older than their age, and a young man is unlikely to ask her for a passport before going to bed. This approach, unfortunately, is fraught with not the most pleasant consequences.

It also happens that parents, having learned about their daughter's sexual relationship, report to the police. No matter how the girl is against this, her beloved cannot escape the responsibility. Therefore, for most, a relationship with a girl who is too young is an extra headache.

why are some girls lonely
why are some girls lonely

Better to wait a bit, grow up.

Or maybe just not ready for a relationship?

With your hand on your heart, alone with yourself, think carefully: do you really need it? Maybe a little more to stay in childhood?

If you do not pay attention to the fact that "everyone has boys", and frankly admit it, it often turns out that the girl is not really ready for a relationship yet. No, of course, sometimes you really want someone to accompany you home, give flowers, feed them ice cream, so that you can even kiss sometimes. But if you think about it, a relationship is always a responsibility.

It's not always about doing what you want. This is making time for someone, even when you need to learn lessons or want to read. Maybe you need to really relax and enjoy the freedom to control yourself?

single girls
single girls

Of course, when else to fall in love, if not at the age of 16-18? So fall in love! Just don't make love a chore. Nobody says that falling in love is wonderful because it gives a lot of good emotions by itself. Do you need commitments to someone now? Love, dream, fantasize!

It is not at all necessary that the subject of these dreams be near. In fairy tales, it's not for nothing that girls first dream of a handsome prince, but they find him only at the very end. Here you are - dream. Make plans. Come up with different scenarios. Choose your future. You should not get used to being content with what is nearby, instead of striving for a dream.

Why do you now waste time on some stupid classmate who you don't even really like, instead of getting ready to enter the most prestigious university and dreaming that someday you will meet HIM there. A real prince from your dreams. Maybe not there? Maybe you will travel a lot and find him far away?

Are relationships so important in life? 4

And suddenly, having got rid of the need to constantly strive to connect yourself with someone in a relationship, you suddenly find that you are better off being alone?

if a woman is not ready for a relationship if a girl is not ready for a relationship
if a woman is not ready for a relationship if a girl is not ready for a relationship

This does not mean that you can already start looking after a kitten in order to grow old surrounded only by representatives of the feline family.

Life for oneself, at least for several years, is very pleasant. Everyone doesn't have to be alone all the time. Light, light-hearted novels, flirting, even falling in love are very fun and romantic. Everything that classmates are now going through with teenagers of the same age will not run away. It will be possible to experience it later, only on a different level of possibilities and awareness.

The teenage experience can only interfere with feeling all the novelty of sensations from kissing, and from caresses, and from sex. At sixteen, of course, the body physiologically seems to be ready for sex, but it's not really mature yet. At eighteen or twenty, you already feel it differently, you feel differently.

When the consciousness is sufficiently formed and developed, one can surrender to sensations in a completely different way, to feel more subtleties, not to rush to grab everything at once. This is somewhat similar to the attitude towards wine: teenagers are interested in getting drunk, and adults - to enjoy the bouquet.

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