Several Ways To Make A Declaration Of Love For A Woman

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Several Ways To Make A Declaration Of Love For A Woman
Several Ways To Make A Declaration Of Love For A Woman

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Declaration of love for a woman
Declaration of love for a woman

Sometimes it is difficult for us to express our brightest feelings by looking directly into the eyes of a loved one. It would seem that men are considered a strong and decisive sex. But they also often have a stupor when it is necessary to report strong emotional experiences, even if they are very pleasant. Declaration of love for a woman is not an easy act that requires a deliberate plan of action and control over your emotions.

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  • 2 Dinner at a design restaurant
  • 3 Hike to the amusement park and walk in the park
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  • 8 Letter

By the way, talking about your feelings is necessary not only in the early stages of a relationship. In families where partners have coexisted for a long time in a single space, one should also remind each other of bright romantic feelings. Here everything can be even a little more complicated than during the first honest conversations, because people already know their chosen one one hundred percent.

Unexpectedly, original and most importantly, sincerely making a declaration of love to a woman dear to her heart is an art that requires careful attention and creative thinking.

Today we will outline 15 effective ways to say: "I love you." Prepare for your partner to react differently from what you imagine. Omitting the possibility of non-reciprocal love, just understand that we are all different and respond to such disturbing moments differently.

Romantic and simple

There are many ways to confess your love to a girl without resorting to overly creative and non-standard things.

Dinner in a designer restaurant2

By now, you’re probably thinking, "Ugh, how trivial these candlelight dinners of yours are." But no. A girl, no matter how kindly she is with male attention, always appreciates such intimate and romantic moments.

All young ladies understand that it takes a long time for a man to make a loud statement about his feelings about her. For the stronger sex, quite a lot of stress causes the need to think out, create and organize something lyrical. So pay attention to this good old way.

To show your interest and let the girl appreciate your efforts, choose a place and a table wisely. It's definitely not worth going to the first chain restaurant that comes across. Even if this is your favorite place, where you regularly stop for a bite to eat while walking along the city streets or after a hard day.

surprise a woman with a declaration of love
surprise a woman with a declaration of love

What should be guided by? Try to remember, girls usually talk about the places they would like to visit. Maybe the other day your beloved dropped the phrase that it would be great to stop by a restaurant on the thirtieth floor, where your friends were recently.

Think of places that are romantic and interesting in terms of design, presentation and atmosphere. It is best if you invite your darling to a candlelit dinner in a place made in warm or dark shades. Such interiors are capable of creating a special confidential atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.

As for the kitchen, it is better to rely on the preferences of your significant other. If she categorically does not accept eating meat, then you should not invite her to a restaurant where the chef's specialty is a medium-rare beef steak. It will be better if the cuisine is presented in a wide range with a European bias. Not every girl will want to absorb huge rolls with a guy she likes. Remember that in the first couple of relationships, girls are very embarrassed to eat in front of the object of love.

Hike to the amusement park and walk in the park3

If your meeting happened during a warm season, then a great idea for a sincere conversation about your feelings is a trip to an amusement park and a walk in a beautiful park.

about a declaration of love to a woman
about a declaration of love to a woman

What is the advantage of such an active date? First of all, roller coaster riding will bring you both a lot of positive emotions. During moments of joy and laughter, the human body produces the hormone of happiness - endorphin. That is, you will create a friendly atmosphere and good mood for your companion in advance.

Reason number two is physical contact and a sense of security. Girls are often afraid of extreme in any of its manifestations. On scary rides, a man will be able to prove himself as a caring companion. Just imagine how close a ride on a scary carousel will bring you, when a girl with her whole body presses against you at the moment of the greatest emotional experiences.

Why do you need to go to the park after the rides? Yes, it is in the forested area, and not in a good restaurant, that you can continue your sincere communication. After an emotional shake-up of such strength, it is very cool to share emotions with each other, to talk about your experiences and fears. A dialogue like this can bring two people closer together in minutes.

Sitting under a spreading birch, taking her hands in yours and looking straight into your eyes, talk about your love. A declaration of love to a woman does not always have to be accompanied by wide gestures and expensive dates. Most will appreciate the fiery impulse and the insinuating heart-to-heart talk. Such moments remain in the memory for life.

how to make a declaration of love for a woman
how to make a declaration of love for a woman


Another option for a declaration of love for a woman is to take her on a boat ride on a picturesque reservoir. Of course, this option, like the previous one, is designed for the warm season. Many parks provide rowboat and catamaran rental services. You'd better choose the first option, in which the girl will not perform any physical activity.

What is special about such an atmosphere? How is it different from a regular walk in the park? The fact is that water always has a calming effect on every person. Sailing on a flat water surface together can create a romantic and leisurely conversation. Lead to the topic smoothly. A woman needs to confess her love on time.

It is best if you can design your conversation in such a way that there are free minutes in it for quiet reflection and contemplation of the natural beauty. Often, girls intuitively predict that a guy is going to tell them about his quivering feelings. She also needs time to gather her thoughts, formulate an answer and not react chaotically and overly emotionally.

By the way, another nice bonus - the girl will be under your control in a certain area. Thus, you immediately cut off the opportunity to escape from answering questions. This advantage gives one hundred percent guarantee that you will be honestly admitted either in sympathy or indifference.

make a declaration of love for a woman
make a declaration of love for a woman

But you will definitely not be confused.

Unusual declarations of love5

If you want to make for a woman not just a romantic declaration of love, but to surprise her so much that she will definitely remember this day for her entire life, then the following tips are just for this case.

The only moment is to analyze the character and preferences of your soul mate. After all, not all people would like to be under the scrutiny of a huge number of people at the moment of recognition. There are girls who are able to appreciate a wide gesture in their direction. Some people feel uncomfortable when outsiders see the intimate details of their personal lives.

It seems to us that some unusual action towards the chosen one will only lead him to a state of delight and euphoria. In fact, most people tend to talk quietly about their feelings and emotions. The increased interest from the public does not always have a beneficial effect on further relationships.


how to confess to a woman in love
how to confess to a woman in love

When we watch American-made romantic melodramas, we often stumble upon moments where a handsome baseball captain, after winning a match, introduces his girlfriend to the whole stadium. Cameras are not pointing at her, they are shown on huge screens, where they usually write the score of the game.

In childhood, the vast majority of girls dream of such a beautiful and bright act addressed to them. In reality, such recognition is not at all difficult to organize. Even if the relationship with your beloved is not the first year, she will still blush and be delighted with the video about the two of you.

So, you have the right to order or make an unusual and creative video yourself. In it you can show all your creativity and imagination. You can shoot together with friends a small analogue of a short film. A simpler option is a presentation of beautiful pictures and joint photos, accompanied by romantic music and a soulful voice-over.

Where to showcase this masterpiece? The first option is to invite the girl to an evening show at the cinema and pay for the video to be shown before the film starts. She certainly won't expect this from you. This format of declaration of love to a woman is rarely used.

The second option is a sports match. Remember, there are always big screens on football or hockey rinks, where advertisements are shown, viewers and fans are shown, and the current score of the game is broadcast. To show your video on such a large-scale platform, you will have to spend a lot of effort, time and money. But the effect will definitely not be long in coming.

make a declaration of love to a woman
make a declaration of love to a woman

Option three, or the simplest, is renting a cinema for two. Do not be alarmed, there are small cozy cafes where you pay for the use of a separate room with a projector. Before or in the middle of a movie, ask for a video. The girl will be surprised, and, moreover, you will be away from prying eyes.


Forgotten Spanish classics - a serenade for the woman you love. Having shown your imagination, you can independently write a text that will tell exactly about your feelings and experiences. Popular lyric tracks both in Russian and in foreign languages ​​work well.

If you do not like to sing, then you can resort to the help of professional musicians. Here the question is already at your discretion - you discuss the format, costumes, situation, music.

Serenade is steadfastly associated with songs on a dark evening and always under the window. In modern life conditions, this is not always possible. A girl can live on the top floor of a nine-story building and is unlikely to hear a heartfelt melody.

How to get out of the situation? Climb to its windows on a special technique, which promises you huge costs for renting a lift. The option is much simpler and cheaper - a music show in a restaurant, park, apartment. Depending on the place, you negotiate with a team of musicians, they arrive at the desired location and perform the agreed material right next to you.

how to confess your love to a girl
how to confess your love to a girl

You can complement the soulful moment with the help of a beautiful bouquet of flowers and pleasant words addressed to the chosen one.

Letter 8

A good, but long forgotten way of declaring your love for a woman is a letter. Now we have gotten out of the habit of writing heartfelt speeches on paper as much as possible. More and more people stop even communicating via phone calls. It all came down to correspondence in messengers and social networks.

Here it is easiest to say the cherished phrase: "I love you." You are not afraid to receive a negative reaction, you are under the protection of a distance, a monitor. You even have time to think over several answers. There are also emoticons, you can completely replace the word "love" with a heart.

What a woman certainly does not expect from you is a handwritten letter on a piece of paper. How it will be depends only on you. Be creative. They will especially appreciate the poetic form in which you can dress your confession.

Imagine, hundreds of years ago, people expressed their feelings in this way, being afraid to speak about them directly and looking directly in the eyes. Your chosen one will be able to feel like a medieval princess or sweet Tatiana from the love poem "Eugene Onegin".

effective ways for men to confess their love
effective ways for men to confess their love

How to declare your love for a woman? The answer depends on a million different factors. The character, modesty, level of trust, personal preferences and hobbies of the girl - all this can both decorate your joyful event and spoil the relationship to smithereens.

Therefore, we recommend that you carefully consider the choice of a way to declare your romantic feelings and desires. First of all, this confession should get to the woman right into the soul, but in no case hurt or embarrass her.

It will be interesting for you to read our next article on what it means if you confess your love with a dream.

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