Dozens Of Interesting And Wonderful Facts About Women

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Dozens Of Interesting And Wonderful Facts About Women
Dozens Of Interesting And Wonderful Facts About Women
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All about women
All about women

“From love for a woman, everything beautiful on earth was born” - Maxim Gorky. And this statement is true, because wherever a young lady appears, everything becomes beautiful and comfortable. If you give her a place to live, she will make a candy out of it. Ask a single friend to help prepare a table for a party, all dishes will be exquisitely decorated and delicious. Marry her, she will give a fairy tale. It is impossible to find out everything about women, because they are all like a riddle, and each of them is individual.

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So, the whole truth about women! Read carefully!

Curious factsi

Most of the fair sex are mysterious and interesting until old age. They are able to surprise even when it seems that everything is already known about them. Therefore, they attract the male sex to themselves, because the secret is always attractive. Scientists have revealed the most interesting facts about girls.

  • According to opinion polls, a woman looks in the mirror for about 120 hours a year. This equals five days. And for about a year of her life, she thinks what to wear.
  • Going on a trip for only 5 days, the young lady will pack a suitcase of things, as if she was going to leave for a year. Whereas a man will only take three shirts and one trousers.
  • To admit to herself that she is wrong is tantamount to death. The woman will furiously convince the chosen one that he is to blame, cites facts from which the hair stands on end.
  • They ask questions that drive any man into a stupor. And they do it at a completely inopportune moment, and then they are offended that they were not listened to and answered.
  • They are able to be jealous of their beloved even to the actress on the TV screen. At the same time, they will torment themselves and him with their imagination.
  • They love with their ears. The more beautiful phrases they hear, the softer their character. They constantly demand compliments and words of love.
  • They never scratch their head when thinking about an important question, like men. This behavior is due to the fact that they are afraid to spoil the styling. And in general they do not like to pretend to be thoughtful.
  • According to statistics, women cry up to 65 times a year. For comparison, tears can be seen from a man's eyes about 17 times in the same period. But why girls cry is the question of the next article.
  • Only the fair sex can visit a friend for the whole evening. And upon returning home, call her and talk for a few more hours.
  • The curiosity of beauties knows no bounds. They automatically turn down the sound of the TV if the husband's phone rang, and listen to whom the faithful is talking to. If the young lady's cell phone rang, no matter what she was doing, she will definitely answer. And suddenly there they will tell her something important.
All about women
All about women
  • Women pronounce about 20,000 words a day. They don't care what to talk about, just to talk. This is where gossip and rumors emerge.
  • Scientists have long proven that young ladies eat about three kg of lipstick throughout their lives.
  • Girls think that their chosen ones are telepathic and are offended when they do not understand their desires by looking.
  • Virgos respond to their name only by turning their heads. When a man is called, he turns around his whole torso. This suggests that women have more developed neck.
  • Only the fair sex is so cunning that, lying on the chest of a loved one, they ask the question "Darling, did you cheat on me?" and wait for his heart to beat faster.

If a man wants to know everything about women, no encyclopedia will help. Here it is enough to take a closer look at your chosen one and understand what type she belongs to. Psychologists have divided the beauties into two categories: girl - mother and girl - daughter.

The first category is visible even in early youth. From a large group of boys, she chooses the most puny object unadapted to life and begins to show increased care for him. Will tie his shoelaces, help with homework and homework, spoon feed in the school cafeteria.

all about women
all about women

And let someone try to look askance at this boy, she will rush into battle without delay, protecting him. In middle age, a woman - a mother marries a weak-willed man in order to protect and take care of him.

As a rule, the chosen one is several years younger. With her care, she is able to get everyone, even the neighbors. Her children are always clean, well-groomed, well-fed. Neither the husband nor their offspring can independently decide on the choice of clothes in the closet, because the mother herself always chooses what to wear.

The girl-daughter manifests herself at a more conscious age. She is attracted to men much older and more respectable. She has no idea how to take care of her husband and children, she often does not know how to cook food. Periodically arranges tantrums, similar to children's whims, than amuses his lover.

What is responsibility, the woman - the daughter does not know at all. She would rather go to a sale and buy another thousandth bag than learn the recipe for making scrambled eggs. Such a category, like a child, enjoys any holiday and party. And God forbid, a barely noticeable pimple behind her ear will come off, it will be a tragedy of a universal scale.

And how many quotes from great people and anecdotes are there about women. All of them reflect the real essence of the weaker sex.

facts about women
facts about women

Women's happiness2

If a man has a trouble, he alone will suffer and calm down. But if this happened to a woman, the whole planet will know. She will flood all the forums on social networks with tears, cry into the waistcoat of the first passer-by and scream at the cashier for not understanding her. And as soon as you react indifferently to her sadness, there is immediately a risk of being included in the list of enemies.

In family life, the young lady has great patience. She closes her eyes to many things, but when the last drop of patience overwhelmed her soul, she leaves forever. While men can leave in a fit of a psycho, and the next day come, as if nothing had happened.

American psychologist Shiri Cohen, together with a group of scientists, conducted a study, during which they found out that women are happy when men are suffering. 156 couples were interviewed. The poll showed that young ladies are always the initiators of the conflict. They get great pleasure when the chosen one is annoyed or depressed.

But as soon as a man begins to talk about his sorrows and share his feelings, the woman's maternal instinct instantly triggers, which pushes her to pity her lover. Obviously, when a spouse shares his feelings, it is a sign of great attention to his wife.

woman's happiness
woman's happiness

Real family happiness is present when the spouse has wisdom, and the chosen one has patience. It is known that the fair sex always invests in relationships and the welfare of the family. If they feel reciprocity and return, such a union will be happy for life.

The difference between women and men3

According to research by scientists, young ladies are emotional. They are sometimes so overwhelmed with feelings that they are unable to restrain themselves. Having already realized that they are wrong, they will defend their position to the end. And if all the facts have already ended, they quickly switch to insults and consider themselves the smartest. Men in any dispute prefer to give up and stop the squabble. Psychologists and sociologists have identified the main differences between women and men:

  • Young ladies cannot feel comfortable when their hands are free. Therefore, they always have a handkerchief, a handbag, a bunch of keys with them.
  • During sexual intercourse, they worry about how they look. Men don't think about it at all.
  • Beauties breathe with their breasts, and the stronger sex with their belly.
The difference between women and men
The difference between women and men
  • If you hug a woman for about 20 seconds, she will trust that person. Guys don't like being overly sentimental.
  • Girls only hold a cigarette in their hand, and do not grip it in their teeth like men.
  • Virgos are much more suspicious and sentimental. They cannot pass by the kitten without being touched by it.
  • Peripheral vision in women is better developed. They do not need to look around several times to get through the crosswalk. They also see well in the dark.
  • Young ladies have more patience, so they are good listeners.
  • Tactile sensations are more developed than in men.
  • First they put on a blouse, and then a skirt. Representatives of the stronger sex do the opposite.
Women's logic
Women's logic

Women's logic4

This is a whole spectrum of unexplored science of humanity. Men in general sometimes cannot understand their companion. It all depends on the education of the lady. Some people think and think superficially, have a narrow idea of ​​life. Others think through the discussion of any issue in more detail and deeply. Sometimes women's logic gives out such masterpieces that even the sages would not find what to answer.

For example, a husband calls from work and says the time of arrival from work up to minutes. He does this with only one purpose - so that his beloved does not worry and does not worry. And when he arrives home, she looks at him with resentment and says: "You specifically told the exact time so that I could cook dinner."

Sometimes inferences baffle not only husbands, but also colleagues at work. So, having quarreled with someone, the emotional discharge will be directed at everyone who falls into the field of vision. No wonder they say that it is better not to fall under the hot hand of a woman. Most beauties when asked "Why?" have only one answer "Because". Here's an example:

  • You're an idiot! - shouts the spouse. You are an idiot in everything: in the family, at work, in society. You are a complete idiot. And if a prize was given for idiocy, you would take second place!
  • Why the second?
  • Because you are an idiot!
Curious facts about girls
Curious facts about girls

When it comes to rivalry, female logic is completely turned off. She wants to be the only one in the heart of her chosen one. She is capable of being jealous of her mother, sister, aunts and other women in his family. Then the passion can go to such cunning tricks that no male brain is able to understand.

There are women who are unable to understand the worldview of other people. If someone has a different opinion, and it does not coincide, then he automatically becomes a dumbass. These young ladies do not even understand why, but they have already put the person on the list of fools.

When it comes to marriage, few girls use common sense. Basically for them the stamp in the passport is a logical solution to financial problems. And when expectations are not met, the wife sends all the devils on her husband and his relatives up to the seventh generation.

is there a female logic
is there a female logic

But without women it would be boring to live. They bring variety, beauty and humor to life. Many of the fair sex have won men's minds. Such as Margaret Thatcher, Georges Sand, Marie Curie, Indira Gandhi and many others.

In terms of secrets and information transfer, female logic is inimitable. They will never give out their secrets, but strangers easily. And if they ask not to say some information, then they want it to be disseminated as quickly as possible.

Thinking beauties often makes men wonder. So, after a quarrel, going to bed, the husband hugs his wife, she abruptly pushes his hand away and grumbles so as not to touch her. In fact, deep down in her soul, she longs for his hugs and is also offended why he really removed his hand.

At the heart of ladies' logic is surprise. They cannot tolerate monotony, so the dishes on the table are always different, and the curtains are constantly changing, and the flower pots are rearranged from one place to another. And when peace reigns in the family for a long time, a woman will surely find a reason for abuse. This is a kind of discharge, the release of accumulated energy.

secrets about women
secrets about women

It is almost impossible to convince a young lady of something. In this case, you need to show all your talents and push her to the realization that she herself wants it.

The women's world is primarily a family. Nature has endowed the weaker sex with a maternal instinct, which is expressed in maintaining the family hearth, caring for children and husband. Her whole existence is aimed at the well-being of her loved ones. After all, it is she who sets the necessary atmosphere in the house. Ladies rightfully feel like mistresses, and women’s phrases “with me” instead of “with us” testify to this.

As Leo Tolstoy said, "No matter how much you study a woman, there will still be something completely new."

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