What Factors Can Ruin A Relationship And What Shouldn't Be Done?

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What Factors Can Ruin A Relationship And What Shouldn't Be Done?
What Factors Can Ruin A Relationship And What Shouldn't Be Done?

Video: What Factors Can Ruin A Relationship And What Shouldn't Be Done?

Video: What Factors Can Ruin A Relationship And What Shouldn't Be Done?
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hearts crosses
hearts crosses

At first, in the relationship of lovers, there is an atmosphere of idyll and tenderness. Partners kiss, hug, cover each other with a flurry of affection and warmth, but time passes and moments of habit, nagging and other pitfalls penetrate into the aura of love, which tend to bring a fly in the ointment (or even more than one) into a barrel of honey.

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Who, if not loved ones, know how to qualitatively harass the soulmate with all kinds of "thorns" and manners of the owner. Some behaviors that neither boyfriend nor girl think about, rush to ruin the relationship. If you do not pay attention to the mistakes of partners in time, each couple, sooner or later, will face a crisis and a future break.

Say a word about the former hussar i

Jealousy and memories of partners from the past to a small extent bring some kind of acuity in the relationship, which gradually grows overgrown with spines of maximum length. The woman constantly reproaches the darling with some kind of "Zina" lying in wait for him at every step: at work, fishing, in the garage.

The man is jealous of every pillar: employee Ryzhov, a bespectacled bachelor with a burly voice, the janitor Petrovich, a second cousin from Tashkent, with whom the young lady has not seen for fifteen years. Like piranhas, partners eat each other with daily suspicion and an endless stream of jealousy. Some suspicions are deprived of any logic, brought to the point of absurdity, depriving peace and simple human happiness. But the process has started and it is sometimes difficult to stop it. Sometimes it’s even impossible.

In a relationship, once and for all, it is worth sweeping back into the past the former and the failed ones who flashed in the life of a loved one, stop unnecessary suspicions and start trusting the one with whom you want to be together.

On different shores2

A man and a woman often do not understand each other, because they do not know how to openly express their feelings and desires, claims and expectations. Instead of a serious conversation, they explain themselves with hints and reproaches. Assuming that a partner who sleeps side by side, more than one night, clearly has telepathic abilities, and is obliged to understand the desires of the other, the other half is offended when he does not see the desired results.

relationships die
relationships die

I didn't take out the trash, didn't buy flowers on the first day of spring, didn't cook my favorite dumplings, didn't stroke the back of a woman who smoothly stretched out on the sofa like a cat … It is difficult to guess the thoughts of another person, and as a result, the couple begins to take offense, quarrel, and scandal over trifles. They behave like little children, not realizing that innuendo and hints can cause serious discord in pure and tender love.

The word is not a sparrow3

One of the important reasons for contention in a relationship is criticism of a partner. At first, the chosen ones seem ideal to each other, but after a while, the veil falls from the eyes of the seeing partners, and they are already more strict with their companion. It is annoying for a man to throw around socks or scratch his butt during a telephone conversation. Guys may be angry at the slowness and lack of solvency of the girl as a hostess and cook.

The appearance of partners causes a lot of contention. Clothes, which previously seemed to the girl to be fashionable and suitable, become disgusting and old-fashioned junk, in which the beloved looks awkward and out of date. At the same time, a man begins to strengthen his young lady for short sundresses and high heels, which once created a unique female look.

Both boy and girl should accept their partner as they are, and suggest some adjustments with tact and respect, carefully pointing out the reasons for the proposed changes. "You look like a collective farm!", "I am ashamed to go next to you!", "You look like a dissolute girl!" - not the best option when talking to a dear person.

how to save a relationship
how to save a relationship

Guilty of Everything4

Blaming your soul mate for all mortal sins is one of the most popular and deadly ways to poison a relationship. Not paid during the counting, spent the best years, a missed football match most often finds a certain scapegoat in the person of the “guilty roommate”. Whatever happens, blame is imposed on the one who lives nearby. Over time, the habit of blaming each other develops into mutual hatred and irritation, in which there is no place for love and understanding.

Understand, forgive, buy a present5

Loving people very often start a disgusting and destructive habit of buying the forgiveness of their other half. Whatever happens, starting from a forgotten birthday, burnt porridge and betrayal, a new ring flaunts in the palm of the young lady, and the guy expects the fulfillment of any of his whims. This state of affairs is gradually aggravated, causing unpleasant emotions in the partner.

In order for Love and Tenderness to firmly settle in the relationship of a couple in love, they need to talk frankly, listen to each other's needs, be able to sympathize and empathize. Love knows how to rise from the ashes, and go out like a match in the wind, depending on who owns it.