Strong And Weak Man: Description And Character Traits. Examples Of Strong Men

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Strong And Weak Man: Description And Character Traits. Examples Of Strong Men
Strong And Weak Man: Description And Character Traits. Examples Of Strong Men

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strong man
strong man

It is hard for a strong woman to be the partner of a weak man. Of course, “strong” and “weak” are relative. You can't create an accurate portrait of a guy without character. However, certain traits can be identified that pull the stronger floor to the bottom. Every girl should know them in order to understand what a strong and weak man looks like.

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  • 1 Weak man
  • 2 Laziness
  • 3 Selfishness
  • 4 Manipulation
  • 5 Deafness
  • 6 Callousness
  • 7 Inability to protect
  • 8 Lack of support
  • 9 Shifting the blame
  • 10 A strong man and his features
  • 11 Liability
  • 12 Caring
  • 13 Ability to communicate
  • 14 Reflection
  • 15 Strong Male Characters
  • 16 Christian Gray
  • 17 Mr. Darcy
  • 18 Philip Pirrip
  • 19 Edward Cullen
  • 20 Sherlock Holmes
  • 21 James Bond
  • 22 Martin Eden
  • 23 Ostap Bender

Weak man i

First of all, it is worthwhile to understand that a strong man, not necessarily pumped up. In addition, the guy has every right to express emotions, sometimes even cry. Such traits do not make him a weakling. The main thing in a partner is a clear outlook and a confident look into the future.

A weak man is drowning with his own vices and sins. Most often, it has the following qualities.

Sloth 2

There are guys who don't know how to be responsible. They have no desire to look for work or help with the housework. All they want is to lie on the couch, eat and watch TV. Sometimes going to the toilet. But, if it was their will, they would refuse from this need.

Men like this are drowning in their own hedonism. They don't care about others. They are proud, in the worst sense of the word.

If your partner is not ready to change for the better, it is better to refuse him. It will not be possible to create a full-fledged social unit with it.

Selfishness 3

All men are selfish. They are accustomed, first of all, to realize their own ambitions. However, everything should be in moderation.

If a guy doesn't care about a girl, then he's not a man. He is an ordinary weak creature who is not able to take care of anyone else but himself.

A true partner in love will do everything to win the favor of his "queen". At the same time, continue to bend your own line and move towards your dream.

A girl should understand that she should not be forced to choose between herself and work. A good guy will do everything to succeed in all endeavors. It's just that sometimes you need to give a strong man more time.


In psychology, there is a concept, passive aggression. For a man, the law, in the literal sense of the word, ties his hands. He has no right to beat a girl. This is condemned by both society and jurisprudence.

It is not surprising that a weak man begins to use manipulations and forbidden techniques. He finds the weak points of his beloved and begins to put pressure on them in order to assert himself at her expense.

This relationship is called abusive. The woman must run from the abuser. It is impossible to be happy with him. The guy will suck out all the vitality, and then give up and go to look for a new victim. He, like an energy vampire, destroys everything he touches.

Let's talk about the reasons and consequences of the fact that guys became like girls in our next article on the link.

Deafness 5

The weak guy can't listen. For him, only his speeches are important. Usually, such a person is idle talker. He constantly speaks, promises something. When everything comes to implementation, it tactfully merges. Begins to lie and manipulate.

In addition, he is not at all interested in what is happening in the life of a partner. He ignores all the information. Will not remember the dates of birth of loved ones. For him, only his birthday exists. Everyone owes him, he owes nobody.

Most often, such "men" do not know how to take criticism. Any attempt to say that he is wrong will turn into a scandal. A normal guy, after any conflict, tries to draw conclusions, to understand who is right and who is wrong.

man covered his ears
man covered his ears

A weak man will continue to believe in his own infallibility. He looks like a car rushing into the abyss. It cannot be stopped, the brakes have long failed. Or, to use more appropriate words, "the balls have long gone behind the rollers."

Callousness 6

Guys rarely show feelings. It is difficult for them to show love, joy, sadness.

However, a strong man can forget about pride next to a real woman. It will not turn into a rag. He will simply show emotions when needed.

In turn, guys with a small letter will never say thank you even for help. Painfully they are weak in character.

Failure to Protect 7

"I am with him like a stone wall." A template phrase, but it is used quite often. It is common for a girl to perceive a guy as a fortress. She wants to be confident in the future. Therefore, holding the hand of the Man, the lady forgets about all the hardships.

A weak guy will not even try to become a support. Will continue to lead a passive lifestyle. It's better to run away from him right away and find someone worthy.

Lack of support8

The fair sex is defenseless. They want support and understanding. For a girl, the most important thing in a relationship is the ability to contact and come to the rescue. Of course, the guy is unable to solve all the problems of his beloved. However, he should try to comfort her in word and deed.

man with an apple on his head
man with an apple on his head

A guy without a rod won't even try. For him there is only him. He erected a fortress around himself. It is not completely clear why such people have a relationship. Most likely, they are looking for a second mother who will support them. It is a pity, but there are more and more men with the Oedipus complex.

Shifting the blame 9

A weak and strong man is completely different. It should be understood that a worthy life companion knows how to admit his own mistakes. He often takes the first step in quarrels.

A bad couple will start to act up and make their own claims. It's easier for him to prove that the girl is to blame. Such an "object" will never change. He is a constant that should simply be removed from life.

Strong man and his features 10

A real man has a number of positive qualities that attract everyone to a girl. You need to strive for this ideal in order to become a worthy representative of society.

Responsibility 11

"The kid said, the kid did." No matter how caricatured this aphorism sounds, it corresponds to reality. A good partner will break into a cake, but will fulfill his own promise. For him, words are not empty sounds. They are a prelude to action.

Therefore, men must learn to achieve their goals. You don't have to say, you have to do. The girls, although they love with their ears, will not go far with them.

Caring 12

A guy should understand that a relationship is also a responsibility. You need to support them, fill them with love. Do not constantly loom before your eyes or sacrifice work. It is enough just to show that a loved one is not indifferent.

a man holding an umbrella over a woman
a man holding an umbrella over a woman

A strong man can always find the right words to support his beloved. In addition, he will do his best to make her happy.

Ability to communicate13

Girls are attracted to partners who are good at using the language. A guy who expresses his thoughts competently looks much more attractive. After all, after the release of the series "Sherlock", many girls have a fetish for erudition. Therefore, it is worth using this and constantly expanding your own horizons. After all, intelligence is the new sexuality.

Reflection 14

Smart people constantly analyze their own actions. It is important for them to understand what they did right and where they made a mistake. Which qualities help to achieve success, and which ones have a detrimental effect on creating a bright future.

Such a man is not afraid to admit his own mistakes. In addition, he always listens to the words of his beloved. After all, he understands that behind every great man, there is an equally great woman.

Strong Male Characters 15

There are many attractive images in the literature. Male characters work especially well. Not surprisingly, many girls would love to see some of the book guys in real life.

Christian Gray 16

Christian Gray is a successful millionaire. He earned money by his own labor. He is charismatic and charming. It takes everything from life. At work, he is strict and stingy. At home, gentle and liberated.

According to the plot, he falls in love with a simple girl. There is nothing special about her, but she sinks into his heart.

The guy has one drawback - he practices BDSM due to childhood trauma. However, for the sake of his beloved, he is ready to change.

Christian Grey
Christian Grey

The perfect man every girl dreams of.

Mr. Darcy17

One of the central characters of the work "Pride and Prejudice". Almost everyone has read this classic women's novel. It is studied in literature lessons. Not surprisingly, Darcy becomes the first love of many schoolgirls.

He is a real strong man. If in love, he will do everything for the happiness of his beloved. At first, he is cold and detached, however, if you reach out to his heart, he will show his sentimental face.

Mr darcy
Mr darcy

Colin Firth played in one of the best adaptations of the character. He perfectly showed this hero in the movie. Therefore, if you want to admire a wonderful guy, it's time to watch classic films.

Philip Pirrip 18

The hero of Charles Dickens' novel Great Expectations has won hundreds of women's hearts. This is the perfect image of an ambitious man. He set a clear goal for himself and walked towards it. As a result, I achieved what I wanted. At the same time, his love is pure and innocent. He is not ashamed of his feelings, so he is ready to shout about them to the whole world.

Philip Pirrip
Philip Pirrip

Edward Cullen 19

Without modern literature, nowhere. Stephenie Meyer created the perfect guy in her book epic Twilight. He is a vampire who falls in love with an ordinary person. For her sake, he will do anything. After all, only the happiness of his beloved is important for him.

Perfect physique, shiny skin, manner and endurance. Such a character cannot fail to attract a woman.

Edward Cullen
Edward Cullen

In addition, more than once the vampire risked his own life for Bella. With him it really is like a stone wall.

Sherlock Holmes 20

Arthur Conan Doyle created an unusual hero. A man with a remarkable mind. The man who can wipe any policeman's nose. It is enough for him to look at the crime scene once, and he already knows where the violator is.

Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes

There is only useful information in his head. He does not need knowledge of astronomy. They won't help catch bandits. Such a polymath naturally becomes a favorite of girls.

The hero was especially revered after the film adaptation with Benedict Cumberbatch. He perfectly embodied the image of an erudite sociopath on the screens. Yes, it is difficult to create a real family with such a person. However, nothing is impossible.

James Bond 21

Another strong man. 007 had many women. He loved everyone. After all, the hero had to constantly risk his own life to save the whole world.

James Bond
James Bond

The character is passionate and smart. He knows very well what needs to be done to conquer the girls. Nothing is impossible for him. After all, he is the perfect man. Not only ladies agree with this point of view, but also gentlemen.

Martin Eden 22

It's impossible not to fall in love with the character created by Jack London. This man decided to change his whole life for the sake of the girl. By pure coincidence, a simple sailor met a rich lady. His heart fluttered. He made a promise that he would earn her favor.

For this he began to work day and night. I read books, gained new knowledge. The first step to success is education. In just a year, he improved his communication skills. Martin could calmly discuss politics with his beloved's father.

It wasn't enough. He needs money to provide for a rich maiden. For this, the hero begins to write. He is attracted by the literary world. In addition, the guy sees that there is a lot of money.

He spends all his free time trying to become the best writer in the world. And, one day, he wakes up as a star.

Martin is the perfect combination of erudition and courage. Not surprisingly, he managed to get Ruth's favor. Unfortunately, she realized her crush too late.

Ostap Bender 23

Ilf and Petrov created the ideal image of a strong man. Ostap is a swindler with a wonderful heart. He wants wealth and does his best to get it. Charming and charismatic. Not surprisingly, many girls dream of meeting such a guy in the real world.

Ostap Bender
Ostap Bender

A strong man and a weak man are very different. The world cannot be divided into black and white. All people have their faults. If a partner is ready to make concessions and change for the better, then it is worth giving him a chance. However, if this is a lost person, run until he is dragged to the very bottom.

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