7 Qualities Of Women That Men Just Adore

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7 Qualities Of Women That Men Just Adore
7 Qualities Of Women That Men Just Adore

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What kind of women do men like
What kind of women do men like

Ladies are confidently ready to answer the question - what kind of women do men like? You must be beautiful and nothing else. But, as it turned out by American scientists, only those gentlemen who are not ready for a serious relationship pay attention to their appearance. For a man who is interested in starting a family, completely different things are important.

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  • 1 Smart woman
  • 2 Charming woman
  • 3 Soul woman
  • 4 Active woman
  • 5 Confident woman
  • 6 Proportional woman
  • 7 Fragrant woman
  • 8 Perfect woman's appearance
  • 9 What Women Men Hate
  • 10 What Women Does the Average Man Like
  • 11 Ideal women in different countries

Smart woman

It is a lie that men are not attracted to smart women. Polls of sociologists in 35 countries around the world are ready to confirm the opposite. They found that every second man is interested in female intelligence, rather than external data. Men with higher education tend to meet the same lady. However, they don't like overly abstruse ladies. Still, it is important for men to feel like a leader.

Charming woman2

Flawless beauty is certainly good, but not for men. They fear the perfect cover woman. These women are selfish, narcissistic and eternally engaged in narcissism, this is what most of the opposite sex think. For family comfort, they choose cute, pretty girls as an ideal wife, but not cold handsome.

Soul woman3

Gentleness, kindness, caring - character traits that are simply necessary in a woman. The older a man is, the more he wants to meet a “spiritual opposite” that is able to listen and support.

Active woman4

According to men, with an active and liberated woman, they do not know boredom. Such women are constantly busy with something, it is very difficult for them to sit still. And it attracts male curiosity.

Confident woman5

As it turned out, men do not perceive self-confident women, but they welcome ladies who are confident in their beauty, even if they are not. If a woman, day after day, asks her partner if she is fat. Then the partner will begin to notice more and more flaws in her figure. Therefore, women are not advised to discuss their appearance with men.

Proportional woman6

Not everyone likes 90x60x90 ladies. As a rule, men in a more mature age prefer ladies with appetizing forms. Excessive thinness does not interest almost anyone. It is worth quitting the diet and starting to eat normally.

What kind of women do men like
What kind of women do men like

Fragrant woman7

The human nose is able to understand in a few seconds “ours” this person is or not. If the nose doesn't like something, then no one can convince him. In the human body, with sympathy, pheromones are produced. They are responsible for sexual attraction to the opposite sex. Therefore, do not overuse perfumes, otherwise they can kill the natural smell.

Perfect appearance of a woman8

A man decides on his own which woman to love, but a survey of 1000 respondents described the appearance of an ideal woman.

A strong half of humanity wants to see a pleasantly smelling woman next to him. The feminine scent of a perfume should match its spirit, as well as the natural scent of the skin. Creative perfume brands have caught this trick and are now releasing perfumes for her and for him. As if these aromas are able to bring people closer together.

60% of the three thousand respondents confirmed that they love women with "meat", when there is something to hold on to and what to see. They are turned on by the sexual curves of a denser body than the straight lines of skinny ones. By the way, 25% prefer lean women, and 15%, women with more than 10-15 extra pounds.

What kind of women do men like
What kind of women do men like

A woman in tights can only excite 10% of men, when a woman in heels in a tight skirt excites more than 50%. The rest like both.

A dimple on the chin or cheeks with a smile drives more than 42% crazy. Freckles on the face are admired by 23%, and only 21% of moles.

In their sexual fantasies, men imagine a woman with loose long hair next to them. 58% think so.

But they prefer to choose dark hair color, they are convinced that blondes do not shine with intelligence, and redheads are capable of treason.

You can find out more about what kind of appearance men like in our article below the link.

What women men hate 9

Whatever men are important to them, it is still not sex and not borscht, the character of their companion is important for them.

When a man meets a woman teacher, it seems to him that she gives him good advice, takes care of him. But such women do not have an extreme point, they always talk about how to do the right thing, and then a man feels like a schoolboy in a lesson who has not learned his homework on time. Men have one mom-teacher, why does he need another one?

What kind of women do men dislike
What kind of women do men dislike

A female teacher can only be surpassed by a woman who can skillfully play with feelings. At first, such a woman beckons a man, but when, day after day, she provokes him to jealousy and tries to make him guilty. No man will tolerate such an attitude towards himself.

A woman who is trying to fit a man for herself. Of course she says she loves him for who he is. Over time, she tries to master him completely, she insists on musical preferences that she likes, substitutes friends that, in her opinion, are not suitable for a man.

Some are even able to turn men against their own mothers. Each man is individual in his own way, and if the beloved is trying to fix something, then they will never marry her.

Jealous madam. Of course jealousy gives passion to deprivation, but not when there is too much of it. Hear reproaches, feel distrust, who will like it? Certainly not a man …

An overly enamored lady. She educates the man all her free time, she always has free time for him. She believes that she is doing everything right and demands the same from the opposite sex. Men like individuals who, on the contrary, are trying to find free time for a joint vacation. They marry such people immediately.

Which women are not attracted to men
Which women are not attracted to men

Mamsik girl. She discusses with her mother every little thing, every breath, every bunch. At the very beginning of a relationship, a man is pleased with such a warm relationship with his family. But later, when he wants to find a family, he is tormented by the thought that the mother-in-law in their family will be more important than him.

Gossip. At first he is interested in such a lady, she jokes effectively, knows everything about everyone. But then he begins to think that in the same way she can gossip about him.

The comparative woman. The guy does not want to live with his wife, who compares the evening with her friend's husband. He has a higher salary and a car. The man begins to remember his childhood, where the son of his mother's friend was always better than him.

Diet woman. When a man meets a lady on a healthy diet, he is glad that she will always look good. But they do not tolerate when a girl arranges another tantrum for gaining weight of 300 grams. They immediately begin to starve themselves with a strict diet and hunger. Thus, she can reach the man.

What kind of women does the average man like? 10

In May 2008, the research center conducted a social survey among the stronger sex of the population, "Which women do men choose?"

What kind of women does the average man like?
What kind of women does the average man like?

Most Russian men settled on a smart and beautiful woman when they value kind ladies more. They noticed that the ideal girl should have a flexible mind, 63% of respondents think so, and only 29% of them prefer to marry smart women.

The ideal wife should have the perfect appearance, from the shape of the nails to the heels. 38% of men noted that girls of pleasant appearance have more in common with them than unkempt kulems. And 21% are convinced that beauty is important for a spouse.

An ideal woman should be kind, 20% of respondents think so. But only 14% of 100% will choose a kind woman for marriage.

Only 16% of men choose the right lady for a relationship. And 20% consider loyalty to be the main quality of a spouse.

For men, femininity is important, they do not want to see their likeness near them. 12% think so.

What kind of girls do men choose
What kind of girls do men choose

10% of respondents want to see sexy and relaxed ladies. This applies to wives, and just to the ideal woman.

An ideal wife should be able to love and support, 17% think so. And for the ideal woman, only 5% noticed this quality.

Not all men seem to prefer honesty, only 9% and 6% chose this particular character trait.

18% of the respondents found it difficult to answer the questions, they believe that if they have already fallen in love, no qualities are important there.

Ideal women in different countries11

You can argue for a long time about which women attract men, but still, each country has its own ideals and standards of female beauty and character.

In Japan, they value spouses: modesty, honesty, loyalty. A calm wife will not start nagging her husband that he came late. From childhood, Japanese women were taught that, first of all, she should be able to endure. Endure everything from socks to prodigal adventures. The Japanese love these women the most.

In Brazil, a beauty companion is chosen. For the Brazilian, it is important that his wife has a perfectly pumped up ass and chest. Despite the fact that Brazil is a poor country, almost every 3 inserts implants into their breasts.

Women in Algeria are not respected at all, she must be docile and compliant in everything. The husband is always right. Also, the spouse must be a religious and chaste woman.

What kind of girls do men like
What kind of girls do men like

Men in Turkey value their wives for their economy, responsibility and for being their best friend first of all. And everything else is not important to them. The Germans have the opposite, they love their wives like housewives. But the main thing for them is that all family expenses are divided equally. And she must definitely have a higher education, a good sense of humor, to support any conversation.

In China, men prefer obedient and proud wives. She must not only obey her husband, but also have her own "I".

In India, everyone lives in one big family, which is why the future wife must obey the mother-in-law. Also in India they do not like thin women, for procreation men choose women "in the body".

For Italians, the girl's mercy comes first, she is always friendly, always claps her eyelashes and begins to be shy at the first opportunity. Strange, but they like this theater.

It is generally accepted that the most beautiful French women are perfect in everything. In fact, they just like all women go at home in tights and with a bun of hair on their heads. The French just love it. Sweetness and masculinity in one body.

Yemen women
Yemen women

Girl in Yemen

In Yemen, they do not like smart women; many parents deliberately do not send their daughters to school in order to successfully marry. Girls are given at the age of 14-20, then she is considered an old maid. Their husbands are 10 or even 30 years older than them.

In Polynesia, men stop at choosing already experienced ladies, it is desirable that she already have two children. They believe that the more a woman walks up, the more faithful it will be in family life.

And yet, all countries have their own preferences, it all depends on religion, mentality. But still, no woman will be left without the attention of a man if she herself does not want it.

But why men like women, you can find out in detail in our next article, follow the link!

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