Is It Time To Dream Of A Joint Old Age By The Fireplace Or Did You Just Think?

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Is It Time To Dream Of A Joint Old Age By The Fireplace Or Did You Just Think?
Is It Time To Dream Of A Joint Old Age By The Fireplace Or Did You Just Think?

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couple with flowers
couple with flowers

A lot of people, regardless of their gender, age and self-esteem, found themselves in awkward situations associated with an incorrect interpretation of their partner's behavior. The guy misinterpreted the girl's friendliness, decided to "take the bull by the horns" and got surprised "but I didn't give you any reason to hope for something!" Or a naive girl took the compliments and smiles of a hardened Don Juan for courting and is now eating a broken heart with pizza. Either in your life there was a similar oversight, or acquaintances told you about it. This happens all the time, what to do. Very often, such cases cause fear of being rejected again, a surprised look or a condescending smile. As a result, rejected guys and girls withdraw into themselves and are wary of new acquaintances.

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If such a situation happened to you and it did not hurt you in any way - congratulations! Your self-esteem is as strong as a cubic allotropic form of carbon (that's the cool scientific name for diamonds, use it).

The next paragraph is devoted to the rest.

Licking Wounds

It is very important to internalize the fact that life does not end with this guy or this girl. And even if you are three times a sex symbol, you cannot be liked by everyone. Even Monica Bellucci and Brad Pitt could not win the hearts of all 7 billion inhabitants of our planet. All people are different. But the tastes of all people are radically different. And that's great. Thank your ex for the experience and move on. In the meantime, read these tips to help you learn to distinguish sympathy from basic politeness and pickup.


The person interested in long-term communication with you will make every effort to develop the conversation and become more "personal". When it comes to correspondence, pay attention to your opponent's responses. A girl or guy who wants to keep communication to a minimum will respond to your messages after a long time, in monosyllables and without unnecessary details. It's like you're talking to your doctor. On business. Briefly. There is a separate kind of people who do not want to go into direct conflict and abruptly stop communication. They prefer to slowly "sail" away from you as far as possible until the communication subsides.

If the interlocutor is interested in friendly or "social" communication, he will not shower you with personal questions. It is enough for him to exchange jokes, conversations about common acquaintances or common interests.

Bare couple feet by the cozy fireplace. Man and Woman relaxes by warm fire with a cup of hot drink and warming up her feet. Close up on feet. Winter and Christmas holidays concept
Bare couple feet by the cozy fireplace. Man and Woman relaxes by warm fire with a cup of hot drink and warming up her feet. Close up on feet. Winter and Christmas holidays concept

If your opponent neatly but persistently asks you about your tastes, plans for the future, what worries you, then it's worth taking a closer look at him. Even the most sociable extrovert and joker will not delve into the past of each of his many friends-pies, and even more so will not be interested in the future of a person in which he does not see himself.

We touch (and let us touch ourselves) 3

It's probably no secret to anyone that a person interested in you will try to touch you. Deliberately or not, he will try to touch your hand, face or hair. Agree that we are all very sensitive to physical contact and violation of personal space. Even if you enjoyed your porn subscription last night, you won't let just anyone play with your hair. Girls who spend half of their lives styling can even commit criminal acts if an unsympathetic guy tries to touch the brainchild of a hairdryer, a comb, hair gel and two hours of dirty curses at the mirror.


Psychologists have deduced a very interesting fact: after telling a funny story and hearing the approving laughter of friends, a person will subconsciously look for someone or someone he likes. Yes, it's great when your joke gave the whole company five minutes of Homeric laughter. But if not a single muscle flinched on your beloved face, everything is in vain.

living together
living together

Of course, the look also speaks volumes. There is a separate category of guys and girls who are ready to look even Medusa Gorgon in the eyes - they do not shame and do not feel embarrassed when they make eye contact. But even these guys with superhero self-esteem change their look and expression when they look at a special person.


No, now we're not talking about history lessons, which you safely skipped the whole semester. It's about the occupation of personal space, thoughts and time.

If you more and more "accidentally" find yourself with a new acquaintance in the same places, and he is not trying to run away from you, but on the contrary, offers to spend time together - take a closer look at him. If you like the person, take the first step without waiting for the next "coincidence". His reaction to your proposal will say everything better than any fortune-telling on the coffee grounds.

An active response to your posts on social media is another indicator of interest. Especially if this person shows his eloquence in all its glory only under your notes.

love on the internet
love on the internet

A guy or girl who appreciates communication with you and wants to take a significant place in your life will consult with you on important issues and share their favorite things - movies, books, music, institutions, etc. Because they are really interested in your views, tastes and opinions, and this is not just politeness on duty.

Frankly about the secret6

If a person who does not differ in his "open heart" is ready to discuss with you his problems, experiences and share secrets, he is guaranteed to trust you and distinguish you from his friends.

The difficulty lies in the fact that you can be distinguished as a good friend.

In this case, special attention should be paid to the revelations of the counterpart about his personal life. The girl who is waiting for you to pay attention to her will not talk about the handsome man she is going crazy for (unless it's a clever attempt to make you jealous and spur you to action). Likewise, a guy who actively wants to break out of the friend zone will not enthusiastically talk about the unearthly girls from his environment for whom he goes crazy.

Asking for help7

Let's just not extreme, okay? Drowning in the ocean, and then languidly thanking your savior comes out beautifully only with movie characters. In central Russia, there are far fewer opportunities for such theatrical research. But if you manage to drown in a spring puddle beautifully and convincingly, we will personally send you an Oscar (but this is not certain).

signs of a long-term relationship
signs of a long-term relationship

First, the willingness (or lack of it) to help you in trouble can say a lot about a person.

Secondly, again, psychologists (restless people) found out that we begin to treat a person better if we render him a service. Thus, you can earn yourself a couple of psychological plus points in the piggy bank of your relationship with a nice acquaintance.

Guest judge8

The assessment of an independent jury can be very useful - it opens your eyes and sobering. Moreover, the jury should be truly independent - sworn friends, envious friends and ex-partners definitely do not belong to them. Ask one of your mutual friends to express their opinion - do you have a future with this person or should you stop fruitless attempts to establish contact. If you have the opportunity to send a "spy" who can scout the situation and express his expert opinion, be sure to use it. In love, as in war, all is fair.

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