Dating On Dating Sites - Is It True Or Myth?

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Dating On Dating Sites - Is It True Or Myth?
Dating On Dating Sites - Is It True Or Myth?

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Dating on dating sites
Dating on dating sites

Dating sites and apps are becoming more and more popular every year. Research scientist Edithie Paul wondered about the work of such services and began conducting research to determine how successful meetings on dating sites are.

The content of the article

  • 1 Age category on dating sites
  • 2 How to choose a dating site?
  • 3 How to fill out the profile correctly?
  • 4 How to translate communication from the Internet into reality?
  • 5 What kind of people should you avoid on dating sites?
  • 6 Can you establish a relationship on a dating site?

The experiment involved about 3000 people of different age categories. Online dating ended with a wedding only in 32% of cases, and more than 50% of dating did not even go beyond the Internet. For example, among those who met on the street or in public places - as many as 67% eventually started a family. In addition, couples who have built relationships based on online dating are more likely to get divorced by 5%. This study is not the only one of its kind, therefore, similar results are not difficult to find on the Internet, and the results for different countries have a significant spread.

In addition to the negative facts, dating sites have a huge number of advantages that allow people to meet, communicate and build relationships. Russia is rightfully considered a country that popularizes such resources.

Age category on dating sitesi

The popular myth that only people over forty are registered on dating sites must be dismantled. A large number of such resources are aimed at different age groups. Of course, it's hard to meet someone under the age of 18 (there are often 18+ registration restrictions). On average, people in the 25-35 age range meet on sites, but this is only average data - you can find pleasant acquaintances at 20, 40 or 60+ years.

The age group under 25 is more likely to get acquainted on social networks or dating apps on the phone, so you should pay attention to these services as well.

How to choose a dating site? 2

A large number of such sites will throw a new user into a stupor. How to choose one site among so many? Firstly, it is not necessary to register on only one resource, you can search simultaneously on two sites (you should not take any more - it is inconvenient). Secondly, the site should be intuitive and numerous - the more registered users, the greater the chance of finding a person of interest.

The most popular adult dating sites in Russia have several million profiles and have existed for over 10 years. The audience of such resources is rich in people of different professions and interests, so it is worth starting with large resources.

How to fill in the profile correctly? 3

This point is the most important in the entire dating procedure. The questionnaire should be completed in as much detail as possible. Photography is a must and important part that I pay attention to the most. Few people will get to know a person who does not have a photograph, or it is a picture downloaded from the Internet.

girl looking for love on a dating site
girl looking for love on a dating site
  • The following points must be specified in the profile:
  • Floor
  • Age
  • Location
  • Purpose of dating
  • Appearance type (European, Asian, etc.)
  • Interests and hobbies

If you wish, you can specify the marital status (divorced, have children, etc.) and other less important search criteria. When looking for a potential partner, the main attention should be paid to the general interests and goals of dating. If this is not done, then the following situation is likely: the girl wants to get married, and the man is just looking for a flirt or a partner for sports. It is better to avoid such oversights and fill in the fields correctly the first time.

How to translate communication from the Internet into life? 4

The biggest problem and danger of dating sites is that dating on dating sites does not always go beyond the internet. It is best to plan your “first date” no later than a couple of weeks of online communication. If a person refuses to leave the comfort zone, is shy or comes up with a bunch of excuses, then most likely he is not interested in building a serious relationship. It is not necessary to continue communication on dating sites for the sake of pleasant correspondence, such "protracted" dialogues on the Internet usually do not end with anything.

with whom to build relationships on the basis of online dating
with whom to build relationships on the basis of online dating

If the interlocutor is an adult adequate person who is aimed at acquaintance, meeting and the development of events, then in 90% of cases he will agree to communicate in real life. It is best to communicate directly about your intentions to change the communication format. There is no need to hint or wait for an offer yourself - the earlier the meeting takes place, the sooner people will begin to get to know each other. Sometimes, an attractive person turns out to be completely different in real life.

What kind of people should you avoid on dating sites? 5

Some categories of people on dating sites are not looking for serious relationships or dating, they are only interested in sex or fleeting meetings. If a person openly declares in the questionnaire about finding a "partner for the night" - this is normal, dating sites provide such opportunities.

But if, for example, an "exemplary" man, who is looking for a woman for a serious relationship, begins to make inappropriate hints on the second day of acquaintance, it is worth stopping the communication. Websites attract not only people looking for their soulmate, but also scammers who want to satisfy their needs at the expense of other people's naivety. You need to be careful and careful about your choice. The questionnaire may completely not correspond to the real facts - the age is understated, the salary is too high, the photo is someone else's.

The first thing to avoid is:

Liars who contradict themselves

People who live far away. This can be a problem in building relationships

Narcissistic people who extol their qualities in every sentence and are not interested in the life of the interlocutor

Dating on dating sites
Dating on dating sites

People who pay too much attention. Absolute agreement with everything, endless compliments and ideal behavior - this is unnatural. The opinions of adults differ even on those things that are close to both, so you should not continue to communicate with such an "idealized" character

  • Those who rush things (up to the meeting on the first day of acquaintance).
  • People with a blank profile or picture instead of a photo.

There is an exception for each of the rules, these points are of a recommendation nature. Dating on dating sites can be deceiving, so you always need to prepare for multiple outcomes.

Can you form a relationship on a dating site? 6

Having adequately approached filling out a profile and searching for a photo, is it possible to meet your love on a dating site? The statistics presented at the beginning of the article suggest that people do get married and have children after meeting on dating sites. Someone starts dating directly via the Internet, while others translate communication into real life.

It should be understood that the site is just a search tool, similar to meetings with friends, at work or school. You can meet “your” person both on the dating site and in the theater - no one knows for sure. Therefore, there is no need to treat online dating as an extreme option, it is really easier for someone to meet here.

relationships through dating sites
relationships through dating sites

Such services greatly help modest and shy people, as well as those who have no time to go to public places with friends or, in principle, do not like the idea of ​​dating on the street. Therefore, the answer to the question "are meetings real through dating sites?" has an unambiguous answer - yes.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of the most popular dating sites for serious relationships, further in our article!

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