9 Main Fears Of Girls In Relationships With Men

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9 Main Fears Of Girls In Relationships With Men
9 Main Fears Of Girls In Relationships With Men
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female fears
female fears

The female sex regularly finds new reasons for worries and doubts. It's not that they brightened up their gray everyday life (although some of them suffer from such crap for this reason) - when there are a lot of problems in their heads, and life is crumbling on all fronts, you want everything to be good and safe in love. That is why girls have in their heads a whole warehouse of anxieties and fears with regards to relationships and sex - they simply value this area of ​​life very much.

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  • 1 Nonreciprocity
  • 2 Treason
  • Tyranny
  • 4 Beautiful girlfriends
  • 5 What if his friends don't like me?
  • 6 His parents won't approve of me
  • 7 "Men are afraid of smart women"
  • 8 "Men are afraid of strong women"
  • 9 Parting

Nonreciprocity i

Of course, in a girl who does not have an outstanding appearance, this fear is much more developed than in a beauty, after whom her neck is folded. But one way or another, this fear is present in all people, regardless of gender, age and external data. “True love is the only one that remained unanswered” - sounds beautiful when you are in a good mood eating pizza and watching another melodrama.

And then you will learn in your own skin how unbearable it is to realize that your feelings are not reciprocal. The fear of falling in love and being rejected (especially if this has already happened more than once) or the fear that in the course of a relationship a guy will be disappointed and fall out of love (because she is fat, uninteresting, does not cook well, bad lover, etc.) is one of the strongest.


If this has already happened in the girl's life, then fear (and with it pathological jealousy) grows stronger. Hence the attempts to control a man's entire life, regular tantrums and interrogations. There is only one way out: to speak to a jealous woman about love in word and prove by deed. But it will work only if the girl is ready to accept the fact that there are more good men in this world than bad ones.


Again, this phobia does not come out of nowhere. Either a caring dad controlled every step of the girl, or her ex-boyfriend suspected her that she was ready to sleep with the first person he met. If a woman's self-esteem is in order, and she is a mature, integral personality, she will be hostile to any encroachments on her appearance, social circle, leisure and tastes (and she will be right).

Beautiful girlfriends4

all about women's fears
all about women's fears

Only a woman with titanic self-confidence is able to withstand the abundance of beautiful girls around her boyfriend. All other "good friends" with the third size of the breast and Scarlett Johansson's voice will notably strain.

When is it justified? A man who prefers to spend a festive evening in the company of a "friend" rather than his girlfriend looks very suspicious. This also includes ambiguous erotic jokes and excessive tactile contact that goes beyond a friendly hug.

What if his friends don't like me?

If a guy and a girl have a common circle of friends, this fear disappears.

In all other cases, the girl carefully prepares for a meeting with her boyfriend's best friends. She sincerely would like to love them, but if they do not live up to her expectations, she will accept this and be able to save face.

But if she notices that they are unfavorable to her, fear will settle in her head "they will turn him against me." If the ex-boyfriend enthralled all his friends and they still believe that she is the best thing in his life, then the fear reaches its climax.

His parents won't approve of me6

secret fears in women
secret fears in women

This fear is also familiar to everyone, without exception - we value our family and warm relations within it, and therefore we want to be friends with new relatives. If a guy depends on the opinions of his parents, then an unsuccessful acquaintance risks leading to a break in relations.

Before meeting with his father and mother, the girl is sometimes as nervous as she was not nervous before the first session, the first sex and the first trip to epilation.

"Men are afraid of smart women" 7

Men are afraid of smart and beautiful women! Fear of scaring a guy with your intellect. As a result, the girl tries to be less smart and savvy than she really is. It often looks ridiculous and clumsy. There is a big difference between a boring bore and a dull-headed dummy. Both are unattractive in their pure form, but, fortunately, it is not so common.

"Men are afraid of strong women" 8

With these and many other "worldly wisdoms", the fair sex explodes its brain, and fragments fly at everyone who is nearby.

Truly men are afraid of women only physically strong (they can seriously injure). Some girls also confuse such concepts as "evil bitch" and "confident, but adequate girl", "having career ambitions and passionate about work" and "rabid careerist who considers relationships a waste of time", "cheerful and simple girl" and " your bro on the board. "

real female fears
real female fears

It is worth separating the grains from the chaff and ceasing to hide their strengths, as really standing men will peck at them, with whom fears will be forgotten.


Why do cute girls worry about a possible breakup when everything is fine and just beginning? It seems to them that by scaring themselves in advance and foreseeing all kinds of negative outcomes of events, they will be able to take everything under their control. Misconception.

A couple can break up in a month, quarrel in a year, meet old age together with five grandchildren, or break up after ten years, and then get back together and meet old age with six grandchildren. No one will be able to predict this - neither parents, nor girlfriends "with relationships just like yours", nor horoscopes, nor differences in views on the work of Haruki Murakami, nor even our article.

Ladies, enjoy today and cross out phrases starting with "And if …" from your vocabulary.

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