How To Find Your Perfect Match Or The Archeology Of Love

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How To Find Your Perfect Match Or The Archeology Of Love
How To Find Your Perfect Match Or The Archeology Of Love

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find yourself a mate
find yourself a mate

Oh, this love! The eternal problem of all living on earth is to find a mate. No, well, the question is, of course, a serious one, but the matter is very difficult. But, nevertheless, there are several secrets that will help you find your soul mate.

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  • 4 New acquaintances
  • 5 Habitats
  • 6 Met by dress
  • 7 Intuition is the guardian of safety
  • 8 Rake Dancing

First steps in the field of love

For the first time, the feeling of falling in love occurs at the age of soap bubbles and balloons. A kid, 3 - 4 years old, for the first time begins to dis-identify with his mother and realize himself as a separate person. A little later, the first thread of the feeling of falling in love with one's own parents arises. With the correct approach to this situation from the side of adults, the child simply receives an example of an ideal partner in the distant future, but at the same time does not feel for them a feeling of love and desire to marry dad or marry mom. And no matter how funny such promises from the mouth of a baby are, they need to be directed in a different direction. But this is not about Uncle Freud with his "Oedipus complex", but about how to find a mate.

First falling in love in kindergarten or school is important in the formation of a person's personality. This is a good experience, which is not yet realized, but haunts everyone ghostly throughout life. Platonic feelings form a gustatory orientation towards the image. In the future, when a more tangible and mutual relationship begins, an understanding appears of what qualities a partner should have. This is an incredibly valuable experience that is forgotten by anyone who is wondering how to find a mate.

Search strategy2

Usually, a person thinks about finding a partner when he is ready for a serious relationship. To just have a good time, you do not need to deploy large-scale searches. It is enough to go to the club and acquaintance will not be long in coming. But this is not quite what is required. But for a successful hunt, you need an action plan.


Before going on a hike, you need to make a list of requirements for your partner. And no matter how official and biased it may sound, it is.

find a couple for love
find a couple for love

It is necessary to clearly understand for yourself the most important points, by the way, appearance does not apply to them at all. Many are surprised to find that with a special penchant for brunettes, they marry blue-eyed blondes. Paradox? Not at all, just looks are not important.

So, the list … It is necessary to register the main parameters of character, hobbies, financial viability. You should not get carried away, because a hot passion for parachute jumping may not be present in the future partner, but he will not forbid him to periodically fall out of the plane.

Composing such an assistant will play an excellent role when the satellite is found. Moreover, it will have to be replenished constantly. It will even have a negative quality column. And, if suddenly, the number of negative points turns out to be more than positive, and at the same time there is no compensation with positive qualities, then it will become clear that it is time to wind up the relationship. If you can close your eyes to some things because they are more than paid off by other things, then you can just forget about them.

New acquaintances4

Armed with your list, it's time to head out to meet new people. People are often surprised that having a large number of friends and acquaintances, they continue to be in splendid isolation. It's very simple: they are too well known for their quirks, which means they are not particularly valuable. Although, not a fact.

Sometimes the analysis of some Petka Ivanov can give stunning results and make you look at him in a new way. By the way, it is a good idea to run a different look at old acquaintances. But if a decision is made to make new acquaintances, then you will have to go in search of adventure.

looking for the right match
looking for the right match

At the same time, one should not be afraid to be an initiator. What is terrible about approaching a young man who is interested and getting to know him. Of course, taxiing with the banal "hello, how are you?" Rather, the answer will be the standard "no way" or "good." Stumbling and falling into your arms is also not ice. But to sit down at a table with your cup of coffee and say a stupid phrase may well discourage a counterpart. Moreover, the phrase should be intriguing and compelling to continue the conversation, for example, "young man, share a cup of coffee with me and congratulate me." Then a pause. Anyone will be asked what to congratulate. The answer is simple "I got over my embarrassment and got to know you." Well, or something like that.

You can't start a conversation in a negative way. No one will feel sorry for anyone, and the option that “there is no one to drink coffee with, the girlfriend has left” will only alienate the interlocutor. He's not a fallback. If you have difficulties with imagination, then it will not be superfluous to first study the rules and methods of dating. There are a lot of such lotions. Well, or go to pickup courses. Already there, they will teach you the technique of effective rolling.


You don't have to get rid of the old one to update your environment. Friends are the best option for searches. Each of them has more than one social circle in which there are potential victims. Does your girlfriend dance? You can keep her company. Is your buddy interested in role-playing games? And why not wave the sword with him, because there may well be a suitable "Yaroslavna". It turns out that a friend's hobby can be the easiest way to start looking.

If the interests are somewhat different and the requirements for a partner are fundamentally different from the usual environment, then you need to stomp into places of probable habitation: you need a saxophonist - forward to concerts of live or classical music, passion for a lady with tassels - an art exhibition. And so on. There are a lot of options.

How to find a life partner
How to find a life partner

An excellent search option is to sign up for long-desired courses. I wanted to learn how to cook - culinary trainings. By the way, there are a lot of guys there, contrary to popular belief that the cook is only on the ship. A lot of men with great pleasure conjure with a steak or masterly fry shrimp. And if you're lucky, the culinary battles in the shared kitchen will bring a lot of positive emotions. And in general, joint activities often lead to the emergence of sympathy.

People reveal themselves very well at psychological trainings and webinars. There is a great opportunity there, without making a lot of effort, to get to know a potential partner better, at the same time comparing his qualities with the declared list.

Dating sites are ahead of the rest. You may not go anywhere at all, but continue to sit at home, wrapped in a blanket with a cup of tea and a cat on your lap, simultaneously choosing among a great variety of options. This is the way for the lazy. But the field of activity is simply unpaved. You can get stuck in a smartphone for quite a long time, and after weeding out several dozen applicants, leave the most interesting for communication. By choosing more or less suitable candidates and spending more than one evening in a virtual conversation, you can decide on a date. But you need to prepare for the fact that some Shrek, and not Brad Pete, will appear at the meeting. There is no need to faint: after all, the goal is to expand the circle of friends, and not go to the registry office right tomorrow.

Meet by clothes6

Everyone knows that they are greeted by their clothes, and they are escorted by their minds. This should be the main point in your search for a pair. Of course, you can put on overalls on your naked body and waving a wrench invitingly in front of a client in a car service, but this is unlikely to help. It is better to smell of expensive cologne in the same overalls, and by taking off your gloves, show your hands with impeccable manicure. By the way, attention, "tractor driver's hands" are no longer in vogue. A man's grooming is hidden in the little things, and women can see them perfectly.

where to find a mate
where to find a mate

The appearance should be thought out to the smallest detail and correspond to the place where it is decided to go in search. Presumably, jeans with holes in the knees at a concert in the Philharmonic will be at least inappropriate. The same goes for a tuxedo at a pizzeria.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the emotionality of appearance: a dull print on the face does not dispose to the beginning of communication, as well as silly enthusiasm. It is enough to be yourself. No masks of coolness or mystery. Pretending to be "I'm not me, and my butt isn't mine," that sucks. As the saying goes, "keep it simple, and people will be drawn to you."

During the acquaintance, if communication began and turned into a casual conversation, it is necessary to observe truthfulness. Do not be afraid to express your opinion, even if it is fundamentally different from the views of the interlocutor. This is just a great bonus. And if a new acquaintance is interested, then you can count on the continuation of the acquaintance. But immediately flying into pink clouds is stupid. A couple of hours of communication does not solve anything. Will have to wait. Well, or take the initiative again and contact yourself, if the coveted mobile numbers are received. Just do not immediately put on weight with complexes from head to toe if a refusal is received. This is normal and there is nothing fatal about it.

Intuition is the guardian of safety7

An incident such as one's own unwillingness to continue communication may occur. Don't discount your inner voice. Something tasteless may be hidden behind the most attractive appearance. Everything seems to be fine: the interlocutor is good, and the circle of interests coincided, and the appearance is pleasant, and there is a sense of humor. But something is not right.

How to find yourself a partner
How to find yourself a partner

The explanation is simple. Non-verbal body language. It is much truer than the loudest words. You may not even have knowledge of the interpretation of sign language, intuition will draw conclusions itself.

Another factor often waving at is the smell of a person. No, there is no question of cleanliness. You can disappear in the shower for hours, carefully monitor hygiene and use a branded perfume, but all these manipulations cannot hide the individual body odor. It is also registered at the subconscious level.

If this happens, then you can safely turn off the communication, of course, in a delicate manner. Why waste time on something that will not bring satisfaction.

Dancing on a rake8

Each time, returning from the next hunt, you need to take time to summarize. Debriefing is a useful thing. Of course, it is a mistake to apply formulaic thinking to every candidate. Still, there are some general models.

Constant work on mistakes will improve the style and subtleties of communication. And if the acquaintance took place, and moreover continued, then you can correct some points. Don't be frivolous about what has been said. Of course, no one forces you to sit with a notebook in your hands every evening and analyze. It can drive you crazy and take away the charm of your first encounters. But you need to scroll through the past evening in your head.

in active search for love
in active search for love

In fact, finding a mate is not the most difficult task in life. Otherwise, people would have walked alone for quite a long time. The main thing is to allow events to unfold naturally. But at the same time, remember that water does not flow under a lying stone.

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