How People Met Before Or 6 Amorous Places Of Our Parents

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How People Met Before Or 6 Amorous Places Of Our Parents
How People Met Before Or 6 Amorous Places Of Our Parents
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Now it’s even hard to believe it, but before young people got acquainted and found couples, not having gadgets at all at hand, and not even using the Internet. How did they do it? We present to you the TOP-6 of the most common ways to meet our parents and grandparents.

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  • 1 Dating through acquaintances
  • 2 Universities
  • 3 Discos
  • 4 Library
  • 5 Newspapers
  • 6 Street
  • 7 And what does the vigilantes have to do with it?

Dating through acquaintancesi

In the first place, perhaps, were still "acquaintances through acquaintances" or in joint companies. In small towns, people knew each other literally from birth. And in large cities, relatives and mutual friends tried to introduce people of the same age to each other. What was positive about that?

Well, you could definitely learn the most about your new acquaintance. But sometimes it played a cruel joke, because public opinion harmed a person. In general, people used to be inclined to big companies and parties with friends. Moreover, no one communicated virtually, but simply gathered everyone on a hike or invited them to gatherings. It was in the circle of such common acquaintances that romances began, which often ended in families.


If you ask your parents' friends, you will be surprised to notice that the second place where young people of those years most often met were educational institutions. By the way, such acquaintances still remain relevant. After all, people who choose the same profession, as a rule, have many common hobbies.

In addition, earlier institutes often sent their applicants “for potatoes”. The meaning of this event was to help agriculture: students lived in the village, worked together for some time. Naturally, such a common life brought them closer together, added the appropriate mood and showed who was worth what.


Dances and discos are in third place in our TOP-6. Yes, our grandparents did not go to clubs and not to fashionable parties, but to dance evenings that were specially organized in parks or houses of culture. Later, our parents had discos.

There, young people could relax and get acquainted with potential applicants for attention. Such evenings were real lifesavers in the event that the university or work assumed the dominance of representatives of the same sex. For example, soldiers and teachers went to dances.

dating before
dating before


The next, fourth place, to the drumming, is taken by libraries. Imagine that before people went there to write essays, read literature and find smart interlocutors who managed to win their hearts for many years. Libraries hosted literary evenings, which were very popular. We also organized exhibitions of new publications. This is how you could touch the high literature and look after yourself a companion for many years.


Honorable, fifth place, can be given to the first prototypes of online dating - newspaper ads. True, this method was traditionally used by people who had some problems with face-to-face meetings. Workers of the north, single mothers and even prisoners got to know each other through advertisements.

Although, ordinary young people who could not find their soul mate among their entourage or who dreamed of leaving for another city (the capital, for example) also did not neglect this method. Texts that passed the most rigorous checks were printed in strict columns. And no dummy accounts, only real people, their fates and hopes.

dating the old fashioned way
dating the old fashioned way


Dating on the street closes the top six. Imagine that the pickup didn't appear yesterday. The phrase from the famous Soviet film: "Where is the nofelet?" Is probably remembered by many representatives of the older generation. This film tells about a very adventurous man and his shy brother from the point of view of acquaintances with the fair sex.

By the way, his invention "nofelet" is just the word "telephone" in reverse. So there were enough skillful and good-speaking guys during the absence of the Internet. And they could easily and naturally find their soul mate, just walking towards a new day. And yet, brave fellows could spend girls in the dark, not only out of personal sympathy, but also at the behest of duty.

And what have the vigilantes to do with it?

"Druzhinniki" - this was the name of people who, in their free time, on instructions from their main place of work, helped law enforcement officers to control safety on the streets. As a rule, guys with good physical fitness went to the vigilantes, and they wore red armbands with a corresponding inscription on their forearms. Well, how can you resist such a defender?

how did you meet before
how did you meet before

By the way, it was not permissible for girls to first meet before. They could have been given a very bad opinion. So the activity had to come from the guy. This is probably why Russian women are so skillful at flirting and hinting. It was necessary to move the representative of the stronger sex for decisive action.

Perhaps, it is worth rejoicing at the current opportunities to make the first step for girls without any frills, simply by writing or putting a like. Also ask you how your ancestors met, perhaps you will confirm the method mentioned here or discover a new and unusual one.

But what was definitely not to be taken away from our ancestors was the desire for live communication. For some reason, even when the telephone appeared, they liked to meet more than to “tweet” remotely. Maybe this is exactly what should be borrowed from the experience of past generations - not to forget to see each other?

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