90 Interesting Facts About Women From Around The World

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90 Interesting Facts About Women From Around The World
90 Interesting Facts About Women From Around The World
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woman in curlers
woman in curlers

Interesting facts about women based on the results of studies and observations that were carried out everywhere and with great interest in the fair sex. What can we say about snowflakes? Two words: they are beautiful and each is individual, the snowflake pattern is never repeated, despite the fact that there are billions of them. Likewise, women are beautiful and unique. No two women are alike, only one thing is known, they are very different from men.

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1 Habits that a lady does not notice, but she cannot live without them

Habits that a lady does not notice, but she cannot live without them

  • If a woman has 3 or 4 chiffoniers of clothes, she still has nothing to wear and thinks about what to wear today she spends one year of her life.
  • Lipstick eats 2-3 kilograms per life.
  • It costs 120 hours a year in front of the mirror.
  • On average, 17 years are on the diet.
  • Only 2% consider themselves beautiful.
  • Single mothers in Russia make up one third of all families.
  • They say 20,000 words a day against 7,000 for men.
  • They cry 30-60 times a year, while men - 6-17 times.
  • All women in the world spend 10 trillion more than they earn.
  • One Englishwoman has 19 pairs of shoes at a time, and she wears only 7 pairs.
  • Women own 30% of the world's businesses.
  • In Nigeria, there are more children per woman - 7 babies. In Russia, it is -2.5 children.
  • Interesting facts about women were provided by the statistical bureau of Russia: there are 3 abortions for one birth.
  • The heart beats faster than a man's.
  • There are more taste buds.
  • They blink more often, but hiccup less.
Facts about women
Facts about women
  • On average, men are 12 centimeters taller than women and weigh 10 kilograms more.
  • The only sport where men and women compete on an equal footing is equestrianism.
  • In women, the immune system ages more slowly, due to this they live longer than men.
  • The average life expectancy for women in Russia is 77 years, for men - 66 years.
  • The shortage of men is 10 million in Russia.
  • But in the UAE, the imbalance is: for 219 men, only 100 women.
  • The youngest age for marriage in Cambodia is 13 years old girls and 16 years old boys. The highest in China is 22 and 20, respectively.
  • The only country where women are drafted into the army is Israel.
What a man doesn't know about girls
What a man doesn't know about girls
  • The pain threshold for women is lower.
  • The woman gives her hand for a handshake, but does not shake the first, giving up the initiative.
  • A husband who is a traitor in Hong Kong, his wife has the right to strangle with her bare hands, it is forbidden to use any of the objects.
  • If a girl shows her hands, she will open them with her palms down.
  • She only turns her head to the call, not the body, like guys, because she has a more flexible neck.
  • They love small handbags to fiddle with with their hands, hands should always be busy, such a psychology.
  • They do not like soap, they consider it harmful to the skin.
  • Not confident women - 91%, ordinary in appearance - 24% consider themselves. In extreme cases, they think they are cute.
  • An example of resourcefulness was shown by the ladies in the city besieged by Konrad the third: he allowed to take the most valuable things, they carried their husbands on themselves.
  • The auditory sensations are much superior to the visual ones - for sure, they love with the ears.
  • The heart is 20% smaller, the brain is 10%, but 59% of European women earn more than their chosen ones, but this does not bother anyone.
  • There is no malice in swaying the hips, they are just wide.
Interesting facts about women
Interesting facts about women
  • A separate part of the brain is responsible for such pleasure as talking, so they say 3 times more.
  • The special amygdala part of the brain responsible for anxiety and fear turns off after orgasm.
  • Allergy torments 12% semen.
  • Most people do not like light unshaven and brutality, preference is given to a clean-shaven face.
  • Most people prefer a beer belly at the other half, so they feel their safety.
  • For the majority of the fair half, orgasm occurs more often during exercise than during intimacy. Intimacy gives only 25% of the opportunity to get an orgasm.
  • The smell of citrus is most exciting, least of all is the smell of fire and barbecue.
  • The female brain responsible for falling in love is strongly activated by sex.
  • The most successful flirtation is holding hands.
  • A gloomy man attracts more.
  • Women suffer less from breakups than men.
  • The sexuality of the strong half is manifested in the kitchen, it is pleasant to look at them at this time.
Interesting facts about women
Interesting facts about women
  • Preference is given to guys with dark hair.
  • A deep voice is considered more masculine.
  • There can be no friendship between the different sexes; anyway, one of the two will be more interested.
  • Ladies blink eyes twice more.
  • If you look at the animal kingdom, then the female breast is the largest. Sometimes it has a third nipple.
  • For some, a genetic mutation in the eyes makes it possible to see 100 times more colors than an ordinary person.
  • Feeling pain in the shoulder rather than the chest during a heart attack.
  • One woman in labor dies every 90 seconds.
  • Of the planets, Venus alone has a feminine name.
  • Grasse Machel is the only one who managed to become the first lady in two states. She first married the head of Mozambique, and then the leader of South Africa.
  • The real heroine is Cha Chasun in South Korea. She passed theory 950 times for driving a car, practice 10 times and got her license at 74 years old.
  • He never scratches the back of his head, does not want to show confusion, besides, it ruins the hair in the end.
  • He can wind a lock of hair around his finger and tickle the cheek, no one else does that.
  • Does not bite the cigarette with his teeth or hold it in his mouth, only with his fingers.
What no one knew about women
What no one knew about women
  • It is not a woman's business to blow up tanks, they only swing from behind, not from the side.
  • Arrangements of dried flowers - they like these tattered brooms.
  • For some reason, they are afraid of spiders, worms, mice and beautiful caterpillars.
  • Thinks about how beautiful she looks during sex.
  • Beer bottles are opened with a special device for this.
  • They breathe with the chest, not the abdominal press.
  • He walks sideways over mountains, not legs wide apart.
  • They look at the heels by turning back, and not lifting the leg higher forward.
  • On hot pebbles and sand they walk on tiptoe, not on heels.
  • While sitting, they squeeze their knees and do not fall apart on the seat; it is good to have such a companion in transport.
  • Having a desire for a compromise, they tell greasy anecdotes, but in an interesting place they express everything with facial expressions or mumble indistinctly.
  • An unbuttoned fly on the street will unfastenedly unfasten and move on.
  • At your request, the lighter will simply pass over and will not train you to jump and react.
  • Gloves are worn before going outside.
Secrets of girls
Secrets of girls
  • A heavy bag without a handle is carried on its side, not in front of itself.
  • He carries change and bills in one place, so the change does not ring in his pocket.
  • While wringing out the laundry, he takes it with his palms up, not down.
  • Hair is twice as thin, but it grows faster and lasts longer.
  • Due to lack of muscle and stress, fat is burned more slowly.
  • Stronger immunity in the weaker half of humanity.
  • The skin is 10 times more sensitive.
  • A woman's breasts do not contain muscles.
  • Ligaments have more elastin than collagen, so the body is more flexible.
  • The brain activity during sleep is reduced by only 10%, so the sleep is more sensitive.
  • They are poorly oriented in space, therefore they park much worse, especially on the first try.
  • In 80%, the left breast is larger than the right - a sign of the Amazon, who generally cut off their right breast so as not to interfere with swinging the saber.
  • During pregnancy, 30% develop an unhealthy passion for non-edible things.
Interesting facts about girls
Interesting facts about girls
  • They feel better threatened by the elevated hormones progesterone, kartisone and estradiol.
  • The chest increases by 20 grams with every extra kilogram of weight.

Each snowflake is beautiful in its own way, each woman has its own flavor, so she is good.

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