Why Girls Like Tall Men: Reasons And Stereotypes

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Why Girls Like Tall Men: Reasons And Stereotypes
Why Girls Like Tall Men: Reasons And Stereotypes

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Why girls like tall men
Why girls like tall men

Numerous studies carried out in different countries indicate that women began to choose tall men even in ancient times. They have always preferred to associate themselves with tall and strong men. But what worries many men to this day is "why do girls like tall men?"

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Main reasons i

The tall male made the women feel more comfortable. In addition, he was better at securing food and safety. Tall representatives of the stronger sex were considered the best hunters, strong and courageous warriors. In addition, they occupied a privileged position in ruling the state.

Do not discount heredity. A woman always makes a choice in favor of a man who can give offspring with good genes. If children are born tall and physically developed, then they will have better health and it is easier to tolerate diseases.

According to sociologists, tall men are much happier and more successful than their undersized counterparts. They get married earlier, so they have families and children earlier. They also have much fewer problems with promotion.

Today in the world there is a tendency to increase the growth of humanity. Currently, Russian men are inferior in height only to Europeans, mostly those who are from Northern Europe.

Medicine suggests that among tall men, the largest number of centenarians. However, this fact is overshadowed by the fact that this group of men has a very high risk of developing cancer.

Stereotypes of thinking2

As statistics show, the choice of women is still strongly influenced by social stereotypes. So, for one hundred pairs in which the man is taller than his companion, there is only one pair in which the lady is taller than her gentleman. This is attributed to the fact that girls may be uncomfortable due to the fact that society considers such couples to be funny or ridiculous.

But the situation can change in the most radical way, if at the same time a short man occupies a prominent position in society, he is famous or is the owner of a huge fortune. In this case, he may be surrounded by a crowd of tall girls of model appearance.

Next to a tall man, any lady will feel more feminine. With such a gentleman, it is not a shame to appear at any event, he will always be in the center of women's attention. Why are guys taller than girls, genetics answers! What we read in detail further on the link.

I love a tall man
I love a tall man

Sexologists, however, are putting their fly in the ointment, claiming that shorter guys are much more active in pastels. They are able to make their couple's sex life much brighter and more varied.

Women's opinion3

A poll among women showed why girls like tall men. As it turned out, for completely different reasons.

Some women feel comfortable and safe next to a tall companion. Others like to wear heels, but do not want to be taller than their boyfriend. There are girls who, next to undersized men, feel like "bigwigs" and fatties.

There was even a saying that tall ladies feel uncomfortable when they have to bend down to kiss their lover. Apparently, every lady has her own reason to choose a taller guy.

However, psychologists urge everyone not to dramatize the situation. After all, as experience shows, the growth of a gentleman matters only at first. After a woman gets used to the look of her new acquaintance, no matter how tall he is, she will pay attention to his character, good manners, education, depth of spiritual qualities.

why i love tall
why i love tall

The choice of a partner is greatly influenced by the presence or absence of such qualities as love for children and animals, respect for the elderly and parents, the ability to find a way out of difficult situations, the ability to provide for their family, etc.

Men's opinion4

If we talk about short men, then they can be divided into two camps:

  • complex about their growth;
  • calmly regarding this issue and not inflating the problem from this circumstance.

Many people believe that small men have a lot of complexes about their height, so they like to go to extremes and surround themselves with large objects: a large car, a luxurious house, a tall, beautiful wife. Short men are very persistent with women, but at the same time they are very gentle and caring.

Those guys who do not consider their height to be a big problem also very often gravitate towards tall ladies. Such companions increase their self-esteem and allow them to behave more confidently. Moreover, they are so self-confident that many are not even embarrassed by the shoes with high heels on the legs of their companion.

considering tall men
considering tall men

Tall men are very popular with women, so they do not consider it necessary to waste their charm, time and energy in order to conquer a woman. Ladies themselves hang on their necks, all that is required of them is to make a choice in favor of one of them.

Short men are more detailed in this matter. They know how to romantically and beautifully take care of their beloved. And since, in their opinion, they have nothing to lose, the realization of this adds courage to them to get acquainted with the weaker sex.

But if a woman is taller than a man - is this the norm? About this and not only in our article, follow the link below.

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