How To Choose Lingerie As A Gift For A Girl?

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How To Choose Lingerie As A Gift For A Girl?
How To Choose Lingerie As A Gift For A Girl?

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How to choose lingerie for a girl
How to choose lingerie for a girl

On the eve of the holidays or just in connection with a new stage in a relationship, guys often want to make the girl nice and give something beautiful and intimate. The variety of beautiful lingerie suggests that this is not just a beautiful gift for any budget, but also a sexy wardrobe detail that only two will see.

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Before choosing lingerie for a girl, you need to arm yourself with minimal knowledge and get a little familiar with fashion trends in order to understand how to make an unforgettable gift, beautiful and useful.

Required minimum i

A beautiful lace gift, neatly wrapped, tied with ribbons will delight even the most emotionless young lady. You need to know a little about sizes, colors and style preferences so that the gift is not sent to the shelf with other things that no one is going to wear.

Do not forget that a girl always pays attention to details and will immediately understand how much effort was spent on the purchase. It doesn't have to be a sale two sizes up or a bra and panties incompatible with her style in addition to wild colors. No matter how difficult the task with the choice of underwear may seem, it is doable!

The size

The main condition for a successful choice of a set of underwear for a girl is to guess the size. Here are some helpful tips for guys who don't know how to choose lingerie for a girl.

Your favorite bra, provided she doesn't wear it every day, will tell you everything there is to know about sizing. You need to look at the tag. It says a number and a Latin letter. The letter denotes the fullness of the cup, that is, size A - 1, B - 2, C - 3, and so on. The figure encodes the volume under the breast 70, 80, 90 and above. It is not always possible to make out the letters on the tag with frequent washing.

Gift - underwear
Gift - underwear

Then you can creatively solve the problem and measure the distance from the fastener along the bra to another fastener with a ruler. This will be the volume under the breast. But with the fullness of the cup is more difficult. You can remember how it lies in the palm of your hand or pull off one of the bust samples for a while and show it to the consultant in the store.

It is easier to choose the size of the panties. It is often the same size as pants or skirts. It is enough to see the size XS, S, M, L on the tags of pants, skirts, shorts and say about it when choosing the right model.


Finding the right model is not easy! There is always a chance to guess or analyze the rhythm of life and buy something practical and convenient. It will be more practical for an athletic girl who spends a lot of time in the gym or by the type of activity associated with sports to give a good model of sports underwear and comfortable shorts.

When the relationship goes to an intimate level and the girl tries to surprise the guy with beautiful lace delights, then an extra pair of thin lace panties and a bustier will always come in handy. Smooth lines that emphasize the breasts will look fantastic on the figure of a girl of any size.

How to choose underwear for a girl
How to choose underwear for a girl

A sure-fire option for all time - classic lingerie models. They are made so diverse in appearance, combining fabrics skillfully and exquisitely, that there is a chance to find the right model for the most fastidious girl. A thin mesh, expensive lace, high-quality jewelry and accessories will make an irreplaceable set of underwear out of a simple gift that a girl will wear with pleasure.


The most difficult item to choose. No one except a guy can choose a color so well that it emphasizes the skin tone, hair color and at the same time it is practical to wear it under the everyday wardrobe.

If a girl prefers light colors in clothes, she has a light tan and light eyes, then cream shades or ivory color will emphasize her beauty better than others. For swarthy girls with dark eyes and dark hair, stylists recommend trying all colors.

Both bright berry shades and delicate cream colors and a black lace set will look advantageous. For girls with very light, transparent skin, colors without yellowness are suitable, you should not choose bright shades of linen. Against their background, the skin will look painful and unnatural.

It will not be superfluous to delicately know in advance if there is a color that you do not like. It is difficult to put on a beautiful set if it is annoying with color or there is nothing to combine it with in everyday life.

How to determine the size of your laundry
How to determine the size of your laundry

Bad gift2

If the question of how to choose lingerie for a girl has become more clear, just in case, you need to know what is not suitable for gifts or a simple presentation for no reason. Not even that. What CATEGORALLY can not be given to a girl.

  1. Corrective kits
  2. Push up bras
  3. Bright and inappropriate kits
  4. Cheap kits made of poor material
  5. Lingerie is out of size

Comments on each item are unnecessary. A present that will look ridiculous on your figure or hint at flaws will be the first on the list of the worst gifts from guys. Each girl herself knows what is wrong in the figure and knows how to hide it on occasion. It's a very bad idea to remind her of this.

Whatever desires a guy pursues when choosing a set of underwear for a girl, you always need to take into account the size and type. So that later you do not have to reproach the half for spending a lot of money on branded linen, which she will throw in the far corner of the cabinet. It is enough to learn a little more about the preferences and the size to present a stunning kit that will delight both!

We will tell you in detail about which gift to choose for a new girl in the next article.

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