Money In A Man's Life Or How Did A Monkey Become A Man?

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Money In A Man's Life Or How Did A Monkey Become A Man?
Money In A Man's Life Or How Did A Monkey Become A Man?

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Money in a man's life
Money in a man's life

Many women who are fixated on their money and earnings are called mercantile persons. However, a man's concern for welfare is perceived as the highest degree of masculinity and thriftiness. Money in a man's life has always played a very large, if not the main role.

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What does money give men? I

To understand the attitude of modern men to money, it is enough to recall the anecdote when the father takes the kid around the zoo, and he points his finger at each animal and asks if it is a man. To which the father does not stand up and declares that a man is the one who has money, and everyone else is males. So, it's time to talk about the role money plays in a man's life.

For a long time, earning a livelihood has been the lot of the stronger sex. It was men who were responsible for ensuring that their families were well-fed and did not need anything. Therefore, a man perceives his insolvency in the field of earnings almost as painfully as a woman's lack of the possibility of motherhood and marriage.

At all times, money in the hands of men symbolized power. The way of earning and the amount of material resources allows men to occupy a certain position in society, that is, they give him status.

Many men are interested in enrichment not only because it allows them to feel their own importance and independence, but also resembles a kind of game in which you can win or be defeated. Most of them compete in their imaginations with other men from their environment.

Moreover, the better he is at earning money and the more it becomes, the more reckless the game becomes for him, he takes an active life position, and his ideas sparkle with creativity. Thus, thoughts appear about how to spend money correctly, so that they not only do not end, but even multiply.

Therefore, investing in gold, stocks, real estate and the like is an absolutely natural phenomenon of our time. Only very short-sighted men keep money in reserve.

It is as important for men to have money as it is for women to be attractive. A man who has achieved certain heights in the material plane can consider himself an accomplished person, a real man and a professional.

why does a man need money
why does a man need money

In modern society, money can symbolize everything that people strive for: prestigious work, choosing a partner to their liking, family well-being, all kinds of recreation and entertainment, respect and recognition of authority.

Power of money2

Very often, a person believes that it is he who owns the money and does not notice how money has been guiding his thoughts and actions for a long time. Very few people, having become rich, continue to perceive rustling pieces of paper as a tool to achieve their goals, while not changing their spiritual qualities and moral values, while the bulk of people preach the cult of money and worship them.

Money is able to leave its mark on any area of ​​a person's life, from birth to old age.

A child who grew up in a poor family may be ashamed of his poor parents, no matter how wonderful people they are. If among the children of wealthy parents a "rogue" starts, then he will be beaten and rejected. Women always treat wealthy gentlemen favorably, and wealthy men prefer to choose their life companions according to their taste. The question of how many children a married couple will have depends in many cases on the level of income of the parents.

power of money
power of money

Money has an impact not only on people's lives, their behavior and even outlook can change. Yesterday, such ordinary and sincere people become callous and calculating, forget about relatives and friends.

Money plays a key role in a man's life. By purchasing them, men often begin to feel like the masters of life, and everyone else, including their own family, is considered servants who are obliged to serve for the benefit of their interests.

When does a special relationship with money form? 3

As psychologists like to say, we all come from childhood, so the origins of the relationship to money should be looked for there.

Children born into poverty may not learn to handle money wisely as they grow up, as their parents did not teach them this. But for some toddlers, the burden of poverty can be so severe that as they grow up, they will devote all their energies to breaking free of poverty.

In this regard, the words of one of the youngest millionaires in the country may be impressive, who, talking about his childhood, told the following: “Our family lived so poorly that in one of the rooms of our shack there was not even a wooden flooring and mushrooms grew right on the earthen floor. Therefore, I never invited friends to my place, I was very ashamed."

the impact of money on life
the impact of money on life

Another situation can be considered when a wealthy family teaches their children the correct use of money, thanks to which they become rich and successful people. But there is also a downside, when, no matter how children are taught, permissiveness overshadows their eyes so much that they waste money without realizing their real value.

Some people say money rules the world, others say that men rule the world. Believing that men manage money is easy, but that money controls men is scary.

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