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Scientists Slandered "50 Shades Of Gray", But Viewers Protest

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Scientists Slandered "50 Shades Of Gray", But Viewers Protest
Scientists Slandered "50 Shades Of Gray", But Viewers Protest

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Slandered "50 Shades of Gray"
Slandered "50 Shades of Gray"

Fifty Shades of Gray fans are seriously thrilled by one of the latest research on this film. In it, scientists claim that the characters Christian Gray and Anastacia Steele are completely abnormal. Gray is the rapist, and Anastacia is the victim of his whims.

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The group of scientists who conducted this study does not consider the shown connection to be normal. Scientists' reasoning was published in an American journal called "Women's Health".

What study authors say i

"The analysis shows that emotional and sexual abuse is widespread in relationships," says author Amy Bonomi, assistant professor of human development and family science at Ohio State University in the United States. “Christian Gray is a controlling, stalking character who exposes his victim to Anastacia emotionally, sexually and physically. The same can be said about any other practice of BDSM - it involves humiliation and violence committed by one person over another."

Opposing opinion 2

However, some readers expressed bewilderment at the categorization of BDSM as a violence. Similarly, not only ordinary Internet users believe, but also the sociologist Pepper Schwartz, who has devoted several decades to the study of sexology and relationships - in particular, BDSM. He believes that real violence should never be part of a sexual practice based on sadomasochism.

“There is more openness in such relationships than in 99% of other couples. People who practice BDSM discuss among themselves things that others cannot even think of. Each session is carried out by prior mutual agreement. I think that most couples can only dream of such trust,”says Schwartz.


Film "50 shades of gray"

Difference between violence and BDSM3

New York psychologist Alexis Konason believes that it is extremely important to distinguish between BDSM relationships and violence of any type (emotional or physical). “BDSM is more characterized by safe and in many ways only playful interaction between two adults by prior consent. Before entering into such a relationship, partners must clearly define their own boundaries and desires. And I can say with complete confidence that violence in traditional vanilla relationships is as common as in any other type of love affair - including BDSM,”explains Alexis.

It is often believed that BDSM participants themselves have had a history of sexual abuse in the past. However, this is not the case. Alexis believes that people do BDSM for the simple reason that they enjoy it. And not because they would like to once again act out a scene of violence and cruelty in their lives.

Christian Gray is not a pervert4

Many fans of the book by E. L. James do not consider its main character strange or "sick." This character is loved for both his sexual prowess and love for Anastacia Steele and his past. Here is what one of the book's readers and film viewers, Jamie Turner, 37, writes:

about bdsm
about bdsm

Film "50 shades of gray"

“Everything described in the book is safe and reasonable. In addition, sex takes place by mutual consent. So what kind of violence can we talk about? Anastacia did nothing against her will. Does this differ from traditional views of sex? Definitely yes. Is all of this offensive? Not. Nothing in this piece struck me as harmful or cruel.

Another commentary, Dallas West, 28, is the mother of a 1 year old and two foster children. She agrees with the previous user:

“I don’t understand how anyone can consider this book offensive. To do this, it simply needs to be misinterpreted. Christian constantly made sure that Anastacia remembered the stop words and used them in time. At some point, he was even angry with her, as she was too immersed in the process and forgot to do it. So while both parties have consensual sex and the way they like it, other people have no right to judge them. We must strive for personal sexual freedom."

That is why anything that pleases you and your partner should not be considered unacceptable. And if suddenly a couple discovers that sadomasochism is something they would like to try, then no one should feel "dirty" or "offended."

bdsm in relationships
bdsm in relationships

Film "50 shades of gray"

BDSM is not a form of relationship for everyone5

And even if a person is able to adequately separate true violence from the BDSM lifestyle, sadomasochism may not suit him at all. So says Dr. David Reiss from San Diego. “Yes, for some people who are not initially inclined to BDSM, this kind of intimacy can cause psychological damage.

Therefore, it is worth considering submission and dominance games only in the context of personal preference. If there is no desire to engage in sadomasochism in any of its manifestations, then you should not force yourself. It can really affect self-esteem or self-attitude,”emphasizes Reiss.

So BDSM is a form of intimacy only for mature and psychologically healthy people who are aware of the possible risks and take appropriate precautions. And to regard it as violence is at least superficial.

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