How To Have A Mistress For A Married Man: The Rules Of A Secret Romance

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How To Have A Mistress For A Married Man: The Rules Of A Secret Romance
How To Have A Mistress For A Married Man: The Rules Of A Secret Romance
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to have a mistress for a married man
to have a mistress for a married man

Rumor has it that all men are polygamous. This point of view can be both confirmed and refuted. There are several hundred reasons for any opinion. It is more pleasant for girls to think that it is from her that the beloved will not spree. Some naively believe that a man who decides to marry will definitely not betray and go to the left. Another way to control the male is total surveillance. What if you're a married man but want something new on the side? Let's talk about how to have a mistress for a married man and not sleep in front of his wife.

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  • 2 Where to meet the one and how to behave?

How to choose a mistress? I

Feelings cannot be ordered, as they say. But we want to figure out how to find a mistress, and not fall in love? These are two completely different things. If a man does not want to get a divorce, but is just looking for entertainment for the evening or several evenings, he needs to adhere to certain rules. Being careful is actually quite difficult. Always remember about the notorious female intuition.

Let's say you thought through all the details of treason to the smallest detail. You meet with the nymphet not at a later time, but at times when your wife is not aware of anything. You choose secret places. But your behavior can betray the cheater in a couple of seconds.

In order not to complicate things - make a choice in favor of the right ladies. To begin with, potential lovers can be divided into two main age categories. The former include young beauties from 18 to 30 years old. It is rather dangerous to trust such young ladies. They are impulsive, amorous and sensual. Perhaps in sex it will be an undeniable plus. As well as a chiseled figure with an elastic chest.

But imagine that she fell in love sincerely or is simply very offended by you. Young girls do not yet know how to keep emotions in themselves. In the wake of passion and rage, such a mistress can burn the entire operation. For example, he will find your spouse on Instagram and write to her in Direct the whole truth about her cheating husband.

If you have already decided on the role of a womanizer behind your wife's back, be careful. Take a closer look at the older and more experienced ladies. A girl in her 30s can also look great, go to the gym and exercise herself. But you should not consider her a white sheep either. Free females of this age often dream of finally finding family happiness. They, like inexperienced youngsters, are ready to destroy someone else's marriage.

The best choice is a married girl with a baggage of experience and knowledge. Accordingly, the portrait of an ideal lover consists of only two parameters: age and marital status. If she herself does not want to destroy her marriage, then your family life will be relatively safe.

How to get a mistress
How to get a mistress

Where to meet the one and how to behave? 2

There are tons of dating apps and sites out there. At first glance, this is the easiest way to meet a girl for sexual pleasure. But this will be the most risky of all possible undertakings.

Even if your wife does not follow such services, distant acquaintances and free friends can always help her. It would be quite a shame to get a scandal and discord in the family on the very first day of using Tinder, right?

The second danger is the wife's close social circle. Remember, no relationship or flirting with her friends. She will promise to be silent, but at the first quarrel, she will leak dirt on your wife.

How to have a mistress for a married man? Meet outside your standard circle. An affair with a colleague, although attractive, like a sexual fantasy, is very dangerous. If she keeps quiet, another colleague will happily report your affair to your wife.

The easiest way is to work according to the scheme: acquaintance in a restaurant or club. Maybe you are attending English school or theater performances. Also take a closer look at those who visit fitness clubs. The most successful thing is to go to study in a new place. In case of failure, you can return to your gym near the house.

A married man's mistress
A married man's mistress

Never hide your marital status from your mistress. Women's curiosity sometimes turns into a real tragedy. It is much better to immediately identify your marital status. Then she herself will be able to decide how ready for such a relationship. And the girl will no longer be able to present you with anything for lying.

Suppose that you immediately have feelings for some beauty. Do not rush to lay all the cards on the table. You can tell about your wife without naming names. Never give your mistress a password from your phone and links to social networks. The best option is to have a separate number to contact her.

Do you think this already looks like a spy game? In a sense, it is. By number, you can find a page on Instagram or VKontakte. It is also easy to find out the owner's personal data using it. Even the name and address of a smart lady will find out at once.

Get a mistress
Get a mistress

How to have a mistress for a married man? The answer to the question is very simple. You can dive from relationship to relationship without worrying about safety. But be prepared for your own marriage to collapse quickly. Do you want to play alpha male for a long time? Take the right precautions.

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