TOP 7 Ways To Meet On A Dating Site

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TOP 7 Ways To Meet On A Dating Site
TOP 7 Ways To Meet On A Dating Site

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surprised guy
surprised guy

Frustrated by the setbacks that have befallen you on dating sites?

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  • 1 "No!" overstated requirements
  • 2 Honesty is the key to everything
  • 3 Give up games
  • 4 Do not abuse sexuality
  • 5 Let go of the past
  • 6 Don't give up
  • 7 More positive

Tired of correspondences that lead nowhere? Looking for true love, and you are only offered one-off sex?

So it's time to change something. It is foolish to hope for a new result if you continue to act in the old way.

It's time for interesting acquaintances and dates. It's time to step out of your comfort zone, part with the past and step into a new life.

Finding your love is not easy. Millions of people spend hours in apps and fail over and over again. Sometimes it seems that it is easier to find a needle in a haystack than a worthy partner on the Internet.

Let's not lose heart! There is hope!

Read the seven important rules for dating online. Do you follow all of them?

"Not!" excessive requirements

We all have a list of things we are not willing to put up with. This is normal. There should be such a list!

But if your profile is covered with all the requirements for your potential partner, he automatically begins to exude negative vibrations.

The negative is repulsive. There is enough negativity in life, why the hell would someone look for an ever-growing clot of dark energy as a second half?

Honesty is the key2

Upload up-to-date photos, indicate your real age, do not lie about your work and interests. Lying can help you get your first date, but then what?

Find yourself someone who will love you, not an ideal image that does not correspond to reality.

Girl with laptop
Girl with laptop

Why waste your time on someone who doesn't suit you? Why waste your energy pretending to be another person?

Better sign up for acting classes.

Give up games3

Including rules like "after a date, play silent for three days and only then get in touch." Do you like this person? Write him! Call! Invite somewhere!

Remember that we attract into our lives what we ourselves are.

Would you like to date a manipulator and a player?

We dare to assume that before going to bed you dream of a happy and healthy relationship, and not of cheap drama and mutual brainwashing.

Do not abuse sexuality4

Selfie without a shirt in the bathroom. Or from a neckline so deep as if it is trying to reach the core of the earth.

Decide what you want - serious relationship or sex for one night? Think about how the person who sees your profile thinks about you.

Girl taking a selfie
Girl taking a selfie

An abundance of candid photos = an abundance of attention of dubious quality.

Let go of the past5

Don't talk about your ex on the first date. Although, if you start complaining about your exes already in the correspondence, the first date does not threaten you.

You don't need to write about past relationships in your profile. From the outside, it looks like you still haven't recovered from your past romance and are not ready for a new relationship.

Or is it really so?

It's time to let go of the past and move on.

Instead of talking about your past partner and failed relationship, talk about yourself. Less negative, more positive vibrations.

Guy with a girl with flowers
Guy with a girl with flowers

Don't give up6

Perfect guys and girls don't fall from the sky. Finding the other half may take some time. Don't give up. Spend at least two to three months on the website / app. Chat with people you like and go on dates more often.

Try to communicate with people as unlike you as possible. If you succeed, great! If not, you can make a new friend and just have fun.

Take unsuccessful dates with ease. Every new acquaintance, every dating trip is a rewarding experience. And this experience will help you to look at yourself in a new way, reconsider your standards and understand what you want from the relationship.

More positive7

What does your profile say about you? Add more playfulness. Make your profile interesting, catchy, attention-grabbing and interesting. Instead of the banal "I love traveling and relaxing on the beach" write a few words about an unusual adventure from your life.

Guy with laptop
Guy with laptop

Be positive and friendly. The less cold and unapproachable person you look, the more likes and swipes you get!

Stand out from the crowd of users. Write something out of the ordinary, blow up the minds of those who are lucky enough to see your profile!

Now let's get down to practical exercises. Adjust your profile and go! Towards new acquaintances and experiences!

It's time to finally fulfill the promise once again made to myself on New Year's Eve - to meet your love and find happiness.

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