How To Meet An Older Man And What To Do With This Next

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How To Meet An Older Man And What To Do With This Next
How To Meet An Older Man And What To Do With This Next

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how to meet an older man
how to meet an older man

Why do you need to know how to meet an older man? Do you think it will be easier with him than with a peer? That is unlikely. Well, okay, let's not bother, but you still have to decide on the motivation. Even if you are a fan of the nineties, and you just like everything from that era, you should first understand for yourself what kind of relationship you are planning with an older man. This so that later it would not be excruciatingly painful.

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  • 2 Dating Sites - Pros and Cons
  • 3 Decent clubs and restaurants
  • 4 Work and everything connected with it
  • 5 How to attract him
  • 6 Older married guys
  • 7 Is there a “gap” between generations


Where does a divorced man go? That's right, in the "rocking chair". There he can be identified not by a downcast look and looking at pictures of the former on the phone, but by fanatical, often on the verge of reason, training. If girls start "spree" with beauty salons, mesotherapy and shops, guys - with the hiring of the most brutal coach who is ready to knock out the remnants of "unsportsmanlikeness" from the ward in a matter of minutes.

No need to get acquainted:

  • To pull on the brightest and most open form of the class "I even came to the pylon";
  • Choke on hellish spirits. Normal is also not necessary. It is in combination with sweat that any smells disgusting;
  • Shine with bright evening makeup;
  • Pester when approaching

We saw how bored the specimen we liked between approaches, we come up and ask for insurance, advice on exercise technique, whatever. Just do not call the phone, and whether my leggings are too tight to fit my ass. The last option is only good for porn movies. Men are not idiots, they quickly realize that they are not seen as a rocking guru, but as a desirable object for acquaintance.

For dating in a rocking chair, you yourself should at least a little bit get involved in this, because there is nothing worse than a girl who tries to find her happiness among barbells and simulators, and just hangs around there with the look of "well, at least someone." It looks hopeless, don't do it.

Dating Sites - Pros and Cons2

Guys in their 30s and 40s don't sit in Tinder. Suddenly, it's a fact. And Badu's dating site doesn't have much. Most of the "old school" people are on good old dating sites. It is there that they try, from old memory, to find a girl to cheat on his wife.

How is it? Sounds normal? If not, then choose the right man:

  • No half-smeared photos;
  • Normal name, not "City Cowboy 74";
  • The opportunity to meet in an ordinary, crowded cafe in the city center during popular times, instead of Monday morning when everyone is at work

The advantage of dating sites is that you can pre-chat. Minus - they go there strictly for sex. What do you think, if a man is older than you, he did not have a relationship, or he cannot just find a girlfriend for himself.

You can be anyone on the site. This is the main problem with online dating. A sporty tanned handsome next to an expensive car may turn out to be a very flabby guy who has exposed an old photo. Keep in mind.

meet an older man
meet an older man

Hilary Thomas and Alec Baldwin

Decent clubs and restaurants3

Not the ones that Alj goes to with concerts, and not the ones that serve St. Petersburg-style shawarma. Think about the top five expensive establishments in your city. If you are not in a deep province, where serious uncles only go to a personal hunting farm with a gun, you can find a worthy specimen.

You can't just come up and ask something how it can work with a peer. You need to look, hint at interest, but do not climb to get acquainted first. These men love "classic" roles in relationships. But this is exactly what you are looking for, and not another boy to pick up on a date?

meet an older man
meet an older man

Donald and Melania Trump

The main thing here is a decent appearance, sexy, but not vulgar clothes, and the ability to keep up a conversation on any topic. What is it like? Just ask something and smile, no one forces you to understand venture funds.

Work and everything connected with it4

Such men are quite easy to meet at work. If you are just starting your career, you are still invited to events and you go to some courses to become a better professional, right? If so, communication will be easier.

Make yourself business cards, meet, communicate. At the same time, you will make connections that are useful for work, and you will grow in a career over time.

Dating at work may not be entirely beneficial for your career, so think about what's more important to you. It so happens that you start dating, and this interferes with either the interests of the company, or the work in general.

How to attract him5

Older men are not at all the same as their peers. You need to be smart, be able to maintain a conversation, but it is not worth showing that you know everything better, and in general, and so well done. “That” generation of people has a different upbringing. A girl should be a pleasant companion, understand art, music, a little - in politics and news, well - in books and entertainment, but she should not stick out her intellect at all.

Men do not meet young people for the sake of intellectual humiliation, as some think. Joke. They just want to date a woman, not a grandmother, who has only offspring, a vegetable garden, a garden and some procedures for pulling money out of her mind. Sorry to prolong youth.

meet an older man
meet an older man

Jennifer Flavin and Sylvester Stallone

So it's not worth it:

  • When you first meet, dump how much you earn, how much you spend, and what kind of car you want;
  • It's nice to tweet about beauty novelties costing like a wing of his car;
  • Talk about your girlfriends who went to the resort at the expense of their lover;
  • Basically, hint at monetizing the relationship

You also have no relationship, and the "trap" is already threatening the man with all its unsightly facets. Stop it. Be smart, pleasant, a little mysterious. Doesn't it work? Be quiet and ask some simple questions. Not about the wife and the amount of income.

Older married guys6

Yes, this is almost the first question that pops up when we study how to meet an older man. Even the presence of a "free" profile on dating sites and the behavior of a single man does not guarantee that we are really a free person. Many behave like single people, but in reality they are deeply married, they are not going to get divorced, they kiss their wife on the forehead before leaving, they raise three children.

To contact this or not? A controversial issue. What you definitely shouldn't do is to believe that youth is the best trump card in a relationship. It may happen that he will simply have sex with you, and live with his wife. Yes, they are all just as polygamous, and cheat on everyone, like our peers.

meet an older man
meet an older man

Paige Butcher and Eddie Murphy

And it is absolutely "not certain" that he will share with you the assets earned over the years. Perhaps he will help a little with money, give some kind of gift, pay for dinner and a hotel. But expecting that a wealthy uncle of forty years old will happily pay all your bills and actively solve everyday problems for you is definitely not worth it. He has a wife for everyday life. You're for fun.

Is there a “gap” between generations7

Or maybe it turns out that you can't get along because you want to listen to hardbass, and he - some old rockers? It's easy. The same can happen due to his dislike of Marvel films. And even because of a misunderstanding of what you can watch in Game of Thrones. Yes, the "cultural gap" has divorced more than one couple. You have more chances if you are not particularly passionate about anything, and you will happily manage his dacha to his favorite music. If not, maybe you'd better search not by age, but by preference?

Read about all the intricacies and nuances of sex with an older man in our article at the link.

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