The Appearance Of The Ideal Man - Is It That Important? And The Character?

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The Appearance Of The Ideal Man - Is It That Important? And The Character?
The Appearance Of The Ideal Man - Is It That Important? And The Character?

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man with a beard
man with a beard

What is he, a handsome prince? Not only girls, but also scientists from all over the world are puzzling over this question. Almost every day they create new fascinating experiments with the help of which they try to determine the ideal appearance of a man.

The content of the article

  • 1 Beard
  • 2 Scars
  • 3 Smile
  • 4 Age
  • 5 Thrift
  • 6 Pet
  • 7 Playing a musical instrument, the ability to move
  • 8 Body odor after GARLIC!
  • 9 Sense of humor

For example, if we talk about the preferences of the British, they like the combo set from Hugh Grant and Daniel Craig. And if you pay attention to individual parts of the body, then 40% of the men of the United Kingdom are staring at the aristocratic nose of Oblando Bloom! Most of the respondents are not averse to finding out the contact of the personal beautician of the Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton - the guy's skin is very beautiful.

However, girls choose guys on an instinctive level, not on a logical and emotional level. Therefore, hair color, skin quality and whiteness of teeth are indispensable.

Thick eyebrows and a square chin

If you want to be masculine, don't pluck your eyebrows and … with a chin, of course, things are a little more complicated. In general, it is these signs - eyebrows and chin - that women refer to as truly masculine. They pay attention to them when it comes to finding a permanent partner.


To understand whether Doni and Timati are right in the song about the beard, scientists conducted an experiment. The fair half of humanity was asked to assess the degree of attractiveness of the guys according to the following criteria: smooth-shaven, slightly unshaven, with thick stubble and a beard. As it turned out, girls love thick stubble. It is the two-week-old facial hair that the fair sex associates with maturity and masculinity.


Another experiment showed that women tend to fall in love with men with scars. A very simple experiment was carried out: the girls were shown photographs and men and asked which of them they would give their preference to. The brutal guys with scars had the palm branch of the championship. It is such women who represent the ideal appearance of a man.

Moreover, many women noted that most likely the men received scars in an unequal battle, from which they emerged victorious (well, if they are alive). In fact, all the "decorations" were painted in Photoshop. Therefore, it is not worth saying that this scar is from a fall on a bicycle, it is better to come up with a beautiful story, as once they were getting away from bandit bullets. And let this be true only for a computer game. Here is such a not ideal, ideal appearance of a man.

The ideal appearance of a man
The ideal appearance of a man


Girls love modest smiles more than brightly demonstrative ones, as in toothpaste advertisements. No one has yet refuted the assertion that girls are attracted to bad guys, and such boys just portray a slight arrogance or a significant grin on their faces.

But for girls, on the contrary, scientists recommend capturing the hearts of men with a sincere and wide smile. But don't overdo it …


Girls love older guys - this rule is known to many from school. The preferences of women change little with age. If you offer them a choice between two handsome men, they are more likely to choose the older one. After all, he is confident, independent, wise, and all this came to him with age. At the same time, male fertility practically does not weaken over the years, which means that there are no risks.


A poor artist and a sea of ​​flowers will be appreciated by women only in a song, well, or on Instagram they will like a post with such a story. And try in your life to sell a house and all antiques and buy a rose plantation? If you did not do this for the purpose of business development, then your lady is unlikely to appreciate the act. Women love the thrifty. Such behavior indicates that self-control is not alien to a man, which increases their attractiveness. However, don't overdo it.


Caring - girls love her so much. Therefore, a pet automatically raises a man to the rank of a family man, a responsible and attentive person. “If he has a dog, he can take care of me and our children,” according to scientists, this is how women reason.

Ideal man
Ideal man

Playing a musical instrument, ability to move 7

It's not really about appearance, but it's hard to pass by such a fascinating experiment. In one city N, a guy shot the phone number of girls passing by. He approached some with a guitar, others with a gym bag, and still others with empty hands. More than 30% of women are pitching and prefer romance with a guitar. Only 9% of those surveyed decided to communicate with an athlete, and 14% with empty hands.

Body odor after GARLIC! 8

Yes, it’s hard to believe in it, but still. As part of the experiment, men were divided into 2 groups. The first ate bread and cheese, and the second the same, but with the addition of 12 grams of garlic. After that, the subjects were given cotton pads and instructed to wear them under their armpits during the day. After that, as you might have guessed, the women sniffed these pads. The smell of men who ate garlic seemed more attractive to them.

Sense of humor9

An experiment was conducted to determine how much it affects attractiveness. In an ordinary bar, several young guys were seated at a table. Some of them played the role of a storyteller of anecdotes, while others were a listener. And so, after a sparkling tirade of stories about Vovochka, the young man went to ask the girl for a phone number. Another time, one of the listeners followed him. A total of 60 attempts were made. As a result, it was the storytellers who collected more phones.

How to be the perfect man
How to be the perfect man

Here's a starting set of qualities. As you can see, the ideal appearance of a man is not only a face and body. And although it was about appearance, it was not without other qualities. After all, as already mentioned, girls solve this issue on an instinctive level.

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