How To Get Rid Of Her Ex-boyfriend For Good? Work Tips

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How To Get Rid Of Her Ex-boyfriend For Good? Work Tips
How To Get Rid Of Her Ex-boyfriend For Good? Work Tips

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get rid of her ex
get rid of her ex

Her previous relationship will not always be ethereal ghosts of the past, all contacts and relationships with which have long been lost. It often happens that a former couple maintains a common company of friends, official relations, or even quite friendly ones. And even if you completely and completely trust your girlfriend, trusting her ex would be foolish and irresponsible. His plans may include a desire to regain his lost happiness, an insidious and long-term plan to break up your relationship, and even the most banal revenge. Of course, there are times when people break up on good terms and remain friends for a long time, but what if you have a different case?

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We'll look at different options for "evil exes" and how to deal with them. Of course, they will all be within the framework of Russian legislation, and if you have other methods, it is better not to read this article. And we don't know you. Did you agree? Then let's start.

Lover of crying in a vest, Whiner Man

Their relationship ended long ago, but she still feels sorry for him. I still haven't found a new girl, there are a lot of problems in life, and, of course, he cannot live without her, and reminds her of this with enviable constancy. If your girlfriend is determined and uncompromising, she has long since broken all possible contacts with this, and you have nothing to worry about.

But most of the girls are empathetic and sympathetic, and sincerely wish that their exes after a sad breakup, life would get better and everything was fine. And many whiners use this to endlessly draw her attention to themselves and emotionally suck your relationship. No, we do not believe in fairy tales about "energy vampires" and we do not advise you, but your relationship with such a mourner and a sufferer will definitely not be healthy. He will continue to hope that your chosen one will eventually return to him out of pity, and will take advantage of every mistake you make in a relationship against you.

How do you get rid of the whiner? First of all, don't blame your girlfriend for its existence. She communicates with him from sincere and kind motives, wishes him well, and if you try to forbid her such communication, she will rightly consider you a tyrant. The weak link in this situation is the whiner himself, because his behavior cannot be called masculine. It is worth starting from this.

You have self-confidence and humor on your side. Invite your chosen one to find him a girl from your friends. Make it a reason for harmless jokes. Gently demonstrate the contrast between you, the person who can solve her problems, and him, who cannot even solve their own. But in any case, do not slide into rudeness and insults, this is a losing option.

Sooner or later, you will most likely have to talk to the mourner heart to heart. Again, no violence and rudeness, otherwise he will again find himself in the position of humiliated and insulted, which he has already successfully exploited, and he will definitely use this against you.

How to get rid of her ex
How to get rid of her ex

Encourage him to be a man, explain that his constant whining does not make your girlfriend happy, but only gives her suffering and worries, and in order to save face, he himself should stop complaining and take up his own life. Give him a couple of honest friendly advice, but keep your distance, because this will be your last conversation. And hint that you will not show generosity and patience the next time you meet. A weak-minded and fearful whiner is unlikely to want this next meeting to take place, and most likely you will not hear about him anymore.

Aggressive Hero, Cattle Man2

If your girlfriend had the misfortune of being in a short relationship with a boorish gopnik or other representatives of our biological species with a developmental delay, then be prepared for the fact that she will hear threats and insults from him in your address, and you, most likely, still have to him live communication.

Perhaps you are a martial arts master or a two-meter giant who presses 120 with one left, in this case the problem will be solved by itself when you meet. You don't need to look for this meeting yourself, spend better this time talking with your beloved and romantic dates. And her ex, seeing you from afar, will likely quickly change his mind about meeting you. Or it will go to the principle and … Remember about the legislation of the Russian Federation, and try to treat the bully humanely. You probably know that with great power comes great responsibility, and that's all?


But what if her ex surpasses you in strength and weight, and runs into conflict? Do not avoid communicating with him, calmly respond to his calls, do not be afraid of anything and do not roll down to counter insults. He's confident that he can bring his ex-lover back in a fist fight with you, but you know that's not the case. Any aggressive action on his part is a nail in the coffin of his already dead relationship.

Calm him down, try to resolve the conflict peacefully, because when his ex-girlfriend left for you, you have already won, and all his threats are just attempts to wave fists after a fight. If he is smart enough to realize this, he will disappear on his own. But if you suddenly suffer for love, this will only strengthen your relationship with the girl, and he himself will forever be sent to her black list. And then whether to go to the police or gather a group of friends - decide for yourself, the best advisor here will be your own moral compass, and not our article.

Vile Liar and Gossiper, Scoundrel Man3

We wrote it with a capital letter, but, unlike the previous two, it does not deserve it at all. After breaking up with your girlfriend, he started spreading dirty details of their personal life about her, mixed with outright lies and slander. He tries to turn her friends against her, throws shit on her, becomes the main source of false rumors about her past and your relationship. In especially neglected cases, the villain will throw mud at you.

How to get rid of your ex
How to get rid of your ex

In such a situation, you have to act quickly and decisively. Before you is a scoundrel and a coward who has neither honor, nor conscience, nor dignity. And there is no point in communicating with him respectfully. It is best to put it in place as publicly as possible, calling things by their proper names. Assault is not necessary here, the coward will not dare to show open aggression towards you, otherwise it would not be him, but the hero of the previous part of the article.

Having humiliated and trampled him in the presence of mutual acquaintances, among whom he spread rumors, you will plunge him into the shit from which he got out, and he will only have to hide from his eyes with his tail between his legs. Most often, one such precedent is enough to make the villain disappear from your life forever. If the situation with the spread of rumors repeats itself, your mutual acquaintances will surely remind the villain of his humiliation and the possible consequences for his health. Whether these consequences need to be organized is up to you. We will not advise anything, just once again refer to the observance of the laws of the Russian Federation.

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